Soviet time: photos, movies, cartoons, songs of the period of the USSR

The USSR is a huge power, which forever went down in history, ceasing to exist in 1991. The state, which has a socialist system and a long history, occupied 1/6 of the land. After the collapse of the superpower, people's opinions were divided, which is why a lot of disputes often arise. Many were fed up with the established system, which was impossible to reform. But there are those who remember the Soviet time with longing and nostalgia. The desire to return to the USSR is associated not only with low food prices, lack of unemployment and poverty. In Soviet times, the cultural life of a multinational people was at a high level. To a greater degree it was the merit of the state, which in the post-war period found the means for the revival of the educational system, the scientific sphere and the cultural life of compatriots.

Soviet time


Cinema, perhaps, is one of the most prominent art forms in the USSR.Despite the fact that the history of Soviet cinema dates back to 1919, the best films were shot during the “thaw” period. The most significant were the films of Soviet times, created in the genre of existential drama. In these paintings, the main characters were ordinary people who were on the verge of death or faced with treason, dying or surviving in circumstances that are almost impossible to overcome. Vivid examples are the “Cranes Are Flying” and “The Communist”.

Soviet films

Incredible success was “Khrushchev's cinema”. All films of this direction had a light character, riveting the attention of viewers to the next comedy or lyrical melodrama. It is not strange that the positive and spiritual ribbons won universal recognition, and more than one generation grew up on their plots. The main characters were clear and close to ordinary viewers. They were able to sincerely love, sympathize, commit absurd acts and were out of political life. The pioneer of this direction was Mikhail Kalazotov, who shot “True Friends”. The film appeared on the screens in 1954. Seven years later, the legendary image of Shurik appeared, used as the main character in many comedy tapes.

Recognition of Soviet cinema

For the first time, it was possible to get, or rather, divide the international award “Golden Lion” in 1962. The director Andrei Tarkovsky, who brought the film “Ivanovo Childhood” to the Venice Film Festival, was able to win the sympathy of viewers and critics. The main rival was the Italian, who presented the film "Family Chronicle". It was with him that the Golden Lion had to be divided.

Nikita Mikhalkov could repeat the success and bring the Golden Lion award to the USSR. This long-awaited event occurred in 1991, when the country was on the verge of collapse.

photo of the Soviet era

Few people know, but films by Soviet directors received the Oscar three times.


Developing cinema, the authorities paid due attention to the animation, the task of which was to properly educate the younger generation. The history of the Soviet cartoon film (animation) begins in 1924. It was during this period that Humoresques and Soviet Toys appeared. However, the first quality cartoon, shown in Moscow, was the creation of Walt Disney. This event occurred in 1933 at the opening of the festival and led to the delight of not only children, but also adults.Even Stalin watched with interest the cartoon characters created in America.Impressedthe leader gave the order to create something similar in the USSR.


After 2 years, we managed to create our own masterpiece, which was the work of Alexander Ptushko. He made the animation, outlining his own vision of the plot of the book by J. Swift. In the animation world of the Soviet director Gulliver got a completely unexpected image. They became an ordinary student who fell into the futuristic bourgeois world.

songs of Soviet times

In 1936, the famous studio Soyuzmultfilm appeared. It was she who became the main competitive American counterpart. But unlike Walt Disney, there is absolutely no aggression in domestic animation, there is a deep meaning. Soviet-era cartoons have always been good and instilled the best qualities in children, bringing them justice and compassion for others.

Pop stars

Despite the fact that in a socialist country everything was as politicized as possible, there was fierce propaganda, yet there was a place for pop art. The first songs of the Soviet era were performed by Claudia Shulzhenko in 1923.In the same period, such performers as Lyubov Orlova and Lydia Ruslanova appeared. Years later, the famous Lyudmila Zykina, who managed to conquer millions of hearts of her compatriots, took the stage. Performing "The River Volga Flows", it became a real symbol of the era at which the peak of its popularity fell. For many years she performed her hits, which never bothered the audience.

Speaking of Soviet performers, it is impossible to ignore Joseph Kobzon. He has a phenomenal voice, he has many patriotic songs in his repertoire, and also sings romances unsurpassedly, many of which belong to the pre-revolutionary period. Become a star could and Lev Leshchenko, which boasts a huge collection of songs. The most popular hit was Victory Day, which was once banned. Only because of the stubborn character of the singer, we received an unofficial anthem, which became an integral part of the parades on May 9th.

Sings a huge country

Soviet Union Soviet times

Soviet variety art was multinational. Georgia presented such vocalists as Vakhtang Kikabidze, Nani Bregvadze and Orera.Later, “Iberia” and Tamara Gverdtsiteli joined them. Moldovans sang with the voices of Jon Saruchan and Nadezhda Chepragi. Natalya Nurmuhammedova and Yalla were Uzbek women. Representing the Baltics, Yak Yola, Veske and Tõnis Mäggi appeared on the scene, as well as Laima Vaikule. In the Soviet era, Nikolay Gnatiuk and the excellent Sofia Rotaru introduced us to the Ukrainian song. Belarus was remembered by "Veras" and "Pesnyarami." A real discovery was the Chukchi named Cola Berdy. The Azerbaijanis, including Muslim Magomayev and Pulat Ogly, also toured with songs. But the main part of the celebrities among the performers was Russia. To get to the concert was not easy, and only a few can boast a photo of the Soviet time, made next to the idols.

Foreign "pops"

Soviet-era cartoons

Even in Soviet times, concerts were organized at which foreign bands representing friendly countries performed. Even an American named Dean Reed appeared among the foreigners. He quickly gained popularity, and the opportunity to perform on a larger stage was only due to the fact that he was a communist. Following a colleague from America, Yves Montand literally burst into the life of Soviet music lovers.He was an ardent supporter of the capitalist system, but for the French chansonnier this did not become a hindrance to come to the USSR. Soviet time will be remembered by such groups as Boney M, The Beatles, ABBA, etc.

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