"Symbicort turbuhaler"

"Symbicort turbuhaler" - a drug thathas a pronounced bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory effect. The drug is available in the form of a powder, which is intended for inhalation. An auxiliary substance used to improve pharmacokinetic properties is lactose monohydrate.

"Symbicort turbuhaler" is used forrelief of asthma attacks. Its active substances are budesonide and formoterol. They have different mechanisms of action, but they have a general additive effect. Thus, the frequency of attacks of bronchial asthma is reduced. The main way of penetration of a medicinal substance is inhalation. The use in small doses has an anti-inflammatory effect in the tissues of the lungs. The big plus of this drug is the low incidence of side effects. This property makes "Symbicort turbuhaler" a drug of choice for relief of asthma attacks. The therapeutic effect occurs in a short time, the use of systemic glucocorticoids does not allow achieving similar results, the use of drugs of this group is often accompanied by the appearance of undesirable complications. Thanks to the inclusion of formoterol in the formulation, a rapid relaxation of smooth bronchial muscle cells is observed, which persists for half a day after taking the dose of the drug. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a disease whose symptoms are also effectively stopped when taking this medication.

"Symbicort turbuhaler" has a specific modedosing, due to the peculiarities of its pharmacokinetics and distribution dynamics in the tissues of the human body. It is designed for severe forms of bronchial asthma, which are characterized by the constant appearance of seizures and resistance to other medicines. The selection of doses for each patient is carried out individually, taking into account the clinical signs of the pathological condition and the tolerability of the drug. It is important to consider its compatibility with other medicinal substances. When hypersensitivity reactions appear, you should cancel the "Symbicort turbuhaler". The instruction of the given preparation includes necessary rules of application, measures of preventive maintenance of development of fungal diseases of an oral cavity which can develop after use of a mouthpiece.

Drugs can cause side effects.reactions that occur infrequently and pass for a short time. The main such effects include tachycardia and a moderate degree of tremor, nausea, anxiety, psychomotor agitation, depression, muscle cramps, candidiasis of the mucous membranes of the pharynx and mouth, exanthema, pruritus, urticaria, hyperglycemia. Reception in high doses can have a pronounced systemic effect. Contraindications for the use of this drug are hypersensitivity to active substances, children's age (up to six years of use is prohibited). During pregnancy, lactation, it is possible to use the medication only in case of emergency (the benefit for the mother is much higher than the risk of complications in the child). In all other situations, the "Symbicort turbuhaler" is not forbidden, reviews about which in the overwhelming majority of cases only positive ones. This is due to the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect and its long-lasting effect. The undoubted advantage of this drug is the possibility of interaction with substances from other pharmacological groups. This interaction in almost all cases increases the effect of active substances.

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