Samsung Galaxy A7: reviews. "Samsung A7 Galaxy": characteristics

Consumer reviews will help orient in choosing a new gadget. "Samsung A7" - is the oldest model in the line of metal smartphones Korean manufacturer. It has a pleasant concise design, powerful processor and many other positive features.

Samsung A7 phone reviews

A little about the series "A"

The senior device in its lineup is the Samsung Galaxy A7 phone. Reviews note that the positioning of this series can not be called obvious. If you look at the characteristics of the devices, you can understand that they do not claim to be a top level. So, the A7 does not reach the popular S5 even though it is a bit outdated. Line "A" is much simpler, moreover, its devices are less productive. Thus, this is no longer a “state employee”, but not a “flagship” yet.
In the series "A" the main emphasis is placed on the image component. Instead of the usual plastic, high-quality aluminum was used in the manufacture of the case.If we talk about "Samsung A7", reviews, photos are proof that he, like twin brother, is similar to the younger devices of this series. External difference is only in size. However, in terms of performance, it is significantly ahead of them.


Will help to appreciate the smartphone "Samsung A7" characteristics. The reviews certainly give an objective assessment, but “dry” data can be useful. About this unit should know the following:

  • 2 SIM cards of "Nano" format;
  • Android operating system
  • 2 GB of RAM;
  • 16 GB of internal memory;
  • possibility of expanding memory up to 64 GB;
  • weight - 141 grams;
  • non-removable battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh;
  • screen diagonal - 5.5 inches;
  • capacitive touch panel;
  • Qualcomm MSM8939 processor
  • 8 cores;
  • primary 13 megapixel camera;
  • front 5 megapixel camera;
  • non-separable metal case;
  • light sensors, proximity, accelerometer.

samsung galaxy a7 reviews


A lot of interesting information about this smartphone contain reviews. "Samsung A7" looks the same as the two younger models of this line. The exception is the diagonal of the screen, which reached 5.5 inches.Under the display is a mechanical key "Home", as well as a pair of touch buttons. Above the screen is a corporate logo, a speaker, a camera eye, and proximity and light sensors. Like most Samsung smartphones, this unit does not have an event indicator, which is an undoubted drawback.
The front panel is decorated with a small dot pattern. You can notice it only on closer inspection, but such an idea is refreshingly cool design. As with all other smartphones in the Galaxy line, the volume button is on the left and the off button is on the right. There are also two slots with holes for the key. The bottom one is for the main SIM card. The upper slot can be used for the second sim card or for memory expansion.
Sophisticated device design note reviews. Samsung A7 has got the upper bound free from any buttons and connectors. It has only a microphone hole. Headphone jack and charger located on the bottom. There is also an additional hole for the microphone. The back panel, traditionally, is equipped with a camera (the peephole slightly protrudes above the plane of the lid), a flash and an external speaker. There is also a corporate logo.
This smartphone model is presented in three shades. White has a pleasant pearly luster. Black color can not be called bright and clean. It is characterized by blue-gray notes. The gold version is more like bronze. The case is assembled with high quality.

Material Features

Despite the fact that the Samsung A7 is completely metallic, the reviews of the owners note that the hands do not feel the pleasant chill inherent in aluminum. The fact is that all the faces are tightly covered with a special plastic coating. Thus, superficially, the device looks as plastic as the phones of cheaper series. But, thanks to the matte finish, the gadget fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip out. But the chamfers of the side faces are not painted, and therefore there is a metallic luster, and a pleasant characteristic chill.

Screen features

A lot of useful information about the smartphone contain reviews. "Samsung A7" is equipped with a screen made on the Super AMOLED system. Its diagonal is 5.5 inches, which will appeal to fans of games, videos, and just viewing beautiful pictures. Users are spared from having to stick a film or glass on the screen, because it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 coating, which is one of the most modern.

The range of brightness adjustment from 14 to 237 cd / sq. may seem inadequate. However, for screens of this type it is quite a decent indicator. Given the presence of the light sensor, it is possible to use the automatic mode to adjust the intensity of the backlight. In addition, the screen brightness may vary depending on which picture is displayed on the display.

Excellent factory settings is characterized by "Samsung Galaxy A7". Reviews indicate that the screen is perfectly calibrated and does not need additional adjustment. However, you can always customize the color for yourself. Both superbright shades and a more natural picture, which is formed using the PenTile system, can be set. The special arrangement of pixels allows you to eliminate the graininess and "friability" of the image.
As one of the most important advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A7, reviews indicate a high-quality oleophobic coating. It protects the screen from ugly fingerprints. But the main drawback is that the screen is very blind in bright sunlight. The touchscreen supports up to 10 simultaneous touches, which will certainly appeal to gamers.A pleasant moment will be the availability of the option, the inclusion of which allows you to control your smartphone with gloves.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of the screen of this device are excellent viewing angles. The picture does not "blind" and is not distorted even with a strong deviation. However, the white color gets a greenish tint. But it will be noticeable only with careful consideration.

samsung galaxy a7 owner reviews


One of the most popular, to date, devices is the Samsung Galaxy A7. Reviews indicate excellent sound quality. The smartphone is quite loud, but because you hear it on the street, in transport, and even from the bag. The speaker is saturated with a wide range of frequencies. At the same time, even at maximum volume, the sound is not distorted. This concerns not only external, but also conversational dynamics. The voice of the interlocutor will always be clear and recognizable, you can make out the tone and even intonation.
Special attention should be paid to playing audio files through headphones. The sound quality is at the highest level and does not lag behind the flagship models. An additional advantage can be considered a proprietary player, which has a lot of settings to improve the sound quality.SoundAlive effects make the melody more realistic and pleasing to the ear. A pleasant addition will be the presence of a huge number of visual images that accompany the reproduction.

Hardware component

Many users have already managed to test the "Samsung A7-2016". Reviews say good performance. The device is running the Android operating system. Comfortable use provides proprietary shell TouchWiz. The smartphone is equipped with a Qualcomm platform. 8-core processor is divided into 2 blocks, which operate at different frequencies. All of these features ensure fast and smooth system operation.

samsung galaxy a7 reviews


I managed to win the popularity of users of such a device as the "Samsung A7-2016". Reviews mark the good quality of the cameras. The main (13 megapixel) makes good photos, as for the apparatus of the average price category. In the daytime, autofocus is running smoothly, but at dusk you can run into a number of problems.

The settings menu is quite extensive. At the same time, it is convenient and understandable. The menu is divided into several different cells, each of which is responsible for adjusting a particular function.If you have to change a setting item often enough, you can create a shortcut for it that will be in the survey area. No wonder the camera application in Samsung devices is considered one of the best among those that are on the market at the moment.
Unfortunately, despite all the advantages, the camera of this device is far behind the flagship samples. The lack of optical stabilization, the possibility of selective focusing, as well as acceleration or deceleration of the video significantly affect the final result. In addition, no innovations in terms of regimes are also provided here.
Based on a custom analysis of images taken on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, reviews indicate the following:

  • in the upper corners of the frame sharpness noticeably decreases;
  • accurate shooting of distant plans;
  • lack of noise;
  • clear shadows;
  • small parts are poorly handled;
  • excellent macro quality;
  • clear shooting text.

As for the front 5-megapixel camera, it makes good selfie. But, given the lack of LED flash, you can only rely on good quality selfie during the daytime.Fans of "self" will appreciate the fact that pictures can be taken using gestures or voice commands. Also a positive point can be considered the possibility of shooting a wide-angle selfie, thanks to which you can put more friends in one picture.

samsung a7 specifications reviews

Telephone part

Considering the wide possibilities of the smartphone, you should not forget about the telephone part of the Samsung Galaxy A7 device. Owner reviews are positive about the opportunity to work in the LTE Cat4 network. As for the phone application, it is worth noting a clear drawing of letters and numbers. The keyboard is quite large, and therefore it is convenient to dial the number with both miniature female and large male fingers. If necessary, the digital unit can be reduced to control it with one hand. The ability to move the keyboard from side to side will be an additional advantage for left-handers.
As with other Samsung devices, the Smart Dial application works on this smartphone. Its usefulness lies in the fact that when dialing a number, a search in the contact list is automatically performed. As for the text keyboard, the non-disruptive dial feature will be useful.
Conveniently organized work with two SIM cards. They can be controlled through the curtain of notifications. Any SIM card can be designated as primary. Any one of them can work with 3G (LTE) networks, but not simultaneously. This is due to the fact that only one radio module is installed in the smartphone.


Battery capacity is not the biggest - 2600 mAh. Given the screen diagonal, this is not enough for long battery life. Nevertheless, in practice, the battery showed itself well. Given that the processor of the smartphone is not the most productive, the charge is spent quite economically. So, in the continuous talk mode, the device should work 17 hours, and in the mode of using the wireless Internet - 13 hours. Continuous reading in the FBReader program at a comfortable level of brightness can last up to 22 hours. Fans of watching video clips can enjoy the work of the smartphone for 12 hours. But in the mode of 3D games, the battery sits quickly - in less than 4 hours.
To extend battery life, you can turn on the mode of extreme energy saving, which almost all Samsung smartphones are equipped with.It involves the transition of the screen in a monochrome (black and white) state. In addition, all applications and functions, except vital ones, will be disabled.

Version 2016

Based on the experience of using a smartphone, work was done on the bugs, the result of which was the release of a new version of the smartphone "Samsung A7 2016". Owners' reviews point to major improvements. The most significant are the following points:

  • updated design that makes the device look like flagship devices;
  • only the side frames are made of aluminum, and the front and rear panels are covered with durable protective glass;
  • a fingerprint scanner is built into the mechanical button;
  • touch keys got a nice backlight;
  • the frames around the screen have significantly decreased, which allows the smartphone to be more compact;
  • the amount of RAM increased to 3 GB;
  • internal memory can be expanded up to 128 GB;
  • operating system - Android 5.1.1;
  • battery capacity increased to 3300 mAh;
  • support fast charging;
  • An indicator of missed events has appeared.

samsung a7 2016 owner reviews

Positive reviews

A lot of fans have such a device as a Samsung A7 smartphone. Reviews contain a lot of positive information. The main advantages of the device are the following:

  • good image quality (rich colors, lack of grain, excellent viewing angles);
  • comfortable headphones included;
  • the side buttons have a fairly smooth press and nice design;
  • there is an automatic brightness control, depending on the level of illumination;
  • a large number of camera settings, which allows you to take excellent quality pictures;
  • excellent sound reproduction quality (both through an external speaker and through headphones)
  • convenient grouping of contacts in the phone book.

samsung a7 reviews

Negative reviews

Such a flawless, at first glance, apparatus like the Samsung A7 is not without flaws. Customer reviews contain such negative comments:

  • the phone is too sensitive to falls and shocks (almost immediately fails);
  • no protection against water, despite the fact that the body is all-metal;
  • when you run several applications at the same time, the device starts to heat up;
  • you have to choose between the ability to install a second SIM card and memory card;
  • insufficient internal memory;
  • the main camera strongly protrudes above the back cover, and therefore its edging is quickly scratched;
  • it is inconvenient that the audio output and USB cable connector are too close;
  • missing indicator of missed events;
  • weak non-removable battery;
  • the case is quickly scratched if you use the device without a case;
  • Unreasonably high cost (the metal case under the plastic coating is not worth overpaying for it).


Reviews of the phone "Samsung A7" are generally positive. The main advantages are the all-metal case, protected from dust penetration, as well as the modern "filling". High-quality materials, light weight and small thickness provide absolute comfort during use. As for the hardware component, this is the golden mean between budget and flagship devices.
This smartphone will be of interest to those users who clearly know what they expect from their gadget. It is equipped with a high-quality screen, good cameras, a productive platform, but does not promise anything supernatural.
As for the cost of the device, it is customary for Samsung devices. However, if you do not want to overpay for the brand, you can find a lot of gadgets,which for the same price can offer a lot more interesting features.

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