The best pistols of the world: photo, rating and efficiency

The pistol is the most widely represented which is used not only by the military and special forces, but also by ordinary citizens for sports shooting or self-defense. A pistol is a short-barreled weapon, from which you can fire efficiently at a distance of up to 50 meters. Most modern world pistols are rifled, self-loading and, as a rule, non-automatic weapons. A pistol magazine usually has a capacity of 5 to 8 rounds. However, in some models, this figure reaches two dozen. In this article we will consider the best guns in the world.

Historical reference

Before discussing the top 10 pistols of the world, let's briefly review the history of the emergence of this type of weapon. In the form to which we are accustomed, pistols appeared in the XX century. However, their first prototypes were used five centuries earlier.The very first models were equipped with a wick lock, which was later replaced by a wheel lock, and later on by a silicon flint. They had only one charge, weighed quite a lot and took a lot of time to recharge. In this regard, in the second half of the XIX century, revolvers became very common. But by the end of the same century, pistols regained their primacy through the creation of multiply charged models, which had a good rate and accuracy of fire. After the First World War, the era of rapid development of multi-shot pistols began. It continues to this day.

Pistols of the world

Since the first multi-charge pistols appeared, a huge number of successful (and not quite) models were produced. Today, dozens of countries around the world are engaged in the development and production of military, sporting, hunting and civilian pistols. Thousands of talented engineers are working to create a revolutionary gun.

Top best pistols of the world

It must be admitted that the question of which pistol is better often provokes lively discussions among both experts and ordinary citizens. Too many parameters by which you can evaluate and compare weapons.Our rating “The best pistols of the world: the top 10” includes models from different states and times. The evaluation criterion was not only the technical and combat characteristics of the pistol, but also the uniqueness of its design, as well as its reputation among weapons experts. The review was attended by combat models, as well as samples for self-defense. Pneumatic and sporting weapons did not enter it. So let's start our review.

10. APS - Stechkin automatic pistol

The rating “The best pistols of the world” opens the famous Stechkin pistol in our latitudes, which was created in the USSR in the late 40s of the last century. The weapon works with a 9x18 cartridge. Automation is based on the principle of a free shutter. APS was very popular in Soviet countries, but it was not accepted very well abroad. The main distinguishing feature of the model was the possibility of automatic fire, which is very unusual for pistols. APSA wooden holster, if desired, the arrow could serve as a butt. The pistol magazine contained 20 rounds, which also deserves respect.

APS was developed for special forces, but did not last long in service.Among the main drawbacks of the gun is worth noting bulkiness and solid weight. Because of them, he was unsuitable for hidden permanent wear. Nevertheless, the Stechkin pistol took part in dozens of conflicts during the Cold War and visited various hot spots in the former USSR.

9. Desert Eagle

The ninth place in our rating was a model whose name translates as “Desert Eagle”. Many believe that this is the most powerful gun in the world. It was developed in the late 80s by an Israeli-American team of engineers. The weapon works with a very solid cartridge of 12.7 mm caliber and is positioned as a hunting one.

The best guns of the world

"Desert Eagle" is not in service with the army and is not used by special services. The military does not use the model because of its bulkiness, impressive weight, strong recoil and deafening sound of a shot. For the latter reason, weapons are not used in closed shooting galleries. In addition, the model is not sufficiently reliable and sensitive to pollution. Where she really excelled is in cinema. Of course, this is one of the most recognizable handguns in the world. In our latitudes, the Desert Eagle is a real rarity.

8. Walther RR / PPK

This German pistol can be called one of the most successful and popular. Proof of this is the many copies of weapons that are produced throughout the world. This is one of the first mass-produced pistols, which has a double-action firing mechanism. The release of "Walter" was established in 1929. Initially, the model was developed as a weapon for the police, but later it was actively used by tankers, pilots and sailors as personal weapons.

In the 60s, mass production of the gun resumed. It continues to this day. Now it is officially produced not only in Germany, but also in the United States. In total, more than a million copies were produced. In fact, even the notorious Soviet Makarov pistol is a replica of "Walter."

7. FN Five-seven

At the seventh place is the Belgian pistol of the company Fabrique Nationale, created in the late 90s. It was positioned by the creators as an addition to the P-90 submachine gun. This causes the main characteristics of the model. It works with a unique 5.7 x 28 mm armor-piercing cartridge. Thanks to the peaked bullet, this projectile can cope with most modern body armor. The model is popular and in demand among the fighters of special forces. She is very fond of the American military.And in recent years, FN Five-seven has become in demand in the civilian market. The gun managed to take part in several military conflicts, where he showed himself perfectly.

The best pistols of the world: top 10

6. TT (Tula, Tokarev)

Of course, this is the legendary model. It was developed by the outstanding Soviet gunsmith Tokarev in the early 30s. The TT pistol faithfully served the Red Army during World War II. In the post-war period, it was also used in all armed conflicts. The model is popular in the former USSR and today. The weapon is easy to maintain and operate, and very reliable. It works with a very powerful cartridge of 7.63x25 mm caliber. Not every bulletproof vest can stand before the TT pistol hit. The model has a very small size, which contributes to its convenient hidden wearing. The only complaint the TT is about is its ergonomics.

On this model the first five of the rating “The best pistols of the world” ends. We turn to the top five.

5. CZ-75/85

This model is one of the most successful Czech-made pistols. The gun was created in the 80's chambered for caliber 9x19 mm.The model gained popularity in the West due to its ergonomic, simple and reliable construction. The CZ-75/85 has an excellent aiming range. And his bullet has a high breakdown and stopping action. In terms of sales, the Czech gun is almost as good as the Colts. However, in our latitudes, it is virtually unknown.

Pistols of the world: photo

4. Heckler & Koch USP

The model was released in the early 90s by the famous German company Heckler & Koch. In 1993, she entered service with the Bundeswehr. During the release of the gun, he received quite a few modifications. Due to its reliability, simplicity and accuracy, the gun is considered one of the best for the fighters of police and special units. Heckler & Koch USP is not afraid of cold and heat, it is resistant to dirt and mechanical damage. The pistol is used by special units of Germany, America, Italy, France, Poland, Ukraine and Japan. The main features of the design are polymer frame and friction reducing buffer system. If desired, the user of Heckler & Koch USP can quickly change the caliber.

3. Beretta 92

Here we come to the top three. The third place in our ranking was won by the legendary Beretta.9x19 mm caliber pistol, was created by the oldest European weapons company. In 1980, he entered service. The quality of weapons is evidenced by the fact that in 1985 its modification with the F index partially replaced the Colt M1911 in the American armed forces. "Beretta" is also in service with the Israeli army. Every year about 100 thousand copies of weapons of different versions come off the assembly line.

The gun is very popular both in military circles and in the civilian market. Among its advantages it is worth noting: ergonomics, good balance, high accuracy and accuracy of fire. Due to the two-sided arrangement of the fuse, the gun can be conveniently used with two hands. The “Beretta” bullet has a very solid stopping and stopping effect. There are also disadvantages: a lot of weight, sensitivity to pollution and a thick handle that is inconvenient for users with short fingers.

2. Colt M1911

In the second place of the rating “The best pistols of the world” stands the legendary creation of the brilliant gunsmith of John Browning - the Colt M1911. This gun was created before the First World War. Surprisingly, it is used by the US military to this day.In this case, the gun survived only one significant modification, in the distant 1926. In general, in the entire history of the Colt M1911, quite a few different versions of short-barreled weapons were created at its base.

Top best pistols of the world

During the First and Second World Wars, this pistol was delivered to Russia. With the American army, in addition to these wars, he passed the battles in Korea and Vietnam, as well as other conflicts of the Cold War.

The gun works with a cartridge 11,43h23. Its automation is arranged on the principle of recoil with a short course of the trunk. The gun is equipped with a single-action trigger mechanism, which is considered one of its main drawbacks. Some consider the lack of weapons is also a large weight and size. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the model from wearing the title of the most famous and well-deserved pistol of the 20th century.

1. Glock 17

Here it is, the best gun in the world. Glock 17 is not just a gun, it is a milestone in the development of short-barreled firearms. The model works on ammunition caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum. Automation is arranged on the principle of recoil of the trunk with a short stroke. Special attention deserves the history of the creation of the gun.In 1980, a competition was organized for the creation of a self-loading pistol for the Austrian police and army. The company Glock GmbH decided to take part in the competition, which at that time was engaged in the release and supply to the army of infantry shovels, bayonet knives and other ammunition not related to weapons. Naturally, nobody took the application of the company seriously. However, according to the test results, the Glock 17 pistol was able to win the competition and was soon accepted into service in Austria. Since then, four generations of a pistol have been created and put on the conveyor. To date, the model is in service with more than three dozen countries.

10 best pistols of the world

In the design of the gun almost everywhere (except for the main components) polyamide is used - heat-resistant and impact-resistant plastic. It makes the weapon very durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. But we have to admit that with long-term use of a pistol, plastic still gives microcracks. The weapon shows excellent results in accuracy and accuracy of fire. It is very convenient in operation and maintenance, and also easy to disassemble. Since the gun does not have a fuse, the time to bring it into action is minimal.Another interesting feature is the fact that from Glock 17 you can easily shoot under water. The only thing you need to do is put a special drummer.

We reviewed the most famous and powerful pistols of the world. Now we will get acquainted with leaders in other nominations.

The smallest gun in the world

The smallest firearm can be confused with a toy. This is a revolver that was created by the Swiss watchmaker Paul Erard. The height of the weapon is only 3 cm, and the width is 0.3 cm. Bullets with a caliber of 2.34 mm were specially created for it. The pistol is about 10 times weaker than standard samples in terms of shot strength. However, a license is required to purchase it. For its size the gun hit the Guinness Book of Records in the nomination "The smallest pistols of the world." The photo of a pistol is more like a key chain than a weapon.

The best gun in the world

The best traumatic gun

All famous pistols of the world have their own traumatic copies. The best of the traumatic pistols is considered the Grand Power T12. It duplicates the combat model of the Grand Power K100.The gun has a high level of ergonomics and impressive power.It allows you to conduct aimed fire at distances over ten meters. The weapon works with 10x28 cartridges. The store holds 17 such shells. The main controls are located on both sides, so the gun is equally convenient to use both right-handed and left-handed.

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