The art of massacre

We already began to forget that it happens.
All this remains in the distant past - both Ali and Roy Jones ...
But no, and now it happens, and now you can get a real aesthetic pleasure from the massacre))
Yesterday I missed on TV, I had to watch the super fight of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik and the Russian Murat Gassiyev this morning. By the way, four belts are at stake! Neither one nor the other have not lost a single battle!
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I must say that for me the flag of which country is depicted behind the athlete's back does not matter. If a fighter is not familiar to me from past fights, I usually support whites. If the Slav is against the Caucasian, then I am a fan of the Slav. I see nothing wrong with that.
But, by the way, Gassiev is an Ossetian, they are not Muslims, and in general he is a normal guy, not wild. And a good puncher boxer. A year ago, he won against Lebedev (this is the one who is in the blue beret forever) Murat Gasiev’s heavy blow and the potential is great.
But the trouble is that Alexander Usik got in the way of Gassiev, and here we saw that boxing can be an art.
Usik beat Gassieva in all respects.This is the so-called amateur school, it is the help of the legendary Vasily Lomachenko. This is a completely different level. Murat Gassiev works his right beater, and Alexander Usik has two hands, and most importantly two legs. He moves beautifully, he just exhausted and beat Murata "in one gate".

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