Than to melt ice?

Our Russian winter brings both joy andsadness. Among the latter is ice. And all would be nothing, if he did not spoil life. And then it happens that it freezes in the most inappropriate places, and then you need to think how to get rid of it. Nevertheless, methods can be found almost always. We offer you several options for what to melt the ice in different situations:

  1. Melt the ice at home is simple - enoughonly subject it to heat treatment. Ice can be melt on a gas / electric stove; using a heater or a central heating battery. If the house is warm enough, time suffers, and none of the above methods is suitable, leave the ice overnight, and it melts naturally.
  2. Melt the ice in the castle can be different. Garage and car locks are best lubricated with an oil-containing defroster, and do this periodically. Use of boiling water from the kettle is not recommended - it can ruin the lock and lead to the formation of microcracks. If there is no suitable means, vodka or alcohol will help defrost the lock. To do this, it is necessary to apply a remedy to the key, insert it into the lock as far as possible, and wait 10-15 minutes. After that you can try to open the lock. Instead of alcohol, antifreeze antifreeze, anti-freezing liquid will suit you. By the way, before washing the car it is better to pour a little non-freezing liquid into the lock, then there will be no problems with opening. The same functions are performed by silicone spray and silicone grease. In very rare moments, you can insert the key into the lock, as far as possible, gradually heat the key with a lighter and move further into the lock. In this case, you need to act carefully, you can not heat the key reddishly, otherwise break the lock. To prevent the freezing of locks, clean them of snow as often as possible, and then do not have to melt the frozen ice in the morning.
  3. For defrosting underground pipes, there is alsoseveral ways. But first you need to make sure of their integrity. Often in such situations it happens that the pipes burst. If everything is in order, then here are a few ways. In the case where the pipes are at a shallow depth, and you have determined the place of freezing, the campfire can help. Burn bonfires on that part of the earth, under which there is a frozen pipe. It is also possible to pour warmed alcohol into the pipes. A welding machine can help, which needs to be installed at both ends of the pipe and turned on (the contact must be good enough). Kindling will take about 2-4 hours. In general, it is often necessary to heat pipes where the most accessible for cold is. In such cases, an electric fan can help. As a prevention in the warm season it is better to make a thermal insulation of pipes, then the issue of defrosting will not bother.
  4. Get rid of the ice in the car washer reservoirhelp a trip to the warm box. There you have to wait for the ice to melt and, as it melts, to drain it from the tank. When this is done, the antifreeze liquid should be poured into the tank. Another option is to remove the tank and take it home. In the warmth, the ice melt. But this option is good when it is possible to remove the tank. In other cases it is better to go to a warm box.
  5. If the water in the bath is frozen, you will also be helpedseveral ways. Bath can simply be flooded, and then in the process of heating it melts ice. You can water the ice with hot water, but this is ineffective and will take a lot of time. You can use hot steam. You can turn on the fan heater for a day, before watering the faucets with boiling water.
  6. Options for those who need to melt a largethe amount of ice on the street. A large amount of hot salty water poured over the ice will help; infrared lamp; cable for melting ice in drain pipes; ethanol; special substances that sprinkle ice on the streets. You can also try to kindle a fire. A powerful remedy is the use of calcium chloride. You can pour ice with ethylene glycol or glycerin. But the easiest way is just to chip the ice in small pieces and clean. It will be more economical and faster.

Now you know what you can melt the ice. The main thing is to do it wisely.

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