Than to open GPX?

With the development of electronic technology is no longerthe problem is to find some specific place on the map. And it's almost impossible to get lost if you have a GPS-navigator on your hands. The data in this device is saved under the gpx format. How to open it? - this issue may be a problem. Since such files are based on XML, all coordinates of objects, routes and landmarks that are searched are stored in it.


  • One of the most common programs thatcan open this format, is Google Earth (download link). This virtual globe helps to perfectly navigate anywhere on Earth. Thanks to this program you can see the relief of the Earth, download the video of the necessary place and even see the photos.
  • The second program is OziExplorer. It combines raster maps with GPS data. Using the interactive mode, you can navigate using raster maps. In addition, you can add different comments to maps and apply certain grid and projection. You can download the program from this site.
  • Another program - ExpertGPS (downloadperhaps here). We can say that it includes a complete package of cartographic software. Using this program, you can determine the waypoints on the map and, thus, designate your route.
  • Thinking about how to open a gpx file, you can use the program NASA World Wind. This is a real electronic atlas. Here you can set the angle and scale of the required terrain.
  • The last program is EasyGPS. Thanks to it, you can quickly and easily edit, create and transfer waypoints and routes between systems and computers. You can download for free from the official site of

On the work and configuration of the navigator can be found from the articles:

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