Sorrel soup: ingredients, recipe

The first true messenger of the coming summer - what? No, not a swallow with a spring, and not even flowering dandelions. This is a fragrant oxalic borscht according to grandma's recipe: with boiled egg and sour cream. Thick, carrying the aroma of fresh dill and green sorrel, this favorite dish brings the taste of a carefree childhood and a warm season.

What is sorrel soup?

This is the first dish that many, despite the name, refer to vegetable soups, which is extremely erroneous. The recipe of "sorrel soup" implies the presence of beets as its main component. But many current cooks prepare this dish without it, arguing that beetroot gives a red color to the liquid, and this type of borscht has a second name: “green” or spring.sorrel soupAnd only the old grandmothers know that beetroot in this type of first dish is put a certain sort, which does not give any coloring. They say that borscht without beets is like tea without brewing or meat patty.

Moreover, disrupting the old recipe, unknowing chefs add fried onions and carrots to borscht, distorting the traditional flavor.

What kitchen does this dish belong to?

Green sorrel soup is traditionally attributed to the Ukrainian cuisine, as borscht is a specific feature of Ukrainians: few countries use the first dishes of boiled beets. But in eastern European countries there are vegetable summer soups using sorrel, and in the Russian cuisine there is botvinia - this is a cold green soup, which also includes sorrel. In North American countries, Indians make sorrel soups, but use large leaves to do this: wonder how their bodies react to large amounts of oxalic acid?

Necessary ingredients for cooking

The recipe for oxalic borscht includes only a few components:

- three liters of water (or chicken broth, if you are not a lacto-ovo-vegetarian);

- beet pink varieties: the roots of such a vegetable in the section have a delicate pink color with white veins.sorrel soup RecipeWhen cooking, this type of beet becomes almost white, which is necessary for green oxalic borscht.300-400 grams of beets will be enough for a three-liter volume of the finished dish;

- potatoes: usually take about 300-400 grams for the same volume;

- Young sorrel: the length of the leaves should be no more than 15 centimeters. Large overgrown leaves are best not to eat - they have too much oxalic acid, which is bad for health. Two small bundles, with a total weight of about 100 grams;

- chicken eggs: 5 pieces, they are pre-boiled to a cool state

- Thick homemade sour cream - 100-150 grams. It is very important: to find exactly homemade sour cream, since most of the cheap counterparts in supermarkets are powder, and when adding oxalic borscht to a hot liquid, they turn into unpleasant looking flakes, and no taste;

- Fresh dill and green onions are obligatory, and parsley is optional. The amount of greenery is taken to your taste: someone loves a lot and fragrantly, someone - not very much;

- salt, sugar - this is also added to your individual taste, so when cooking it is necessary to try.sorrel soup with egg

How to cook?

Sorrel soup is very easy to prepare - this process is available to any novice chef.To start boil eggs, peel and cut into strips or large cubes. Grandma always cut it into eight pieces. Peel the beets, rinse and cut into strips. Some hostesses beets are always rubbed on a grater, being lazy to make a beautiful shredder, but in this case, grated beets are useless. Borsch is prepared according to grandma's recipe, but she never allowed such liberties.

Pour the beets and diced potatoes into boiling water or broth, boil until vegetables are ready, and crush two or three tubers with a fork directly in a saucepan to a puree, this will give additional thickness.sorrel soup in a slow cooker

Rinse the sorrel under running water, shake it several times to remove residual water and cut into strips about 1 centimeter wide, it is not necessary to crush finely - the aesthetics of the dish will be lost. Chop green onions smaller, like dill. Put chopped eggs in a borsch, salt and add sorrel and other herbs, add two tablespoons of sour cream. Bring to a boil and immediately turn off the heat, tightly closing the contents of the pan. After half an hour you can serve.

Cooking recommendations

Together with sorrel in this soup you can add young green nettle, suty, dandelion leaves and spinach. All these herbs are edible, only civilization has forgotten about it, but in vain! In the green leaves of such plants is a huge amount of vitamins that are easily absorbed by the human body, unlike vitamin supplements obtained by chemical means.

If borsch is prepared for future use until the next day (which is not recommended in principle), then it’s better not to put boiled eggs there, but to put them already on the table. In such a tricky way you will save the product from quick damage.

If you are a meat eater, then for broth it is better to take chicken or, in extreme cases, beef. Pork - in no case: the fat content of this meat is too high, which will adversely affect the taste, and the light taste of greens will be interrupted by the weight of this product.

Interesting Facts

  • Sorrel soup in a slow cooker to cook means to break the age-old traditions of cooking.
  • This dish is good in any form: hot and cold.
  • Sorrel soup with egg in vegetable broth is only 80 calories per 100 grams of the finished product. Hearty, healthy and low-calorie: isn't it a dream for women who are watching their weight?
  • In some countries of Eastern Europe, eggs are added to vegetable soups differently: in a bowl, beat with a fork until light foam is poured in a thin stream into the boiling soup, at the very end of cooking. In this way, a large thickness of the dish and richness is achieved.

how to cook sorrel borscht

It is after the first plate of a light but nourishing oxalic borsch with sour cream that feels like homely comfort, which only grandmother had on an old sofa in the kitchen: with a cat, a colored blanket, the aroma of cherry jam, hay and homeland. And each time, when on the table there is a plate with green borsch, these images flooded the soul, causing nostalgia for the long gone carefree childhood and warm grandmother’s hands.

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