Soviet actors who died in oblivion

1-09-2017, 18:30
As a rule, the Soviet actor lived on a small salary, and after 1991, dozens of famous stars were thrown to the sidelines of life without means of livelihood. Further, the story goes about the fate of Soviet artists who died in poverty and oblivion.
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
Actor Alexei Smirnov is one of those whose name no one remembers, but he keeps a firm image in mind. Smirnov mostly starred in episodic, characteristic roles, but many of them are remembered by all Russian TV viewers. So, he played the rowdy Fedyu in the film “Operation“ Y ”and other adventures of Shurik”, the mechanic Makarych in the film “Only some old men go to battle”, as well as many others.
Alexey Smirnov - Master of the Comic
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
Smirnov could never build relationships with women, after being wounded in the war he became fruitless and therefore never married. Smirnov broke down after the death of his friend Leonid Bykov - he began to drink a lot, despite health problems. Soon he went to the hospital with coronary heart disease, but could not refuse alcohol there.
He was discharged on May 7, 1979, and died the same day.Popular fame did not make him happy and did not bring him friends. For a long time no one went to Smirnov’s grave - it was overgrown with grass and for 25 years no one could find it. The burial place of Alexei Smirnov was discovered not so long ago by accident.
Alexander Belyavsky in the role of the criminal Fox.
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
One of the most elegant Soviet actors in his youth was shot a lot, mostly in the roles of "charming villains" - which only is Fox's role in the mini-series "The meeting place can not be changed" with Vladimir Vysotsky.
The last film starring Alexander Belyavsky was released in 2008, where he played a small role of governor. It was the film “Kiss is not for the press” with Andrei Panin in the title role. In the last years of his life, he could not work actively - prevented heart problems and the consequences of a stroke. Alexander Borisovich walked with a cane, he felt not too good. Due to the lack of work and a small pension, there was not enough money for life.
Alexander Belyavsky in his later years
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
Belyavsky died in 2012. The artist was found under the windows of the house where he lived - Alexander Belyavsky fell out of the window.At first it was believed that he stopped at the staircase to take a sip of air, and did not keep his balance. However, later, friends and colleagues began to say that it was a conscious act, and the cause was a beggarly existence and health problems. Alexander Belyavsky was 80 years old.
Tatyana Samoilova in the film “The Cranes Are Flying”
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
The star of the 60s actress Tatyana Samoilova was considered one of the most beautiful women not only in Soviet, but also in European cinema. And the film with her participation - “The Cranes Are Flying” - received the “Golden Palm” of the 1958 Cannes Film Festival. The actress learned in the West, she began to receive invitations to shoot in Hollywood and from European directors.
However, Goskino officials did not want to let Samoilov go to work, fearing that she would become a “non-return”. In Soviet times, she had enough work in the USSR - among her paintings at that time there is, for example, “Anna Karenina”. From the mid-70s, Tatyana Samoilova completely disappeared from the screen. They remembered it only in the early 90s - they invited me to the 43rd Cannes Film Festival as an honored guest.
Tatyana Samoilova in later years
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
Unfortunately, this was not a reason to return to the cinema. The first after the 25-year break, the role she was offered only in 2000. After that, she played in only five films (for example, in the Moscow Saga with Olga Budina and Alexander Baluev). The actress herself said that if she lived in Hollywood, Anna Karenina alone would be enough for her to live comfortably all her life. Samoilova died alone in 2014.
Nonna Mordyukova in his youth
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
The truly national artist Nonna Viktorovna Mordyukova was shot a lot both in the Soviet and in the new, “capitalist” time. On her account there were roles in the films of Nikita Mikhalkov (“Kin”), Vladimir Menshov (a bright episode in the farcical comedy “Shirley-Myrli” with Valery Garkalin), George Danelia (“33”).
However, national glory and demand, even in later years, had little effect on the quality of life. In 1999, she played her last film role - in the film “Mama” with a whole constellation of young actors. Her partners in this film were Vladimir Mashkov, Yevgeny Mironov and Oleg Menshikov.
Nonna Mordyukova in the film "Mom"
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
In an interview, Nonna Mordyukova restrainedly complained about the lack of money and the humiliating existence of a penny pension.At the end of her life, she and her sister shared a tiny cluttered apartment in Krylatskoye in Moscow. She was sick a lot, so she could not make money on the set and concerts. She said that her pension was barely enough for the most necessary things, and sometimes she takes a pineapple in her hands in a store - just to smell it. Nonna Mordyukova died in 2008 at the age of 82 years.
Borislav Brondukov
This actor is known for the small but well-remembered roles of Fedul from Afoni, Inspector Lestrade from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the fake captain Kolbasiev from We of Jazz and many others.
Borislav Brondukov in later years
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
The first stroke Borislav Brondukov suffered in 1984, in 46 years. Despite the serious diagnosis, he continued to act in films, tried to lead an active lifestyle. But the first stroke was followed by three more. The illness stretched for ten years, and in the last years of his life - after 1997 - the artist didn’t get out of bed, he couldn’t talk, he sometimes cried from sadness and humiliation. Life was hard.
Catherine Brondukova's wife told that young strong guys of a gangster appearance appeared from time to time in the house, who left her some money.The couple lived in the village of Bykovnya near Kiev, where the doctors even refused to go. From time to time there was absolutely nothing, and then an acquaintance butcher gave the family of Borislav Brondukov bones - of which Catherine was cooking liquid soup. The actor died in 2004, he was 66 years old.
The role of Vladimir Ivashov in the film “The Ballad of a Soldier” was marked by numerous awards
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
The career of the Moscow actor Vladimir Ivashov began brilliantly - he starred in the Grigory Chukhrai film “Ballad of a Soldier”, when he was still a twenty-year student of VGIK. The actor was nominated for the prestigious British BAFTA Prize, and the monument to the Soldier-Liberator in Bulgaria began to be called Alyosha after his character.
After the first star role there were others - the adjutant of Colonel Kudasov in “The Crown of the Russian Empire” (the song “Russian Field” then became the artist’s crown number), Pechorin in the “Hero of Our Time” (although the role was voiced by Vyacheslav Tikhonov, since Ivashov is from - due to illness, temporarily lost his voice) and others. True, the impression was created that the cinema simply exploited his appearance, and Ivashov's acting range does not interest anyone.
In the early 90s, Vladimir Ivashov was not in demand in the cinema, he was fired from work at the Theater of actor Kinoakter.To earn a living, he got a job as a laborer: dragging bricks at a construction site, kneading concrete. In 1995, he died from an open internal bleeding - Vladimir Ivashov had a stomach ulcer. The actor was only 55 years old.
Tamara Nosova in the film "Hello, I am your aunt"
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
People's Artist of the USSR Tamara Nosova acted mainly in a comic role. She graduated from VGIK in 1950 and has been filming a lot since then - true, mostly in episodes. Among her famous roles are Aunt Aksal in the fairy tale “The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors”, Donna Rosa in “Hello, I Am Your Aunt” with Alexander Kalyagin, Komarich in “The Wedding in Malinovka” with Mikhail Pugovkin
Tamara Nosova worked for a long time at the Theater of actor, she was married three times. But all three marriages ended in divorce, and after the death of the mother in 1982, she closed in on herself and began to lead a practically hermit life. In 1991, her "left" from the theater. In addition, the actress was sick: the diagnosis - "chronic ischemia of the heart", which is usually accompanied by severe depression, weakening of memory and attention.
Tamara Nosova was a bright comic actress
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
In recent years, Tamara Nosova was fed in a social canteen for the homeless, her pension was not enough even for rent.The toilet in the artist's apartment did not work for several years, rats were scurrying around the house. Nasovaya has developed a craving for pathological hoarding — she was dragging trash and rubbish from the surrounding landfills into an apartment. The actress died in 2007, after a few days lay on the floor in the apartment after a stroke.
Tatyana Peltzer joked that nobody saw her young
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
The audience does not remember the actress Tatiana Peltzer is young - it seems that she appeared on the movie screens at once as a “universal grandmother”. This image was exploited in film and theater directors.
On account of Tatiana Ivanovna Peltzer dozens of roles, voiced cartoons, a huge number of theatrical works. Among them - the TV version of “The Marriage of Figaro” with Andrei Mironov in the title role, “You never dreamed of” with Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, “Memorial Prayer” with Yevgeny Leonov and others.
Tatyana Peltzer lived a long life, including professionally: she worked until recently in the Lenkom theater in the Mark Zakharova troupe. Even when she began to develop senile dementia and the actress forgot the words, she had roles in the theater. In 1992 she got into a mental hospital and broke her neck in her thighs.
Tatiana Peltzer buried next to relatives
After the injury, the 88-year-old actress no longer stood up.She died of pneumonia in March of the same year. The press wrote that Tatiana Peltzer was buried in a closed coffin, as if she had been severely beaten in a hospital. Confirmations of these rumors were not.
Sergey Filippov always dreamed of a bright tragic role, but he got ridiculous scoundrels
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
The actor Sergei Filippov was truly popular - many of the phrases that his characters uttered from the screen went to the people. Due to the specific appearance, the long, clumsy figure of Filippov was mostly shot in comic small roles, especially in his mature years.
Among his roles is a drunken lecturer from Eldar Ryazanov’s film “Carnival Night” (“Is there Life on Mars - is unknown to science!”); the Swedish ambassador in "Ivan Vasilyevich" and, of course, the reference played by Kisa Vorobyaninov in the film version of "12 chairs" by Leonid Gaidai.
The last years of his life Filippov spent alone. Friends of the actors said that after the death of the actor, his second wife's daughter took advantage of the turmoil and took everything valuable from the apartment - antique furniture, jewelry and china.At the same time, the money for the funeral was collected by a friend and colleague of Sergey Filippov, Alexander Demyanenko. Sergey Filippov was buried in April 1990.
Mikhail Kononov as Nestor Severov in the film “Big Change”
Soviet actors who died in oblivion
Kononov began to act in films in the early sixties, but received the greatest popularity in the 70s after the main role in the mini-series “Big Break”. There Mikhail Kononov starred in the role of school teacher Nestor Severov, and with him played Alexander Zbruyev, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Savely Kramarov and others.
In the 80s Kononov appeared in the role of the pirate Rat in the cult television movie “Guest from the Future”. In the film, he paired with Vyacheslav Innocent and chased Alice Selezneva and the boy Kolya, who were trying to save myelofon. With Mikhail Kononov, his somewhat comical appearance played a cruel joke. In later years, it was removed little - this type was not in demand in the cinema of the 90s.
Kononov did not give up: he wrote a book of memoirs and tried to sell it, but the publishers showed no interest. Due to poverty, he had to sell a Moscow apartment and live in the Moscow suburbs. Two weeks before his death, he went to the hospital with pneumonia, but he did not have enough money for the necessary drugs.

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