Horror film "Split": reviews, director, actors and roles

The horror film “Split”, the reviews of which are mostly positive, was first shown at the Austin Film Festival in September 2016. This psychological thriller, produced in the USA, was shot by director M. Night Shyamalan.

general information

The producers of the tape are Mark Bienstock and Jason Bloom. The script was written by M. Night Shyamalan. The film stars the actors: James McAvoy, Haley Lou Richardson, Anja Taylor-Joy, Jessica Sul, Betty Buckley. The budget of the picture was 9 million dollars, while the fees at the box office exceeded 278 million dollars.

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Filming began in November 2015 in Philadelphia, and the first trailer for the film was presented to the public in July 2016.


According to the plot, three young girls were kidnapped from the car park. Their captor, Kevin, keeps them in some kind of basement. As planned by the director of the movie "Split", Kevin has personality disorder. Twenty-three different personalities live in it at once. There are three main personalities, one of whom is the abductor.

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From Kevin, the girls will learn that there is a special 24th person who calls herself "The Beast."The girls were kidnapped as food for the "Beast." The girls are trying to avoid the fate prepared for them, and in parallel, and other plot lines unfold.

Actors and roles

“Split” is a film that can boast not only a famous director, but also a brilliant cast.

Roles in the picture were as follows:

  • In the role of Kevin Crumb, James McAvoy.
  • In the role of Casey Cook actress Anya Taylor-Joy.
  • In the role of Dr. Fletcher, actress Betty Buckley.
  • The role of Claire Benoit went to Haley Lou Richardson.
  • The role of Marsha performed Jessica Sula.
  • The role of little Casey went to Izzy Coffey.
  • Uncle John was played by Brad William Hank.
  • The role of father Casey went to actor Sebastian Arcelus.
  • Actor Neil Huff played the role of Mr. Benoit.
  • M. Night Shyamalan himself appeared in the film in the form of Jaya.
  • In Kevin's mother, actress Rosemary Howard reincarnated.

Actor Bruce Willis and actress Kim Director appear in a cameo.


“Split” was mostly well received by critics. Approximately 74% of critics gave the work of M. Night Shmalan a positive assessment. Ordinary viewers also liked the whole picture.

Split actors and roles

According to the audience reviews,"Split" (the film of 2017 release) keeps in suspense throughout the duration of the show, attracts not only fans of the cult director, but all fans of high-quality psychological thrillers.


Split was nominated for several prestigious awards: the Saturn Award in two categories: Best Supporting Actress and Best Thriller, the MTV Award and the London Film Critics Award. The award-winning film “Split” (2017) was never awarded.

Interesting Facts

Why is the usual psychological thriller suddenly collected at the box office 20 times more money than was spent on it? The film does not have any special special effects or scenery, the whole picture, as in the old days, is based only on the acting of the main characters.

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In fact, the actors, the director, the producers, and the sound engineers tried their best. A special atmosphere reigns in the frame.

Viewers should pay attention to such details:

  • At the beginning and at the end of the film, during the credits, the screen is divided into 24 parts, according to the number of persons living in the character of James MacEvoy. The name of the main character - Crumbs. In Russian, this word is translated as "parts", "fragments".
  • The most famous person in history with multiple personalities is Billy Milligan.
  • The film shows only eight different personalities of Kevin.
  • The film director was initially seen as the main character of the actor Joaquin Phoenix, but Joaquin did not agree to the proposed conditions.

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  • M. Night Shyamalan said that “Split” is one of his most difficult films. It was especially difficult for him to take a picture with a large number of toothbrushes in a glass.
  • On the question of what was the most difficult in the work on the film, McAvoy said that the most difficult thing was to wear heels when it was necessary to portray Patrissia. In fact, during the filming of the picture the actor broke his arm. He went to the hospital two days after the injury, continuing to work all the time.
  • Speaking of superheroes and supervillains, the story is often told in succession: first what happened to the person before he became another, then what happens to the superhero now. In the picture “Split”, it is first told about what a person named Beast feels now, and only at the end what has led to this.
  • Actress Anya Taylor-Joy at the time of listening in "Split" has not yet reached popularity.However, before agreeing to the role of Cayce, the girl demanded that she be given to fully read the script.
  • Director Shyamalan played the episodic role of a concierge in the building where Kevin's psychiatrist lives.
  • When the film “It Goes” was released in 2014, M. Nayth Shyamalan liked the camera work in the film so much that he invited Mike Giulaksis as an operator to Split. Reviews of a famous director about his work and an invitation to live at his house to discuss the filming of Split was bribed by the operator. As a result, the techniques of filming episodes of the film were spied on in the paintings “The Fang” of Lantimos and “The Hidden” Haneke.
  • One of the personalities of Kevin (Hedwig) is dancing in a film to the music of rapper Kanye West.
  • The action of the film "Split", takes place in the same world where the characters of the film "Invulnerable" live, which was also shot by M. Night Shyamalan. Kevin and his mother are shown in one of the episodes of "Invulnerable."
  • “Split” is the longest Shyamalan film at the moment.

Continuation of a story

"Split" is the second part of the trilogy about people with special abilities. The first part, "Invulnerable", was released in 2000.Bruce Willis, Robin Wright and Samuel L. Jackson starred in the film.

The third part of the story, titled “Glass,” or “Glass,” is expected to be released in 2019. The actors and the roles of "Split" and "Invulnerable" will move to the new film. Consent to participate in the project have already given Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Production of the painting studio will Universal. The script for the film is already fully completed. Work on it lasted from 2000, the whole 17 years.


After several unsuccessful pictures, “Split” returned M. Night Shyamalan to the number of successful directors. James McAvoy brilliantly played a man with multiple personalities. Reviews of the film "Split" were equally good both among the audience and professional film experts.

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