The best snipers of the Second World War: a list

became the period in the history of mankind, when people performed the most incredible feats and showed all their hidden talents. Naturally, those fighters whose abilities could be used in military operations were most appreciated. Especially the Soviet command allocated snipers, who, using their skills, could destroy up to a thousand enemy soldiers with accurate shots during their service. Lists of the best snipers of the Second World War with names and an indication of the number of defeated enemies are often in different versions on the Internet. In our article, we collected interesting facts about people who brought victory with all their might, despite the difficulties of front-line life and serious injuries. So, who are they - the best snipers of the Second World War? And where did you come from, transforming further into an elite caste of fighters?

best snipers of the second world war

Shooting training in the USSR

Historians of many countries of the world say in one voice that during the Second World War, the best snipers showed themselves to be fighters from the USSR.And they were superior to the enemy soldiers and allies, not only in terms of training, but also in the number of shooters. Germany was able to get a little closer to this level only at the end of the war - in 1944. Interestingly, for training their fighters, German officers used training manuals written for Soviet snipers. Where did so many well-aimed shooters come from in our country before the war?

Since 1932, shooting training was conducted with Soviet citizens. During this period, the country's leadership established the honorary title "Voroshilovsky shooter", confirmed by a special badge. They were divided into two degrees, the second was considered the most honorable. To obtain it, it was required to undergo a series of difficult tests that were beyond the power of ordinary shooters. Every boy, but what to hide, and the girls, too, dreamed of boasting the “Voroshilovsky arrow” badge. For this they spent a lot of time in rifle clubs, diligently doing.

In the thirty-fourth year of the last century, demonstration competitions were held between our and American shooters. An unexpected result for the United States was their loss.The Soviet shooters pulled out a victory with a huge margin, which indicated their excellent preparation.

The work on shooting training was carried out for seven years and was suspended with the start of the first military operations. However, by this time the Voroshilovsky Arrow badge was proudly worn by more than nine million civilians of both sexes.

Caste snipers

Now it is no secret to anyone that snipers belong to a special caste of fighters who are carefully protected and transferred from one sector of military conflict to another in order to demoralize the enemy. In addition to the psychological impact on the enemy, these arrows differ in real destructive power and have very impressive "mortal" lists. For example, the best snipers of the Second World War from the USSR had long lists of five hundred or seven hundred killed. In this case, only confirmed deaths are taken into account, but in reality their number could exceed one thousand soldiers per arrow.

What makes snipers so special? First of all, it should be said that these people are by nature really special. After all, they have the ability for a long time to be without movement, tracking down the enemy,extreme concentration of attention, calmness, patience, ability to make quick decisions and unique accuracy. As it turned out, the young hunters, who spent all their childhood in the taiga, tracking the beast, fully possessed the required set of qualities and skills. It was they who became the first snipers who fought with conventional rifles, showing simply stunning results.

Later, on the basis of these shooters, a whole unit was formed, which turned into the elite of the Soviet army. It is known that during the war years sniper gatherings were held more than once, designed to increase their effectiveness as a result of the exchange of experience.

best german sniper of world war two

Soviet arrows

To date, some foreign historians are trying to challenge the results of Soviet fighters listed in the list of the best snipers of the Second World War. But to do this is quite difficult, because each target is documented. In addition, most experts believe that the number of real successful shots exceeds the number indicated in the award lists two or even three times. After all, not every hit target in the heat of battle could be confirmed.Do not forget the fact that many documents take into account the result of a sniper only at the time of submission to the award. In the future, his exploits could not be tracked in full.

Modern historians claim that the ten best snipers of the Second World War were able to destroy more than four thousand enemy soldiers. Among the excellent shooters were women, we will talk about them in one of the following sections of our article. After all, these brave ladies skillfully bypassed their colleagues from Germany. So who are these people called the best snipers of the Second World War?

Ten of the best Soviet shooters

Of course, the list of Soviet snipers includes far not ten people. According to the archives, their number can be calculated by more than one hundred skillful shooters. However, we decided to bring to your attention information about the ten best Soviet snipers of the Second World War, the results of which still seem fantastic:

  • Mikhail Surkov.
  • Vasily Kvachantiradze.
  • Ivan Sidorenko.
  • Nikolay Ilyin.
  • Ivan Kulbertinov.
  • Vladimir Pchelintsev.
  • Peter Goncharov.
  • Mikhail Budenkov.
  • Vasily Zaitsev.
  • Fedor Okhlopkov.

Each of these unique people is devoted to a separate section of the article.

Mikhail Surkov

This shooter was drafted into the army from the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where he spent his whole life in the taiga, hunting the beast along with his father. With the onset of war, he took up a rifle and went to the front to do what he could best - track down and kill. Thanks to life skills, Mikhail Surkov was able to destroy more than seven hundred fascists. Among them were ordinary soldiers and officers, which undoubtedly made it possible to include the shooter in the list of the best snipers of the Second World War.

However, the talented fighter was not presented with the award, as most of his victories could not be documented. Historians attribute this fact to the fact that Surkov loved to rush into the epicenter of the battle. Therefore, in the future, it turned out to be quite problematic to determine from whose apt shot a particular enemy soldier fell. Mikhail's fellow soldiers confidently said that he had destroyed more than one thousand fascists. Surkov’s ability to remain invisible for hours, tracking down his enemy, was particularly striking for other people.

Vasily Kvachantiradze

This young man went through the whole war from the beginning to the end. Vasily fought as a foreman and returned home with a long track record of awards. On account of Kvachantiradze - more than five hundred German fighters. For his accuracy, who ranked him among the best snipers of the Second World War, by the end of the war he was awarded the title Hero of the USSR.

Ivan Sidorenko

This fighter is considered one of the most unique Soviet shooters. After all, before the war, Sidorenko planned to become a professional artist and had great prospects in this area. But the war decreed in its own way and the young man was sent to a military school, which ended up going to the front as an officer.

Immediately, the mortar company was entrusted to the newly minted commander, where he showed his sniper talents. During the war years, Sidorenko destroyed five hundred German soldiers, but he himself was seriously wounded three times. After each time he returned to the front, but in the end the consequences of the injuries were very serious for the body. This did not allow Sidorenko to graduate from the military academy, but before leaving for the reserve he received the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Nikolay Ilyin

Many historians believe that it is Ilyin who is the best Russian sniper of the Second World War. He is considered not only a unique shooter, but also a talented organizer of the sniper movement. He collected young soldiers, trained them, forming a real skeleton of shooters from them on the Stalingrad front.

It was Nicholas who had the honor to fight with the gun of the Hero of the USSR Andrukhayev. With it, he destroyed about four hundred enemies, and a total of three years of hostilities, he managed to kill almost five hundred fascists. In the fall of 1943, he fell in battle, receiving posthumously the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Ivan Kulbertinov

Naturally, most of the snipers in peaceful life were hunters. But Ivan Kulbertin belonged to the hereditary reindeer herders, which was rare among the soldiers. Yakut by nationality, he was considered to be a professional in shooting and by his results he bypassed the best Wehrmacht snipers of the Second World War.

Ivan got to the front two years after the outbreak of hostilities and almost immediately opened his death scoring. He went through the whole war to the end, and nearly five hundred fascist soldiers were on his list.Interestingly, the unique shooter never received the title of Hero of the USSR, which almost all snipers were honored with. Historians claim that he was twice presented with the award, but for unknown reasons, the title did not find its hero. After the war, he was presented with a personalized rifle.

Vladimir Pchelintsev

This man had a difficult and interesting fate. We can say that he was one of the few people who could be called professional snipers. Even before the forty-first year he studied shooting and even achieved the high title of master of sports. Pchelintsev had a unique accuracy, which allowed him to destroy four hundred and fifty-six fascists.

Surprisingly, a year after the start of the war, he was delegated to the United States along with Lyudmila Pavlichenko, who was later named the best female sniper of World War II. At the International Student Congress, they told about how boldly the Soviet youth fought for the freedom of their country and called on other states not to surrender under the onslaught of fascist contagion. Interestingly, the shooters were honored to spend the night in the walls of the White House.

Petr Goncharov

The fighters did not always immediately understand their vocation. For example, Peter did not even suspect that fate had prepared him a special fate. In the war Goncharov got into the militia, then he was accepted into the army as a baker. After a while he became a train, which he planned to serve further. However, as a result of a sudden attack by the fascists, he managed to prove himself as a professional sniper. In the midst of the unfolding battle, Peter raised another's rifle and began to precisely destroy the enemy. He even managed with one shot to knock out a German tank. This decided the fate of Goncharov.

A year after the start of the war, he got his own sniper rifle, which he fought for another two years. During this time, he killed four hundred forty-one enemy soldiers. For this, Goncharov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and twenty days after this solemn event, the sniper fell in battle, not letting go of his rifle.

best snipers of the second world war list

Mikhail Budenkov

This sniper went through the whole war from the very beginning and met a victory in East Prussia. In the spring of forty-five, Budenkov received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for four hundred thirty-seven goals hit.

However, in the first years of his service, Mikhail did not even think of becoming a sniper. Before the war, he worked as a tractor driver and ship mechanic, and at the front he supervised mortar crews. His well-aimed shooting attracted the attention of the authorities, and he was soon transferred to snipers.

Vasily Zaitsev

This sniper is considered a real legend of war. A hunter in peacetime, he knew all about shooting firsthand, so from the first days of his service he became a sniper. Historians claim that for only one battle of Stalingrad, more than two hundred enemies fell from his well-aimed shots. Among them were eleven German snipers.

There is a story about how the fascists, tired of the elusiveness of Zaitsev, were sent to destroy his best sniper in Germany of World War II - the head of the secret school of riflemen Erwin Koenig. Vasily's brother-soldiers told that a real duel was fought between the snipers. It lasted almost three days and ended with the victory of the Soviet shooter.

Fedor Okhlopkov

This man was spoken about with admiration during the war years. He was a real Yakut hunter and ranger for whom there were no impossible tasks.It is believed that he managed to kill more than one thousand enemies, but most of his victories were difficult to confirm documented. Interestingly, during the years of service in the army, he used not only a rifle, but also a machine gun as a weapon. In this way, he destroyed the soldiers, aircraft and tanks of the enemy.

The best Finnish sniper of World War II

"White Death" - this nickname was the shooter from Finland, who destroyed more than seven hundred soldiers of the Red Army. Simo Hayuhya in the thirty-ninth year of the last century worked on a farm and did not even think that he would become the most effective sniper of his country.

After a conflict broke out between Finland and the USSR in November 1939, Red Army units invaded the territory of a foreign state. However, the fighters did not expect the locals to offer such tough resistance to Soviet soldiers.

Particularly distinguished Simo Hyaha, fighting in the thick of events. Every day he destroyed sixty to seventy enemy soldiers. This forced the Soviet command to deploy a hunt for this apt shooter. However, he continued to remain elusive and sowed death, hiding in the most inappropriate, as it seemed to the officers, places.

the best snipers of the second world war

Already later, historians wrote that Simo helped his small stature.The man barely reached one and a half meters, so he rather successfully hid almost in front of the enemy. He also never used an optical rifle, because it often flashed in the sun and betrayed an arrow. In addition, the Finn was well versed in the features of the local relief, which gave him the opportunity to occupy the best places to observe the enemy.

At the end of a one-day war, Simo was wounded in the face. The bullet went right through and completely tore the facial bone. In the hospital, his jaw was restored, after which he safely lived for nearly a hundred years.

the best snipers of the Wehrmacht of the second world war

The best Soviet female snipers of the Second World War

Of course, war has no feminine face. However, Soviet girls made their invaluable contribution to the victory over fascism, fighting on different sectors of the front. It is known that among them there were about one thousand snipers. Together they were able to destroy twelve thousand German soldiers and officers. It is surprising that the results of many of them are much higher than those who were called the best German snipers of the Second World War.

The most productive shooter among women is Lyudmila Pavlichenko.This amazing beauty enrolled in volunteers immediately after the declaration of war with Germany. In two years of hostilities, she was able to eliminate three hundred and nine fascists, including thirty-six enemy snipers. For this feat she was awarded the title Hero of the USSR, the last two years of the war she did not take part in the battles.

Olga Vasilyeva was often called the best female sniper of the Second World War. On account of this fragile girl, one hundred and forty-eight fascists, but in forty-three, no one believed that she could become a real sniper who would be afraid of the enemy. The girl left after each well-aimed shot a notch on the butt of her rifle. By the end of the war he was completely covered with marks.

Genya Peretyatko deservedly ranked among the best female snipers of the Second World War. For a long time practically nothing was known about this girl, but she destroyed one hundred forty-eight enemies with accurate and accurate shots of her rifle.

best russian sniper of the second world war

Even before the start of the war, Genya was seriously engaged in shooting, she was her real passion. In parallel, the girl was fond of music.It is surprising that she skillfully combined both classes until war intervened in her life. Peretyatko immediately volunteered for the front, and thanks to her abilities she was quickly transferred to snipers. After the war, she moved to the United States, where she lived for the rest of her life.

German snipers

The results of the German shooters have always been much more modest than the Soviet soldiers. But among them were unique snipers who glorified their country. Many legends circulated during the war years about Matias Hetzenauer. He fought only one year as a sniper, having managed to destroy three hundred and forty-five Red Army soldiers. For Germany, it was just a phenomenal result that no one managed to beat.

best soviet women snipers of the second world war

Josef Allerberger was also considered one of the best German snipers of the Second World War. He was able to confirm the elimination of two hundred and fifty-seven targets. His colleagues believed the young man was a born sniper, who possessed not only accuracy and endurance, but also a certain psychology, which allows him to intuitively choose the right tactics of battle.

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