The consequences of smoking for men

How does smoking harm men's health?

Smoking has a complex negative effect on the body of men. It contributes to the deterioration of the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and even the nervous system. Many doubt, wondering whether smoking is harmful. They recall dozens of cases when their friends, relatives, or simply acquaintances smoked most of their lives and survived to old age. It should be correctly understood that the effects of smoking are manifested in almost everyone who has been suffering from this negative habit for several years, it is just not everyone who causes the development of deadly conditions or diseases. However, the quality of life is reduced in such people in almost 100% of cases.effects of smoking

Smoking and respiratory diseases

The effects of smoking on the respiratory system may be different. Today it is reliably known that this habit is one of the predisposing factors for the development of lung cancer.This is not surprising, since tobacco smoke contains about 70 different carcinogens. Smokers have cancer of the respiratory system several times more often than non-smokers. Another very characteristic disease for people with a long history of this addiction is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is constantly progressing and over time can lead to respiratory failure to a degree that is no longer compatible with smoking really bad

Effects of Smoking on Male Reproductive Function

This habit has a very negative impact on the reproductive function of the male body. Smokers after several months after the appearance of addiction to cigarettes worsens the qualitative and quantitative composition of sperm. In the event that the smoking experience is 10 years or more, then the potency of the man gradually decreases due to a decrease in the lumen of the vessels supplying the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Effects of smoking on the male nervous system

It is worth noting that the terrible habit has a double influence on the nervous system, but the negative influence still prevails.Immediately after smoking, the person’s blood supply to the brain improves, as the vessels here under the action of nicotine expand for a certain period. Then the opposite effect is observed, which leads to a decrease in memorization, and sometimes to headaches. In the end, periodic smoking gradually contributes to the development of addiction and dependence on nicotine.what hurts smoking

Effects of smoking on the cardiovascular system of men

Heart and blood vessels are among the most common "victims" of the smoker. Each cigarette for 20 minutes increases the heart rate, which contributes to accelerated wear. As a result, over the years the risk of developing heart attacks and other heart problems increases. As for the vessels, nicotine after a short period of expansion leads to their spasm. Ultimately, malnutrition of tissues can occur, which further leads to the emergence of trophic ulcers and syndrome of intermittent claudication, especially if atherosclerosis of the lower extremities is observed.

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