Signs at the funeral: Believe it or not

signs at the funeralFrom this not to go anywhere ...

Unfortunately, each of us faces this sad event several times in our lives. As elsewhere, here, too, there are signs and superstitions ... And if you believe the legends, signs at a funeral are so strong energetic effects on living people that their failure to comply is fraught with soon unhappiness and grief almost universal proportions! And this is simply not reasonable to be considered.

Signs at the funeral. Bride of god

The mission of any woman is to be a wife and mother. If a girl dies who has not had time to start a family (get married and have a child), then it is believed that she is the bride of the Lord himself. You understand that the brides appear in front of their suit in white attire. That is why the girls who died early are buried in wedding dresses.

Funeral omens. Curtain all the mirrors!

In the house of the deceased for the period of up to forty days all the mirrors are curtained. In fact, this is not so much a sign as a basic rule. He must strictly know and comply with all living people.It is believed that the mirror is a portal between ours and the afterlife. If you do not hang it, the mirror will become a trap for the soul of the deceased, because all forty days it is in the house next to relatives. Just at some point she can see herself in the mirror and stay there, as if in captivity.

Signs at the funeral. Do not pick up a coffinomens and superstitions at the funeral

According to this sign, it is impossible to carry the coffin to the blood relatives of the deceased. There are two explanations for this. Firstly, it is believed that in this case, the deceased may think that his family is happy for his death. Secondly, it is considered that if the relatives carry the coffin with their close friend, they will soon go after him ... It is allowed to carry the coffin to no blood relatives. However, there is some caution for them. Everyone who does this must necessarily put a new towel on one hand. This kind of gratitude on behalf of the deceased for the respect rendered to him by the living.

Signs at the funeral. The departed opened eye - to be in trouble ...

One of the most illogical funeral signs. They say that if a person lying in a coffin has a slightly open eye, he “looks out” for his own companion. Let me add the author's comment.It's just some kind of horror ... No, it's one thing to put coins on your eyelids for aesthetic purposes so that the eyes of the deceased are closed, otherwise the whites of his eyeballs will be visible. But to close them to him only for the sake of the dead man (you just think about the absurdity of this phrase) did not suddenly look at you - this is something from the realm of fantasy and prejudice ...

Signs at the funeral. I take everything with me

funeral signsDuring the funeral, it is imperative to put in the coffin with the deceased all the objects that were indirectly in contact with him: the ropes connecting his arms and legs, as well as the yardstick, through which he was measured for the future coffin.

General signs and superstitions at the funeral

  1. You can not attend the funeral of pregnant women and young children.
  2. No need to sob bitterly - the deceased from this will be even worse.
  3. They say about the dead either good or nothing ...
  4. When leaving the cemetery, you should turn your back, while wiping your feet.

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