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Series that will cease to exist in 2019

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For months and years, fans watch their favorite characters when they are told: "This season will be the last." Fortunately or unfortunately, the times of “Santa Barbara” are long gone, and the current series do not stretch into two thousand episodes. But here it is not easier to say goodbye to their heroes.
Series that will cease to exist in 2019

From this collection you will learn which TV series will cease to exist as early as next year. Be prepared, because there are many masterpieces of the entertainment industry in the list, which I really would not want to part with.

1. Nutty ex

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

“Nutty Former” - a popular comedy-drama series, which premiered in October 2015. The main character of the film, Rachel Bloom, suffers from depression and is trying to radically change her life, in particular, by winning the heart of an ex-boyfriend.For his sake, the girl changes her job and moves from the city of New York to the outback of California, the city of West Covina, but will the young man appreciate such victims?
From the very first episode, “The Mad One” won the hearts of millions of viewers, so the creators simply had to extend the number of seasons to four. Thus, in a few days, the world will see the new series of the favorite TV-painting, and in 2019 “Mad Ex” will finally cease to exist.

2. Lovers

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

The series "Lovers" tells the audience about the difficult extra-marital relations between the main characters of Noah and Alison. She is a young waitress who recently survived the death of her own child. He is a happy father of four children, a school teacher and a writer. What do these characters have in common and why are their lives intertwined? The answer to this is presented in detail in the series, because the story in it is conducted from two points of view: Alison and Noah.
The premiere of "Lovers" on Showtime was held in 2014. Currently, the series consists of four seasons, but its creators have already reported joyful news for fans - “Lovers” will be continued. The first series of the fifth, final season, will be released in 2019, the exact date of the premiere and the number of episodes are not yet known.

3. Game of Thrones

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

With tears in our eyes, we inform you that the eighth season of the Game of Thrones, which is scheduled for release in 2019, will also be the final one. It is expected that it will consist of 6 episodes. The exact date of the debut show is still unknown, but representatives of many foreign media point to April.
It is known that now the HBO channel is working on five new projects - the prequels of the "Game of Thrones". They will describe events that occurred thousands of years before the Lannister rule. And even though the plot and the characters of the prequels themselves have nothing to do with the heroes of the main series, fans are entertained by the thought that they will be able to fill a hole in their hearts after the completion of Game of Thrones.

4. Gotham

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

Gotham is Fox's television series based on DC comics. However, the heroes in it are not quite like the fans of this universe used to see: Batman is only the youngster who recovered after killing his parents, James Gordon is a new recruiter to the police, who is not yet “in charge” of becoming a commissioner.
The first episode of the series was shown on Fox in 2014. He was so fond of the audience that the creators had to extend it to five seasons.The latter will be shown in 2019, the exact date of the premiere is still unknown.

5. I am a zombie

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

“I am a zombie” is a comedy drama based on the eponymous comic strip. The series was first presented to the public in 2015. Then he received a lot of positive reviews from critics, in connection with which it was decided to extend it for a few more seasons.
His main character Olivia Moore is a carefree, young girl who has a good job and a happy relationship. But at one moment her whole life turns upside down, because Liv becomes a zombie! Now she has to work in the morgue to always have tasty brains on hand. The final, fifth season of the series “I am a zombie” will be released on March 22, 2019 and will give the audience many more unforgettable emotions.

6. The Big Bang Theory

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

Of all the TV shows on the Big Bang Theory list, there are more seasons — there are already a dozen of them. And this is not surprising, because the audience did not want to let her go. Funny scientists who are trying to establish relationships with the outside world and achieve success in their careers fall in love with themselves from the very first seconds.
In 2019, TBV fans will be able to enjoy the final episodes of the 12th season of the series, after which it will finally close.According to rumors, the initiator of this was the actor playing the main role, Jim Parsons, who has long wanted to switch to other projects. Well, let's hope that new films and series with his participation will be no less exciting.

7. Easier than simple

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

The series “Easy is Simple” has been released on the Netflix platform since 2016. The project has earned many positive reviews from critics on the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic services. That is why the audience was so surprised when the authors reported on its closure. In 2019, the final fourth season is expected. The exact dates and number of episodes are not yet known.

8. Motherland

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

Another loss of the coming year is the TV series “Rodina”, which premiered in 2011. The project is based on the Israeli TV series "Prisoners of War" and filmed in the psychological thriller genre.
The series was awarded Emmy and Golden Globe awards, as well as many positive reviews from critics. In total, the project received 8 seasons, but in August a representative of the CBS television channel reported good news - in 2019, viewers will be able to see new, final episodes of “Motherland”. How many of them will be and when exactly the series will be released on the screen is still unknown.

9. Mr. Robot

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

"Mr. Robot" - the original psychological thriller, telling about the life of a talented cyber engineer and part-time genius hacker. Initially, the creators of the series decided that there would be two seasons, but later extended one more.
Recently, representatives of the TV channel USA Network, where Mr. Robot is being broadcast, told about the fourth episode of the project, which will be released in 2019 and will be the final one. During the show, the series managed to win many awards and earn the love of millions of viewers. It is a pity that in 2019 we will have to say goodbye to him.

10. Twilight Hunters

Series that will cease to exist in 2019

In 2019, the final season of “Twilight Hunters” is also expected, which is supposed to consist of 10 episodes. Fans are particularly pleased that immediately after the series, the authors will present their new creation to the world - a two-hour film that will completely close all storylines and answer the questions raised by the audience.

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