Pistol "Swift": characteristics, price and test results

As you know, weapons made in Russia are valued all over the world. Truly, one of the best in technical characteristics and, most importantly, unpretentious in all weather conditions. For example, it is enough to take at least the famous one that is still in service with almost all armies of the world. He showed himself from the best side even at high humidity, while the other machines became useless. But not only Russian production is famous for them. Various armored tracked and wheeled vehicles, on which all other countries are equal, are one of the best missiles and bombs, artillery installations and tracking systems. The pistol "Swift" is just the leading and one of the most significant. Why is he so good and why does he terrify his opponents? What are its specifications? Gun "Swift" justified the hopes that were placed on him, or failed all the tests?

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Many do not know, but the armament of the Russian army with regards to pistols has not changed since the 40s of the 20th century. All these years, the army used all the famous Makarov pistol. This weapon, I must say, was one of the most revealing. He was loved by the soldiers for the fact that he always showed himself to be an excellent device and was universal. But, of course, everything is ever obsolete, and this pistol has also sunk into oblivion. Although in service with many armies preserved. In 2011, the head of Arsenal Firearms, Streshinsky, said that they were going to release really good small arms. The design of “Strizh” was almost completely invented by the acting special forces officer of the FSB (the name was not disclosed for obvious reasons). The following year, the gun entered service. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia at that time (2011) Dmitry Rogozin said that "Swift" would be better than even the most popular then Austrian pistol brand Glock. But was he right?

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Interestingly, Strizh has a second name - Strike One (literally, “One Strike”). IWA-2012, held in Nuremberg, for the first time opened to the world a new pistol from Russia. The company Arsenal Firearms, led by Streshinsky, presented it to other countries. The main facilities of the company are located in our country and in Italy.The main office is located in Russia. "Swift" is supposed to be produced in both countries and exported abroad. The company, albeit a beginner, has vast experience in manufacturing. Before the development of "Stryzh" there was only a copy of other models. Of course, these were just samples that belonged to prototypes in the ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3, but even such a seemingly harmless copy could actually shoot. So lasted about 7 years. Thousands of copies helped the company become more experienced and move on to the next level.


Streshinsky on the air of one of the channels said that "Swift" was developed in a matter of three months. But it usually takes years to develop. As many as three options were rejected (then the Swift gun failed the tests), but the fourth, clearly the best, met expectations. Engineers have done a great job, 140 security officials expressed their wishes regarding the new pistol. And this is quite justified: only those who work directly with this type of technology are able to find the right solution. For Strizh, the company used its own design system. All this time various modifications have been tested.The Swift Pistol was tested in a virtual system. She helped assess the changes that were constantly made to the device. Even such things that are insignificant at first glance, such as body material, affect the weapon’s performance, let alone the gunpowder and caliber of the cartridge ... In the first variations, the Swift pistol failed the tests, but eventually it became the world's leading.


The company's engineers claim that the Swift pistol includes several innovations that have not been used in the field of weapons, such as:

  • The design of the barrel and locking mechanism. In the world there were only 6 different systems, and the company presented the 7th. In it, the trunk became locked in by the larva and walk in a linear fashion, without at the same time releasing the bolt. Although this happened even with the most popular pistols.
  • A small distance from the axis of the barrel to the grip, which is only 12 mm. Interestingly, all the other pistols had a much larger indicator. In Stryzh, the axis, when fired, “turns” into the palm, which has a positive effect on the results.
  • The barrel of the Swift pistol was created in such a way that it seemed to be supported by 4 rails.Thus, the possibility of skew and rotation is suppressed. This innovation is also one of those that improve the quality of shooting. The rate of markedly increased.

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Astounding results

The company has released videos, in which the "Swift" shows sensational results. The shooter for 4.6 seconds hit all 17 rounds on targets. For two seconds, exactly 5 rounds are issued. The resource is huge. As many as 100,000 shots can be made from a single Swift. A familiar to many flag guard on this gun is simply absent. What is the reason? Streshinsky explained that the engineers wanted to create such a gun so that they would not have to waste precious seconds even to remove the fuse. It is useful in military conditions. But if the fuse is missing, then what prevents inadvertently hook the trigger and shoot a gun in his leg? The company took care of this. The shot can be made only in case of a certain finger pressing. Thus, the system has got-shot, which many manufacturers wanted to achieve, it was realized in the pistol "Swift".

Interesting additions

In addition to the above, the store "Stryzh" can be quickly removed with both the left and right hand. This can be done due to the unusual location of the clasps on either side of the gun. Now even those soldiers who are comfortable with their left hand can feel comfortable. Also, the company's specialists realized that under stress in a combat situation, the shooter’s hands might shake, in this case, the store is rather difficult to install. The handle of the "Swift" expands, thereby simplifying the planting of new cartridges. And you can even reload the gun about clothes, which is done by notches on the bolt. All innovations help inexperienced fighters to shoot well even in battle. The gun does not require special experience. It is unpretentious to use and thus convenient for all.

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Two options

There are also two types of "Swift": using polymer or aluminum (alloys). Both materials are very light, and therefore used in the manufacture of weapons. Each of them has its own advantages that distinguish it from others. In Russia, Strizh is used with cartridges of 9x19 mm caliber, including both 7N21 and 7N31.

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Many stages of development passed the gun "Swift". The trials were also not easy. In addition to virtual checks of various components were also shooting. Tests conducted by officers of the Russian army. They could objectively evaluate the gun and compare it with others. The first three modifications of the Stryzh were also checked, but they were eliminated. Ultimately, the gun met the wishes of all. He was easy to use, you do not need to have special knowledge to use it. In general, the Russian army has finally received a worthy replacement for a Makarov pistol. "Swift" surpasses it in all respects, and most importantly, better than its predecessor, and in real combat conditions. What are the advantages of the new Swift pistol?


In addition to those already mentioned above, the gun may differ by other innovations and advantages over others. Especially for those combat conditions that would require constant firing at short distances, the Strizha modification was developed, which allows for almost automatic fire in bursts. For this, a translator of fire modes was developed.Of course, high-speed shooting may not be accurate, but at short distances this is what you need. Also, the total fire on the target will be much more powerful than the damage from the same number of bullets, but fired alternately. This innovation helps to hit the target faster.

The Russian Strizh pistol is practically a complex of melee weapons. Shooting can be carried out both in bursts and single projectiles, at a distance of up to 50 meters or more. On the trunk of "Swift" you can install various necessary additions in certain conditions, such as a silencer or a laser sight. Thus, it can be said that "Swift" is truly a universal small arms. It can replace many others. And even more so the pistols of various foreign brands.

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"Carabiner kit" helps to conduct the most accurate shooting at incredible distances for this type of weapon. It was specifically designed specifically for "Stryzh". The item is an improved copy of the KPOS 2 kit from FAB Defense, which was the world's leading at the time. "Carabiner kit" is a body, fused from aluminum, which has a butt and front handle. In fact, the innovation turns the gun into automatic and allows you to fire at a fairly long distance.Submachine gun is very popular in the army.


Of course, "Swift" will be sold abroad. Not only the Russian army will be able to use the best gun. Competitors at the "Swift" is quite small. The main purpose is the army and the forces of law and order. But in countries where it is allowed to use weapons for self-defense, "Swift" can also be popular. In addition, the gun can be used in sports. In general, “Swift” is not only a universal pistol for the army and law enforcement agencies, but also a weapon with great potential for use. For almost all characteristics, he leaves far behind other pistols. Gun "Swift" traumatic is also already implemented.

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Cost of

It is clear that the exact cost of weapons can not be stable. Many countries would like to purchase a Swift pistol. Its price is about 56,000 rubles. But depending on the additions to it can vary greatly. This cost can be called the average. At least the quality of the gun justifies the price. All customers are satisfied when they purchase a Swift pistol.Reviews of weapons exclusively positive. The gun has a huge number of advantages, moreover, the disadvantages are practically absent. "Swift" became a worthy successor to the Makarov pistol. The company Arsenal Firearms met the expectations that were pinned on it: it created a universal weapon that has become the world's leading weapon.

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