The most beneficial fat soluble vitamins

Vitamins are vital compounds that are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Regular intake of various foods that contain beneficial substances helps to maintain their proper level and stay healthy. Especially important niche among these substances is fat-soluble vitamins. The most beneficial of these are vitamins A, D, K and E.

Vitamin A

fat soluble vitaminsThis element is also known as "retinol", and its importance for youth and the health of the body is undeniable. Such fat-soluble vitamins, like this, are important elements responsible for the state of the human skeleton. At a young age, it must be used to form strong bones. But even when the skeleton is already formed, one should take care of its sufficient amount in the body, because this element is also responsible for the merging of bones, the appearance of new cells. Lack of vitamin A can cause hardened skin, dull hair and "night blindness", so do not neglect its use.A large amount of retinol is found in foods such as beef liver, fish oil, egg yolk, carrots, sweet peppers, cantaloupe, grapes.

Vitamin D

fat soluble vitamins tableThis element, also called "calciferol", is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and proper heart function. Its shortage can lead to muscle laxity, pale skin and serious dental problems. Since element D, like other fat-soluble vitamins, is one of the main sources of calcium and phosphorus for the body, its lack may lead to the fact that teeth begin to crumble, and tooth enamel to crack. A large amount of calciferol is found in seafood such as mackerel, cod liver and flounder, as well as in butter and vegetable oil.

Vitamin E

Fat-soluble vitamins are the main source of antioxidants for the body. Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is not an exception. It is necessary to slow down the processes of oxidation and aging of cells, that is, to maintain the youth of the body. Vitamin is found in various oils, herbs, eggs, milk and legumes.Lack of it can lead to a deterioration of the overall condition of the body, for example, it can cause fatigue, decreased sexual function and muscle weakness.

Vitamin K

fat soluble vitamins abstractIt is very important for proper metabolism, growth and strengthening of connective tissues, blood coagulation. Also, the work of the kidneys and muscles depends on this vitamin. Its lack of in the body can lead to poor wound healing and recurrent nasal bleeding. A large amount of this vitamin is found in spinach, lettuce, green peas and potatoes.

Daily rate
Vitamin Amount (mg)
A 1, 5
D 2, 5
TO 0, 5
E 15

Let's sum up

It should be said that any products should be consumed moderately, including those containing liposoluble vitamins. The table shows how many of the above elements should be contained in the daily diet. The importance of the effects of the above elements on the body is very difficult to deny. However, you must remember that you should organize your diet so that it contains all fat-soluble vitamins. An abstract on this subject can be found in the library, in specialized magazines devoted to health and medicine.Such an article can contain a lot of useful information about the benefits that certain elements bring and how they can be combined.

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