The Most Different Mudhead Recipes

A silver carp is a fish of the carp family, verytasty, but insanely bony. From this fish prepare both festive dishes, and ordinary. There are different recipes for cooking carver. The main way of cooking carp is fry, but you can cook and ear. This fish suits both for marinating and for jellies.

Dishes from silver carp are suitable for a regular table, and for festive, so this fish is very well combined with a variety of products.

Some recipes for cooking carverallow the use of fish with bones, and for some, for example, cutlets, fillets will be needed. In order to make fillets, you must first clean the fish from the scales. Clean better with a special shoe for fish, but if it is not, you can use a fork. After that, take out the insides, cut off the gills and rinse well. To make a fillet, you need, starting from the head, to cut the fish along the ridge and gently to separate the meat from the bones. Then the fish is turned over and the meat is separated, beginning with the tail.

The most popular dishes from carvery arecutlets and fried fish. How to cook a carver to please both? To fry pieces of fish, special recipes for carvery are not needed - it is enough to cut a few slices of 2-3 centimeters from the fillet and fry, but before that they need to be salted to taste and leave for twenty minutes. For cutlet fillets are cut into pieces, must be checked for bones and scrolled in a meat grinder. Potatoes and onions are cleaned and also scrolled along with bread and bacon.

Bread before this you need to soak in a smallamount of water. The minced meat is salted and peppered to taste, thoroughly kneaded and cutlets are made. In flour they do not need to be blown. Then pour oil into the pan and put on medium heat. The frying pan should be heated so that the oil is heated. Cutlets are fried on both sides under the lid until a beautiful crispy crust is obtained. Cutlets turn out delicious and are liked by everyone, even those people who in principle do not like fish cutlets, because they are not like them at all.

Before frying cutlets, you need cutpieces of fish to salt. While the cutlets are ready, the fish will salivate. After the cutlets the frying pan should be rinsed, pour oil again and put warm. In a cup, break the egg and carefully dissipate it. Pour the breadcrumbs into the other cup. Now the pieces of fish should be dipped in the egg, roll in breadcrumbs and fry, like cutlets, on both sides.

From the head, fish skeleton and fins, you can make an excellent ear.

But you can cook the ear of their carp and other recipe. You will need the following ingredients:

Silver carp 700 gr
Potatoes 6 pieces
Tomatoes 5 pieces
Celery, thyme, spices
Fish broth 2.5 liters.

Potatoes must be cleaned, cut into slices,put in boiling broth and cook until half cooked. After that, the fire is reduced, add the fish and cook for another 15 minutes. At the very end of the ear, salt is added, spices, cut tomatoes and celery are added. Before serving, add finely chopped onions to the ear.

And now you will learn how to cook carrots in marinated.

After the fish is prepared, it is necessaryproperly salt, put in a saucepan under a press and put in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then the fish are washed well, put under a press and 6% vinegar is added in such a way that the liquid covers the fish and is again put into the refrigerator, now for 6 hours, stirring the fish every two hours.

The fish are washed again, added to tastevegetable oil, add onion rings and semicircles onion and black ground pepper, mix and put very tightly in jars. In an hour, the carnivore will be ready and it can be served on the table.

There are such cooking recipescarp, in which the bones, except for the ridge, are converted into jelly. You need to cut the carrots and onions and put the saucepans on the bottom. From above put a layer of fish and cover with a layer of carrots and onions. Then sprinkle with spices, salt and pour fish so that the water only hides the ingredients.

After boiling, we remove foam, reduce fire,close the lid and hold for 6 hours. You can not remove the lid! With this method, a rich fish is obtained, in which all the small bones dissolve and become jelly.

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