Why is the Internet slow? The most important reasons

In the last couple of years the Internet has become an important partlife of almost every person. Using the World Wide Web, we can learn the weather, the latest news of the world, download the right programs, play online games, etc. When the Internet works well, it is very pleasant to deal with the above mentioned things, but what if suddenly web pages start to load for a very long time and online games slow down? You should immediately look for the answer to the question about why the Internet is slow to work. In this article we will look at the causes of unsatisfactory network performance.

Why the Internet is slow. Options

why the internet is slow1) It is important to remember that an Internet connection onThe computer is used not only by the browser on which you view the sites. If you have installed torrent trackers on your PC, programs for receiving e-mail, Skype, etc., then the Internet traffic can go to them. Also, do not forget that the computer likes to update programs and antivirus systems in automatic mode. Check if this reason is the answer to the question of why the Internet is slow.

wireless internet setting2) If you are sure that the Internet connectionuses only the browser, it should be assumed that the problem is in it. First, try to update the browser, if it did not work, completely remove it, and then download the new one from the official site. You can also try to reconfigure the browser. Perhaps you accidentally changed something in the settings. To begin with, you should check whether the tick next to "Proxy server" is checked. If it is, then try to remove it and look at the result. If it's not there, then try to put it.

3) If the two preceding paragraphs did not bringresult, you should contact the provider. Perhaps, tariff plans have been changed or money is running out on your account. There are also such providers, which limit the speed of the Internet after a certain number of downloaded gigabytes. If the problem is this, then you need to switch to an unlimited tariff or change the provider.

internet through wifi4) Another answer to the question of whyInternet viruses work slowly. Be sure to perform a full computer scan with a good antivirus. Malware starts to clog the Internet channel, destroy applications and system files. If it so happens that the computer has detected a lot of viruses, first remove them. If there is no result, then the output is only one, but the most effective one is the reinstallation of the system.

5) If you are connecting to the Internet viaWai-Fi router, the problem is that the wireless Internet setup is not correct. To properly configure the Internet through WaiFay, I recommend contacting a knowledgeable person or finding a step-by-step instruction, and then follow through all the steps. Only if the router is properly configured, you will get a good Internet speed.

I hope, after reading this article, you found the answer toThe question of why the Internet is running slowly. If not, then you need only one thing - ask for help from professionals. They are 99% likely to solve your problem.

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