Biography of Alexander Tsekalo

Childhood and family of Alexander Tsekalo

Sasha was born in Kiev. He studied at a school with an English bias, in a music school he studied the game of non-piano. He always participated with pleasure in amateur performances and school theater plays. He had to play the hypocrisy from early childhood. He also learned to play the guitar and composed the song “Dove of Peace”. As a schoolboy, Sasha organized a musical group, which was called "IT". The repertoire included the compositions "Slade" and "The Beatles".
The future showman decided after school to enter the Leningrad Institute of Technology for the correspondence department. Continuing to live in Kiev, he began working in the chemical laboratory, and then worked as a fitter. Another place of his work is the Variety Theater, where Sasha was the illuminator and stage assembler.

Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milavskaya

Having defended his diploma, the young man organized the quartet “The Hat”. Later he was invited to the circus variety school, where Tsekalo entered,and immediately to the second course. After graduating from college, Alexander began work in the Odessa Philharmonic, where he was sent to the distribution.
Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milyavskaya "Moskau"
Cabaret-blowing "Academy", organized jointly with Lolita Milavskaya, appeared in the 1986th year in Odessa. In this pair, Sasha created the image of a zatuchanny husband, and in the role of the imperious wife acted Lolita. By the mid-nineties, their duet was among the most popular ensembles.

Alexander Tsekalo moves to Moscow

When in 1988 Alexander announced to his parents that he was going to Moscow, they reacted with irony to this. He went there with Milyavskaya. He understood that at twenty-seven years to begin the conquest of Moscow - a great folly.
Alexander Tsekalo and Ivan UrgantAlexander Tsekalo and Ivan Urgant
It was not easy to find your place in the capital. Problems were from all sides - living, work, friends, money, and so on. It was the couple's assertiveness that helped them get on television. First, an acquaintance with Vladimir Tsukanov, who in those years was a music editor, took place.
He suggested to Alexander to write a script for the transfer of "Morning mail." The musical edition drew attention to the fact that Lolita and Alexander did well in the frame to speak without a script.The fact is that there were very few capable TV presenters. Therefore, the duet was offered to become TV presenters, although this was not in their plans.
The creative union collapsed when Tsekalo turned thirty-nine years old. For some time he played in the theater with the name "Quartet I". Evgeny Grishkovets invited the actor to the role of a candidate for governor in the production of “On the PoPo”.

Alexander Tsekalo and musicals

Alexander has always been not indifferent to such a genre as a musical. While in America, he spent a lot of time watching the musicals that are frequent here. They were seen for several trips at least sixty musical performances. Artists who could sing without a phonogram, but at the same time knocking out a step and playing on the stage at the same time seemed to him people from some other planet. Over time, Tsekalo learned to understand the productions of this genre and as a producer.
Ideal man (Grishaeva, Tsekalo) :)))))
During the crisis on the screen and in the theater, the genre of the musical in Russia went well. At this time, Alexander Tsekalo appeared as an executive producer of the classic musical “Nord-Ost” in Russia, which was created on the basis of the novel “Two Captains”.Alexander also staged such a musical as “12 chairs”.

Roly Tsekalo in movies

Alexander began to play small roles since 1991, but it happened rarely, not every year. He successfully engaged in dubbing. His work on dubbing a documentary called Monologues. Private Chronicles "drew the attention of filmmakers.
In 2000, Tsekalo was invited to play one of the main roles in the painting “Lily of the Valley Silver”, which was shot by Tegran Keosayan. Alexander understood that the acting profession is not something that interests him, but he could not stay with such a director. Four years later, Alexander appeared in the second part of the film, where he played the same hero - Lev Bolotov.
Alexander Tsekalo with his wife Victoria GalushkaAlexander Tsekalo with his wife Victoria Galushka
In these films, starring Yuri Stoyanov and aspiring actress Olesya Zheleznyak, who became a real decoration of the film, starred in these roles. Working with Keosayan Alexander was interesting. For the films he wrote two songs.

Alexander Tsekalo today

Since 2006, Alexander is leading such a popular channel as First. He led the audience's favorite “Big Difference”, “Minute of Glory” and “Two Stars”, as well as the comedy program “ProjectorParisHilton”.More than once Tsekalo acted as a director of several creative evenings of Igor Krutoy, solo concerts of some singers, and also was the director of the festival "Kinotavr".
Alexander Tsekalo about the ProjectorParishhillon program and the formula for success
Over the past few years, the production company Wednesday, one of the founders of which is Tsekalo, has been shot four feature films that have been very successful.
Working on the channel "STS", Alexander holds the post of executive producer.

The personal life of Alexander Tsekalo

Tsekalo has three official marriages. He first married when he organized the group "Hat" in Kiev. The name of his darling - Alena Shiferman. With his wife, he came to Odessa to work on distribution. Alexander's parents were happy about this marriage, as they hoped that Alena and family life would distract their son from the frivolous hobbies of seemingly dueling act that seemed to them.
Working in a duet with Milyavskaya, over time, romantic relationships arose between the partners. Each of them was married at the time. They got married and went to Moscow together. In marriage, they had a daughter, Eve. However, this family has broken up.Each went his own way, but both of them linked the rest of his life with television.
In 2008, the Tsekalo remarried. His wife is much younger than him. This is Victoria Galushka, who is a younger sister. Vika gave birth to her husband's son and daughter.

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