The best spinning jigs: rating and reviews

Spinning for jig fishing must meet a number of special requirements that determine its suitability for this type of fishing. Since jig fishing is a very specific direction of spinning fishing, not every rod can reveal its full potential.

Jig is an independent direction of spinning, in which special baits (mainly variegated silicone) and posting techniques ("step" and its derivatives) are used. It is read that the wiring is the main distinguishing feature of the jig. Nevertheless, the bait here is also very specific. Jig fishing is universal in the sense that it allows you to catch any predator, in any conditions. Extensive use of tackle causes at least a wide range of rods of different characteristics. Today we will find out what spinning jigs represent and consider the best of them.

Spinning for jig

Rod Features

Universal rods for jig does not happen.Of course, many novice anglers manage to catch the same bait with any tackle, in any conditions, and not just a predator. This is possible, but the effectiveness of such fishing is extremely small. Yes, and feel the tackle, if the rod under it does not fit, it is impossible. Fishing in this case turns into a lottery.

All spinning jigs are divided mainly on coastal and boat. Models of each type may differ in parameters such as a line, length and test. The differences can be very significant, as the jig covers a wide range of bait weights and fishing conditions.

Coastal spinning

Fishing from the shore can be carried out on any water bodies. In the case of small ponds or small rivers, long-distance casting is not needed, as are too large lures. Therefore, the best spinning for jig in such conditions will have a length of up to 2.1 meters and a test of no more than 15 grams. It is worth noting that such reservoirs are more suitable for ultralight.

On medium and large reservoirs there is a need for long-distance casting. Otherwise the possibilities of the angler will be limited. Sometimes, in order to “get” a fish from a place she chooses, you have to throw 80 or even 100 meters.Naturally, a short spinning with improper systems will not allow even the most experienced angler to do this. Therefore, a good coastal rod should be about 2.7 meters long. Of course, rods with a length of 3-3.6 m are thrown even further, but they are less comfortable to use, therefore, they are usually taken off as a reserve.

Best spinning for jig

Shore spinning for jig should well fix the contact of the fish with the bait and allow the angler to carry out a sharp hook. When biting from a distance, this is especially important. Therefore, the optimal system for coastal spinning is fast or medium-fast.

Spinning for super-heavy jig (hevizhig) reach a length of about 3 meters and have a test of 80-100 grams. With proper skills, they do a good job of their task and open up to the angler the prospect of catching a trophy specimen.

Boat spinning

Catching spinning on a jig from a boat does not require long casting. Fisherman with a watercraft is absolutely mobile. He can go to any promising place and catch it almost from any angle. When fishing on the river, casting is usually done downstream, and in order for the bait to reach the bottom, it is necessary that it have sufficient weight.Consequently, there will need a bigger test.

From the boat you can catch even the most overgrown snags. In extreme cases, you can catch almost a plumb. But delivering the bait to the right place is only half the battle. If the fish bite, you need to extract it from this koryazhnik, and this is in some cases the most difficult task. In order for the high-spirited predator not to have time to hide with the bait in the thickets and to tangle the tackle, a powerful fishing rod is needed, which allows to force the dodge.

At the same time, spinning for jig fishing from a boat should be both easy and convenient, so that a few hours of fishing in a restricted position do not lead to extreme fatigue. Usually these rods have a length of about 2.1 meters and a test of 40 to 50 grams. Story - fast or super fast. Some anglers use shorter rods, but fishing is not so convenient. Another thing is a sheer luster, for which short fishing rods are great.

Spinning for jig top 10

Universal spinning

Many novice fishermen want a bait for all occasions. As mentioned above, this is not possible. Everyone who wants to practice jigging should have at least two blanks for coastal and boat fishing.In practice, it turns out that this is not enough, because there are many specific branches of the jig. A universal rod that can be operated both from the shore and from a boat should have approximately the following parameters:

  1. The length is 2.2-2.4 meters.
  2. Story - fast.
  3. Test - no more than 40 grams.

Such a rod will limit the angler's ability to choose baits, and will not always allow them to experience the game. Therefore, it is better to master jig fishing gradually: first from the shore, and then when it becomes possible to acquire a second rod - from a boat.

Spinning Rating for Jig

Now, when we know to what parameters the jig rod should correspond, we will consider ten best models. In the ranking will be both shore and boat spinning. The main criterion for evaluating steel reviews anglers and price-quality ratio. Our rating “Spinning for jig: top-10” will start with the coastal models.

Norstream Kando 902MH

Starts our top spinning for jig coastal model, which, according to many anglers, is the best in its class. The main advantage of this fishing rod is a combination of long-range, sensitivity and ability for high-quality cutting.These rods have a very low percentage of unsung and unrealized bites. The length of the Norstream Kando 902MH is 2.74 m, which is considered the best indicator for the coastal model. The test varies in a very wide range: 12-38 grams. At the same time slight overload is allowed. Stroy rods - fast. Thanks to such a successful combination of characteristics, the rod is considered one of the best. Another factor contributing to its popularity is a reasonable price - about $ 150.

The best spinning for jig: rating

Major Craft Rizer 832MH

Many anglers claim that this is the best spinning jig in terms of sensitivity. This model is somewhat inferior to the previous one in terms of casting distance, but it better registers bites. With hooking and vyvazhivanie also there are no problems. The length of the fishing rod is 2.52 m, and the test varies between: 8-35 grams. A slight overload is also allowed. Fishing rod can be used on most reservoirs. Its price is about 220 dollars.

Banax Thunder 90MXF2

For those who are looking for the best budget spinning for the jig, this model fits the bill. She is not the first year on the market fishing gear and managed to perfectly establish itself among spinningists.The rod allows you to make a sufficiently distant cast, and without problems to carry out the dodge. With the implementation of poklevok situation is somewhat worse because of the fragility of the rod. Model length is ideal for coastal fishing - 2.74 meters. The test, according to the manufacturer, is 7-25 grams, but it is definitely undervalued. In practice, the rod allows you to throw a bait weighing 50 grams. The system is declared as super-fast, but as the reviews show, it’s rather middle fast. The price of a fishing rod is about 120 dollars.

Pontoon21 Psychogun 912MMHSF

A very popular model, which is inferior to the previous ones in long-range, but has a special power. The best fishing rod is suitable for fishing in harsh conditions, when there is a need to force the fight. When coastal fishing in Koryazhnik this spinning has no equal. The length of the form is 2.74 meters, and the test is 10.5-32 grams. Special attention is given to the structure of the rod - Sensetive Fast. This means that spinning has a fast system and high tactile sensitivity. In practice, this can be felt by the excellent information content and mobility of the tip. The second name of the model is Deep Reaction, which translates as “acute reaction” and once again underlines its belonging to jig fishing. Price rod is about 150 dollars.

Spinning fishing on a jig

Daiko Ultimatum 962HMF

This model closes the rating of coastal spinning. It is designed for heavy baits and has a special casting distance. With proper skills, with this rod you can catch at a distance of the order of hundreds of meters. If you correctly select the coil and the cord, this distance will not be the limit of your possibilities. It is important to note that even from such a huge distance, the rod fixes the bite well and allows you to carry out high-quality hooking. The length of the rod is very solid - 2.89 meters, as well as its test - 12-60 grams. The model has a medium-fast system. Its price is about 200 dollars.

Norstream Spiker 782MH

Although there is no universal spinning for jigging, there are models that, by their characteristics, can be referred to as such. This rod is a good budget option. It has an average length - 2.32 meters and the same test - 10-35 grams. Well coping with its task when fishing from the shore, the fishing rod makes it quite comfortable to catch from a boat. High sensitivity makes it possible to register even flabby bites. Fishing rod allows you to force the fight, if necessary. The price of the form is about 150 dollars.

Banax TinFish 80MF2

Another "universal" rod, with a decent casting distance and high sensitivity. It shows itself perfectly when fishing from the shore. And thanks to a combination of low weight, comfortable grip and medium length - 2.44 m, it allows you to comfortably fish from a boat. The test rod varies in the range of 7-28 grams, but considerable overload is allowed. However, the latter quality has ceased for Banax products. This model can be recommended for beginners spinningists. It allows you to master the basic principles of this fascinating type of fishing. The price of the form is more than decent - about $ 70.

What a spinning jig

Major Craft Rizer 702H

We continue to consider the best spinning jig and go to the boat options. It is worth noting that the fishing rods for fishing from a boat on the market are smaller than the “coastal” ones, but there is always a choice to choose from. Major Craft Rizer 702H - a typical rod for a boat with good characteristics: length - 2.13 m, test - 10-42 g, build - super-fast. This model can also be used for tweeting. Thanks to the strength of the type, it allows you to force the fight and not to miss large prey. The price of the rod is about $ 200, but it is quite justified.

Norstream Partner 70H

Excellent boat spinning for jig, famous for its power performance. Thick butt with reinforced rings, allows you to confidently force vyvazhivanie, which is very important when fishing on the snag and thickets. Characteristics of the model: length - 2.13 m, test - 15-45 g, build - superfast, cost - about $ 250.

GAD Harrier 702MHF

In our ranking, this is the last spinning jig. Reviews show that this model is endowed with extraordinary power and reliability, so it is great for fishing from a boat. The rod allows you to confidently cut through the hard lip of the trophy predator and without delay to pull it out of the most severe thickets. Excellent quality of performance, nice design and reasonable price (about 110 dollars), made the model very popular. The length of the rod is 2.13 meters, with a test of 12-45 g. The system is fast, the butt is very powerful, and the tip is very sensitive.

Top spinning for jig


As you can see, in the jig fishing rod plays a very important role. An illiterate set of gear will not allow the angler to fully use all the advantages of this type of fishing. Therefore, the choice of rods should be taken more than seriously.

A review of popular models has shown that it is very difficult to determine the best spinning for jig.The rating above will help you navigate the modern range, and understand what you need. Each of these models has a unique ratio of characteristics, which is rarely repeated among competitors. Which characteristic is more important and which spinning for the jig to choose in the end is up to you.

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