The cleanest city in Russia. Environmentally friendly cities: list, rating

For every person, health is the basis of an active and high-quality life, but the ecological situation in modern cities causes irreparable harm to the physical and moral condition of residents: significantly reduces life expectancy, increases the risk of serious diseases, increases stress on the human nervous system.

Clean air, green spaces, lack of garbage, a separated industrial zone are such simple conditions that, unfortunately, are far from universal in our country. However, not everything is bad everywhere, and there are localities that have already succeeded in environmental issues. Below are the cleanest cities in Russia to be proud of.

Criteria for assessing the environmental situation

In order to assess the ecological condition of the city, scientists conduct a series of studies, which are then formed into indicators.

One of the main is the value of emissions of hazardous substances into the atmosphere.In each city there are plants and factories, a lot of cars, boiler rooms, even a person daily contributes to the pollution of the atmosphere, therefore, the smaller the emissions, the cleaner the air.

Another important indicator is the number of green spaces per 1 citizen. In large cities must be at least 21 m2. In cities where this rule is observed or overfulfilled, the air is cleaner, the amount of dust and dirt decreases, the noise level decreases.

The criteria for the ecological situation are also considered: radiation, light, noise pollution, the area under solid waste.

Rating of clean cities in Russia with a population of up to 100 thousand people

Naturally, considering million cities on a par with small towns is not scientifically correct, therefore, it is customary to single out the most environmentally friendly settlements depending on the number of inhabitants. For example, the top ten among medium-sized cities included:

  • Beloretsk, which, despite the advanced metallurgy and mechanical engineering, maintains a low level of emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Gorno-Altaisk is the capital of the Altai Republic and, concurrently, the cleanest city in Russia, which is the administrative center of the subject.The city is located in the valley, there are practically no high buildings and large industrial enterprises.
  • Mineralnye Vody is a resort city whose task is to keep clean both air, water and land, otherwise the healing effect of staying in this particular climate will go away. The city is immersed in greenery and is considered to be a beautiful and clean city in Russia.
  • Balakhna is a city in the Nizhny Novgorod region with a long history and many cultural monuments that are now being restored and protected. There are no large-scale industries in the city that can significantly pollute the atmosphere, and those that exist use new technologies.

the cleanest city of Russia

  • The list of environmentally friendly cities in Russia with a population of up to 100 thousand people is headed by the Udmurt city of Sarapul, which is the second largest population in the subject, and also has a large industrial base, but despite this, the amount of atmospheric emissions is slightly lower than in similar settlements.

The top ten also included cities: Velikie Luki, Revda, Belorechensk, Glazov, Krasnokamsk.

Rating of clean cities in Russia with a population of up to 250 thousand people

Interest is also caused by cities in which the number of inhabitants is from 100 to 250 thousand (large).

For example, Obninsk, Kaluga region is a rapidly growing science city with a rich history and a lot of attractions. The settlement is surrounded by greenery.

Kislovodsk is a place for the recovery of many Russians and foreign tourists, the unique climate and the presence of health-improving resources allowed the city to create an extensive resort area. Solving the question of which city in Russia has clean air, we can say that Kislovodsk will suit all criteria: the special flora, mountain atmosphere and good ventilation (the city is located in the ravine in the direction of the wind) - all this gives the inhabitants especially healthy air filling every cell of the body .

A similar city with a small atmospheric pollution, a huge green area and unique natural properties - Essentuki.

Nazran is a city in Ingushetia, in which annual population growth is observed, but the amount of emissions does not increase, since the climate is mild, there is practically no heavy industry, and the main specialization is military.

1 place among the large environmentally friendly cities of Russia is Derbent.Very ancient and beautiful city located in the foothills. The temperate climate, the absence of large highways and large industrial centers make Derbent attractive for living from an environmental point of view.

in which city of Russia is clean air

In addition to these, the environmentally friendly cities of Russia with a population of up to 250 thousand people include: Khasavyurt, Arzamas, Oktyabrsky, Novoshakhtinsk, Kaspiysk.

The cleanest cities in Russia

Large cities in modern realities most often attract young people, because there are great prospects, there is where to develop, learn something new, it is easier to find a job.

Among the settlements with the number of inhabitants up to 1 million people, the cleanest cities in Russia are worth living.

The bottom five lines are:

  • Yoshkar-Ola - a city in the Republic of Mari El, is its capital. The settlement for 50% consists of urban forests, pastures, hayfields, garden and dacha cooperatives, which has a great effect on the air condition in the city. In addition, the city is surrounded on all sides by forests.
  • Tambov. Despite the fact that the city has heavy industry, modern technologies and rational gardening of territories allows maintaining ecological balance.
  • Saransk is a compact settlement with good natural characteristics.Active air circulation, a temperate climate make it possible in time to attribute atmospheric pollution from engineering, power generation, metallurgy, and utilities adequately cope with the actual waste, which together allows Saransk to occupy a decent ecological position.
  • Petrozavodsk is the capital city of the Republic of Karelia, which has hardly achieved modern ecological “success”. Since the 90s, there has been an active re-equipment of all enterprises with modern equipment, which has reduced emissions by 8 times.
  • Vladikavkaz is a beautiful mountain city, with one of the largest zinc industries located on its territory. For a long time it was the main polluter of the village, but over the last 10 years it was re-equipped, and Vladikavkaz sighed freely, so much so that it entered the top of the most eco-friendly.

Below are the major city leaders in environmental terms


ecologically clean cities of Russia

Kostroma is one of the cleanest cities in Russia, located just 344 kilometers from Moscow. The area of ​​the city is about 144 km2, population is 277 thousand people, and emissions are 22.6 thousand tons per year.

The main specialization of the settlement - the textile industry, in addition, there are enterprises of mechanical engineering and processing industry.

The peculiarity of the city is its ancient origin (founded in 1152), it is included in the “Golden Ring of Russia”, therefore tourism is an important area of ​​activity. In order for guests to return here, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness, order and comfort. The efforts of the city authorities and the population are reflected in the fact that Kostroma is among the five cleanest cities in Russia.


rating of clean cities of Russia

The capital city of the Chechen Republic - Grozny - is a major economic and cultural center. It covers an area of ​​324 km2, population - 291 thousand people.

The industry is mainly represented by the oil and engineering industries, but despite this, annual emissions constitute a relatively small percentage.

The city is cleaned due to its favorable position, mild climate, large green area, as well as the responsibility of residents who not only honor their traditions, but also love their place of residence, avoiding unnecessary waste.


list of environmentally friendly cities in Russia

It is not surprising that the resort of the Krasnodar Territory is among the three cleanest cities in Russia. Due to the warm winters there is practically no need for additional thermal power plants and boilers, which significantly pollute the atmosphere. The resort zone is a special area, forbidden to accommodate many industrial enterprises, which can worsen the ecological state.

It was Sochi that was chosen to host the 2014 Olympics, one of the criteria for the selection of which was the environmental aspect.

The population is 411 thousand people, and they account for only 21.2 thousand tons of emissions per year, which is low.


the cleanest cities of Russia for living

The Rostov city of Taganrog was founded in the 17th century as a port - military base. The area is 95 km2, population - 250 thousand people. The city has a temperate climate.

Economic development is based on heavy industry — metallurgy, mechanical engineering — as well as agriculture and fisheries.

The city has many places of interest and, most importantly, green parks and squares that clean the city from dirt and dust, and the sea winds carry atmospheric pollution beyond the city limits.Thus, Taganrog produces 18 thousand tons of emissions per year.


beautiful clean cities of Russia

Sevastopol has recently become part of Russia, but is already an example for all other major cities. Total 10.4 thousand tons of emissions per year. Many will say that there is still not fully developed industry, and the climate is suitable, but still there is a merit of the residents who care for their home: the city is clean, comfortable, a lot of greenery. The city has many recreational facilities, both for children and for adults.

Which cities are “outsiders” by environmental situation?

The third and second place is shared by two capitals - St. Petersburg and Moscow. These large metropolitan areas receive the main pollution along with automobile emissions, which make up more than 80% of the total mass of waste. Smog in these settlements is present in the sky constantly. Among the population, lung disease occurs in every 4 inhabitants of these cities.

Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, has for many years been a leader in the ranking of the dirtiest cities. Its emissions into the atmosphere are almost 2000 thousand tons per year. Norilsk Nickel is a city-forming enterprise and an important company in the state, however, it is the main source of hazardous atmospheric pollution,which extend not only to residents of the city, but also to the whole subject.

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