The first symptoms of AIDS: how to detect the disease?

What is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome? What are the first symptoms of AIDS? How is AIDS different from HIV? Answers to these questions will be useful to everyone. Immunodeficiency syndrome is not accidentally called the scourge of modern humanity. And even considering the ongoing research and the search for drugs, getting rid of this disease is almost impossible. Unfortunately, despite all the existing information and methods of protection, every year the virus is found in a huge number of people. Therefore, information on how the first symptoms of AIDS appear will be useful to everyone. After all, if time to seek medical help, you can slow down the development of the disease and increase the duration of life.

HIV infection and AIDS: what is the difference?

HIV infection and AIDS

Not everyone understands the difference between these two terms. HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus, which is the causative agent of the disease.The whole danger of the disease is that HIV can be present in the human body for years without causing any serious symptoms. The carrier of the infection may not even be aware of the problem for a long time. AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, that is, a disease that is accompanied by a decrease in the protective functions of the body.

Ways of transmitting the virus

Before considering the main symptoms of AIDS, you should learn about the main ways of transmission of this infection. Indeed, sometimes it is caution that is the decisive protective factor:

  • Of course, the most common way of transmission is sexual intercourse without the use of protective equipment (for example, a condom).
  • Often the virus is transmitted to a child from an infected mother during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • In addition, the infection can be transmitted through contact with the blood of a sick person, for example, when an infected plasma is transfused (today such cases are extremely rare), with a single needle, etc.

symptoms of aids

The first symptoms of AIDS and HIV infection

As mentioned earlier, in the early stages, the signs may be completely absent.But in the first days after infection, you can notice some changes in the body. As a rule, a person appears weak, sore throat when swallowing, a slight fever, rapid fatigue. Unfortunately, all these symptoms are too similar to a cold, so most people simply do not pay attention to them. And after a while the indisposition disappears. The stage of asymptomatic development can last for quite a long time. In some patients, the first signs of immunodeficiency appear after a few months, while other people may be carriers of the virus for years without even knowing it.

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How does AIDS manifest?

AIDS is a disease that is associated with a strong weakening of the immune system. Therefore, the symptoms of AIDS can be completely different. An ordinary cold, with which the body of a healthy person can cope on its own, can be fatal for an AIDS patient. As a rule, as the disease progresses, almost all organ systems are affected. Patients often suffer from various co-infections and cancer.

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