The recipe for capelin.

The capelin is simple in cooking a small fish. It can be cooked in different types. By the way, it's quite affordable, you can say, the budget option. How to prepare capelin? Most often this fish is fried. Undoubtedly, this is a great dish - a simple roast capelin in batter. But maybe we'll try to cook something else?

The recipe for cooking capelin stew with greens in milk.

Fish should be gutted, roll in breadcrumbs(flour or crackers), fry in oil. Then cut small all manner of greens (dill, parsley, green onions, celery), mix it with breadcrumbs, put on the bottom of thick-walled utensils. Top with roast capelin. Next, you need to pour all the milk (or sour cream), stew for 20 minutes. Finished dish sprinkled with boiled chopped egg.

The recipe for capelin in an omelette.

Fish should be prepared as usual, thenroll in flour, fry in oil. Prepare the egg mass for the omelet. To do this, beat the eggs with salt, add milk, stir well. In the baking dish, lay the capelin, on top the ring cut into rings, pour omelet. Bake in the oven.

The recipe for capelin. The vinaigrette.

Cut the beetroot into thin strips. Grate apples on a grater. Capelin of spicy salting, peeled, cut into slices. Mix beetroot, apples, fish with chopped garlic, season with manneese. Decorate the salad with fish.

Let's prepare another salad from capelin.

Fresh capelin (300 g) is cleaned, the fillets are separated,boil in an enamel saucepan in a small amount of salted water. Boiled until ready to fish, cool, cut into small pieces. Boiled potatoes in a uniform (five pieces), carrots (two pieces) cut into cubes, one onion to chop. Salted mushrooms (one glass) cut into small slices. For salad we mix capelin, mushrooms, vegetables. Fill with vegetable oil with lemon juice, salt and mint pepper black. Garnish the salad with herbs.

The following recipe for capelin is fish soupwith cabbage. Capelin (400 g) prepare: cleanse, cut off the head, fins. Pour cold water in a saucepan, boil for about five minutes. Peel five to six potatoes, chop, fry in vegetable oil. Onions, too, fry separately. Then mix the vegetables with sauerkraut (1 kg). In the broth let down the laurel, black pepper, salt, and then vegetables. Cook until ready for 15 minutes.

Excellent cake with capelin and yeasttest. Part of the test roll in a layer, lay on a baking sheet. Put the capelin on the dough, sprinkle it with plenty of chopped onion, greens of dill. Close the second layer of the dough. Puncture the surface of the pie in a few places with a fork. bake at a temperature of 180-200 degrees 40-50 minutes.

In addition to pie, you can also pancake cakes. To do this, capelin is well gutted, washed. cut into small pieces. In a bowl, add the capelin, add the egg, flour, salt, pepper, green onions. Mix. Put the dough in a spoon on a frying pan and bake as pancakes.

The recipe for capelin, baked with cheese.

Prepared and peeled capelin from twoparties. Put into the baking dish. Top with layers: grated on a large grater raw potatoes, chopped finely onion, grated cheese. Put in the oven, bake at an average temperature of 20-30 minutes.

Cooking capelin directly depends on what capelin you buy. Many times frozen fish lose both flavoring and useful properties.

Not only culinary specialists, but also doctors adviseuse capelin as often as possible. This small fish contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. For example, you are told about something vitamins B12, A, D, which in capelin is much larger than in other fish. And there are 10 times more microelements, so necessary for the body: selenium, sodium, fluoride, phosphorus, iodine and others.

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