The history of modern Cinderella. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

The family of British monarchs attracts the attention of the whole world. Citizens of the crown of the soul do not like in the royal family, follow her life, rejoice with her and share trouble. Paparazzi just do what they are trying to photograph interesting shots, to find out some secret. Recently, the lenses of their cameras aimed at the spouse of Prince William. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, young and beautiful. And also - a happy mother and wife.Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Childhood modern Cinderella

Today, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is surrounded by honor and glory. But she, like the fabulous Cinderella, was in the royal family by accident. She was born into a middle-class family on January 9, 1982. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, the future spouse of the grandson of the Queen of Great Britain, was born in the town of Backlbury (Berkshire). In addition to her, in the family grew two more younger children - Michael and Carol.

In 1984, Catherine Elizabeth’s father got a job in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Together with her parents, the girl moves to the East, where she has lived for two and a half years. Then the family moves to West Berkshire, and Catherine is determined to study at St. Andrew’s School (Reading). Catherine Elizabeth

Youth and education

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in the future, in 1995 enrolled at Marlborough College, where she studies art, biology and chemistry, is actively involved in sports, is trained by the Duke of Edinburgh's Golden program. After graduating from the institution in 2000, the girl continues her education in Italy and Chile, and in 2001 she entered St. Andrews University (Scotland). Within the walls of this oldest university, she receives a specialty “history of art” and meets the heir to the British crown.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, received a diploma in 2005, worked in the family business as a designer. And after three years, she launches her project called “First Birthday”. At the same time engaged in the procurement of London boutiques Jigsaw Junior.

Love story

The relationship of William and Kate began with a charity fashion show. The girl went to the podium in a frank outfit, which will then be sold at auction for 78 thousand pounds sterling.The prince could not fail to notice the beauty, and after a while the couple, together with friends, rented an apartment. At the same time, young people denied rumors about their relationship, although they were increasingly seen together. Only in 2004, they admitted that they meet. In 2006, Kate at the Christmas dinner was invited by Queen Elizabeth herself. The whole world was waiting for the announcement of the wedding, but the couple announced a break. Newspapers vied with each other to print pictures in which William embraced with others, but after two months Catherine and the Prince again appeared in public together.

In 2010, while on holiday in Kenya, a young man made an offer to his lover. At such a solemn moment, the prince presented the bride with the ring of his mother, Lady Diana. Kate took it and wears it on the same finger as the wedding ring worn during the wedding.Duchess of Cambridge today

Ah, this wedding sang ...

Having learned the news, the world began to wonder when the wedding would take place. The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate won the title after marriage) and her husband, after consulting with the queen mother, set a date - April 29, 2011. The marriage ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey.

Sarah Burton, designer and creative director of the brand Alexander McQueen, created the wedding outfit for Catherine. But the Duchess also took part in its creation.Satin dress of fashionable color Ivory was decorated only with lace. The train had a length of 2.7 m. The head of the bride was decorated with a veil and a diamond diadem of Queen Elizabeth II. Earrings, worth 17 thousand euros, the girl gave the parents.

The royal wedding was lush and rich. The invitations were decorated with the gold embossed emblem of the British monarchy, under which the names were written by hand. As souvenirs, sets of three porcelain objects painted with gold and silver were used. The whole event cost the country 20 million pounds, of which 5 million were brought by the bride's parents. If you compare the wedding of Prince William and the marriage of Charles with Diana, then it was very modest, since the latter cost as much as 110 million duchess of cambridge

Present Duchess

The Duchess of Cambridge today is not just the wife of the heir to the throne, but the mother of two children, who may also inherit the crown in the future. On July 22, 2013, Kate gave birth to a son, George Alexander Louis, who became the third in line. And on May 2, 2015, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Cambridge was born. The baby also has the right to become the head of state in the future.

The Duchess of Kate is often compared to Cinderella, because she, not having noble birth, was able to become a member of the royal family. Her, like the late Princess Diana, is adored by the common people. The girl is engaged in charity, sailing, swimming, tennis, painting and photography, raising children. And just living, enjoying life, because she deserved it!

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The history of modern Cinderella. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 79

The history of modern Cinderella. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 26

The history of modern Cinderella. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 31

The history of modern Cinderella. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 38

The history of modern Cinderella. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 60

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