Stars who have more arrests than rewards

The life of the rich and famous can be glamorous, but you can’t buy innocence for money. More celebrities were under arrest than you can imagine. From the notorious Lindsay Lohan, who was charged with four crimes in two different states, to O.J. Simpson, who was accused of killing his wife - these celebrities appeared more often in the news because of bad behavior than because of their successes in art.

Singers, actors, athletes and other celebrities on this list are proof that appearance and fame are not necessarily equal to the glamorous life that deserves envy. Popular individuals in the photos below are notorious for their antics: drug possession, fights, even murder. Not to mention the fact that a photo taken at night during detention for drunk driving, which will decorate the covers of magazines the next day, is unlikely to be successful.

We present you a list of stars who have more arrests than awards.

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Source: The Richest

Lindsey Lohan

No list of fallen celebrities will be complete without Lindsay Lohan. She first appeared in the cinema in 1998 in the film “Parent Trap”, and the world quickly fell in love with a charming, freckled 11-year-old girl. But by 2007, Lindsay became better known for her reckless behavior.

The list of convictions of the actress is comparable to the number of her roles in the movie. She was drunk driving many times, accused of drug possession, assault and violation of probation. Much noise was made by the arrest for the theft of a necklace worth $ 25,000 from a jewelry store in Venice.

Only when we thought that Lindsay finally calmed down, in 2014, she sabotaged her own reality show, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey. It is safe to say that whenever the name Lohan appears in the headlines, it is a scandal.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen deserved the title of the bad guy thanks to numerous connections with prostitutes, accusations of domestic violence and other immoral antics. In 2011, he was fired from the series “Two and a half people” for “dangerous self-destructive behavior”, according to a letter issued by the legal counsel of Warner Bros Television.Simply put, Charlie Sheen has abused drugs.

Years of parties and immoral behavior caught up with this self-proclaimed bad boy in 2016, when the legendary womanizer was forced to declare that he actually became infected with HIV after unprotected sex with prostitutes.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly, the king of R & B, was arrested three times in his 27-year career, which made him more famous due to conviction, not music. Kelly was a rising star when he was first arrested in 1996 after a fight in a gym in Lafayette, Louisiana, which led to a one-year suspended sentence. His next arrest occurred only two years later, in 1998, when he was charged with three charges of hooliganism.

But the most famous and shocking arrest of Kelly was in 2002, when the videotape of the joys of R. Kelly and a 14-year-old girl became widespread. The singer was in the center of court proceedings, and the number of girls “offended” by him increased over time to twenty-one. After numerous delays in 2008, a trial finally took place, and R. Kelly was found innocent on all counts.

Jay z

Although Jay Z cannot win the award for the maximum number of arrests on this list (and definitely won more real awards than the rest),his criminal charges make him one of the worst offenders. Rap star Jay Z was arrested in New York in December 1999 for stabbing music producer Lance Rivera at a nightclub in Manhattan. The rapper admitted his guilt in 2001 and was sentenced to three years in prison on probation.

Amanda Bynes

More recently, Amanda Bynes was one of the brightest budding stars of Hollywood. However, by 2009, the young actress has slipped to the bottom. And the culprit was the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Most of her arrests are related to drunk driving.

In 2012, she appeared before the court for having drunk hit the car and fled the scene of the accident. Even before the charges, she wrote to Barack Obama himself, complaining that she was not guilty of anything. Later, she was again arrested for driving without a license. Then Amanda was accused of trying to set her neighbour’s house on fire, beating a fan, several thefts and a number of road accidents. Immoral behavior of the actress even brought her to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric clinic.

Paris Hilton

The rich heiress and socialite Paris Hilton was arrested a total of three times. The first arrest of Paris in 2006 took place due to drunk driving.The court imposed a fine of $ 1,500 on it, and also set a trial period of 36 months. It would seem that Paris should have learned a lesson, but this did not happen. Her most serious crime occurred in 2010, when she was arrested at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine, which was found in her purse.

O. Jay Simpson

The Simpson case is a well-known legal proceeding against an American football player and actor O. Jay Simpson. He was accused of killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Simpson did not intend to surrender to the authorities, and even wanted to escape. Actor declared wanted and as a result of the chase took him into custody.

Ultimately, despite the evidence, Simpson acquitted the jury. But the story does not end there. In 2008, the actor again appeared before the court: he was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. This time Simpson’s punishment could not be avoided, and he was sentenced to 33 years in prison. He is serving a sentence in the Lochloch Correctional Center in Nevada.

Bobby brown

Bobby Brown, a Grammy Award winner and a member of the legendary New Edition music band, used his bad guy role to start a love affair with Whitney Houston. But their fourteen year old marriage did not end with anything good.In addition to infidelity and excessive drug use in 2003, Bobby Brown was arrested for beating his wife. Before this incident, he had several other arrests: for driving while intoxicated without a license, for resisting the police and possession of drugs.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was a member of the infamous Hollywood crowd that experimented with drugs, constantly got into trouble and had problems with the law. In 2003, she was arrested for possession of heroin and driving without a license. After several attempts at rehabilitation, Richie was again arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2006. But still, Nicole was able to end her turbulent past, became a decent mother and wife, and even founded a charitable foundation.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia boasts a long list of convictions. He started having problems with the law when he was nine years old when he stole a pair of sneakers.

Star "Transformers" visited the prison five times. One of his most notorious arrests was for disturbing public order. During the Broadway musical, held in the New York Studio 54, he behaved very defiantly: shouting, using foul language and smoking.Shaya, along with other stars, shared his experience of colliding with law enforcement agencies in his collection of essays Prison Ramen.

Michelle Rodriguez

The Avatar star has had several arrests, mostly related to drunk driving accusations. In 2002, Michelle was arrested for attacking her roommate. A year later, Rodriguez appeared before the court for several cases of accidents, which she was responsible for, sat behind the wheel of a drunk. Moreover, she invariably ran away from the scene, as she had been deprived of her rights for drunk driving before. During the filming of "Lost," the Hawaiian police caught her several times with a serious speeding.

In 2005, she was drunk again behind the wheel, and she was sentenced to five days in prison. But since she was still on probation, the violation led to a new sentence - 2 months in prison, a month of compulsory treatment for alcoholism and a month of community service. Unlike many star violators, Michelle was able to control herself and now does not enter into confrontation with the law.

Vanilla ice

Robert Matthew Van Winkle, a popular 90s singer of Ice Ice Baby, unexpectedly deserves first place on our list for half a dozen arrests.The musician was arrested for illegal carrying of weapons, once he even threatened the homeless.

In 2001 and 2008, the rapper was brought to justice for a stormy showdown with his ex-wife Laura. In 2008, he managed to escape punishment: the charges were dropped after witnesses confirmed that it was only a verbal skirmish.

His last arrest occurred in February 2015, when he robbed a neighbor's house in Florida. These charges were also dropped after the rapper completed 100 hours of community service and repaid the damage. Thus, the creative merits of Robert were forgotten, but in the criminal chronicle he became a real star.

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