Safari Park "Kudykina Gora" (Lipetsk): description, how to get there, reviews

Where to get away from the bustle of cities and the flow of cars? We must go on vacation, for example, in the mountains. The way they are small, like "Kudykina Gora" in Lipetsk, but you will like what you see there. This safari park is a great place to relax in the fresh air with your family and friends. And in any season of the year there is enough entertainment on "Kudykina Gora". More details about the safari park in our article.

Family park

In 2007, on the area of ​​500 hectares, a private family safari park “Kudykina Gora” was founded. Place for the park is chosen wonderful. The park zone is located on the steep bank of the Don, on wooded hills. Not far from the park there are the village houses of Kamenka with neat little churches, and the river of the same name flows nearby.

The whole vast territory of the safari park is divided into thematic blocks, each of which attracts attention. These include:

  • children's town - the largest in area in Russia;
  • a farm with animals that have natural grazing;
  • The city of craftsmen, in which various workshops on folk art are held;
  • artificial pond with landscaped beach;
  • mineral healing source;
  • art objects.

bus to kudykinu mountain from Lipetsk

In the park like to spend time schoolchildren during the holidays. For them, guided tours of the park. Usually up to 400 groups of schoolchildren come from nearby areas every year.

How to get to "Kudykina Mountain"?

From Lipetsk, you can come as long-distance buses, and personal transport. Residents of the cities of Lipetsk, Voronezh and Moscow regions come to the safari park for rest. For example, if you go from Voronezh or Moscow by private transport, then this is the M4 “DON” highway to the 412th kilometer, where there is a turn to the village of Kamenka, and there is a pointer to the park in it.

If you go by bus, then from any city of the above areas you need to go to Lipetsk, and then to Kudykina Gora from Lipetsk by bus to Zadonsk, and from there local buses: Zadonsk-Kalabino or Zadonsk-Tsetnoe (go to Kamenka)

At the entrance to the safari park

Approaching the park, do not strive to park your vehicle on the road.Near "Kudykina Mountain" there is a large, free-marked parking lot, which is a little further from the main entrance. Approaching the park, you anticipate the pleasure of seeing something interesting and amazing. After all, from the road travelers see the Bull and the Trojan Horse. On the slope walls are built. Maybe it will be Troy or the medieval fortress wall?Kudykina Mountain Safari ParkAnd the Snake Gorynych, a huge concrete structure, which is visible from the road, guards these possessions. Every evening at 19:00 he belches flames. At the entrance to the park - fantastic characters, near which tourists love to be photographed. Entrance to the territory of the safari park "Kudykina Gora" is free.

Legends of "Kudykina Mountain"

On the territory of the park there is a large mound, and the road to it goes through the gate, made in the form of a heroic helmet. Having passed through them, you will see the Horse Stone weighing more than 20 tons. There is an opinion that one of the men will sit on it, in order the power of men increases, and in a woman the ability to bear children increases. Behind the mountain is the river Don. There is also a cherished place - the Source of Wisdom. Natural water has magical powers. There is another source in the park - "Eye".The water in it is healing. And the water pours from a skillfully made pitcher.


"Kudykina Mountain" children like for its expanse and outdoor recreation. In this children's town there is a castle with fortified walls and towers, and next to it is a huge color ship, in the holds of which you can play hide and seek. There is on the territory of a children's town a trampoline and bungee-beloved by children. A large place in the town is reserved for sites with merry-go-rounds, slides, swings and rockers. Labyrinths like children and the older generation. And if competitions are held on the territory of the town, then it becomes hot not from the sun's heat, but from the heat of emotions. There is one rule in a children's town - to walk on snow-white sand, carpeted its territory, without shoes or change into something light from beach shoes.

Kudykina mountain Lipetsk address

Not far from the children's town there is a designated place for picnics. There is an artificial reservoir with a sandy shore on the territory of the “Kudykina Mountain”. In the summer, around him a lot of people. This summer, during the hot weather, the game “Water Battle” began to be held (participation is free). The meaning of the game is participation in contests and pouring water from water cannons and pistols.


Families go to “Kudykin Mountain” from Lipetsk, Voronezh, Moscow in order not only to relax, but also to show its children its sights. One of these attractions is the farm, which harmoniously combines representatives from several countries from different continents and from different climates. Ostriches and cows, camels and deer, llamas and buffaloes, kangaroos and horses live on the farm nearby. Natural pasture in a field behind a wooden fence. The grazing area is 70 hectares. Animals approach the hedge, they are accustomed to the abundance of attention of visitors.

Farm pets love getting delicacies from the hands of tourists. But not candy, but apples, cabbage leaves or carrots. If you have not taken anything with you, you can buy food directly on the farm and treat your favorite animal. You must always feed with an open hand, so that the animal can understand that this is for him, and it is safe for the one who feeds.

Usually, animals in captivity do not breed, but deer do not consider life on the farm "captivity". In 2012, there was a restocking of red deer - two deer Toffee and Sadko. Ostriches on the farm are two species: African and Australian emus.The largest representatives of the safari park "Kudykina Gora" are camels. There are four of them on the farm. There are European roe deer on the farm, Chip moose, many different breeds of horses and ponies that kids love to ride.Lipetsk Park Kudykina Mountain

There is another attraction - limestone rocky ledges, which are popularly spoken of as the Don talks. According to historians, pagan rituals were held on a rock called the Stone of Love.

City of masters

In May 2012, the reconstructed Scythian fortress opened for visitors. It is the city of masters. In the fortress, master classes are given: a blacksmith, a potter and a master of pottery making, wool felting, wicker weaving. They can buy the finished product and learn the skill. Every nation has its own traditional clay products. Here, in the City of Masters, they make the Romanov clay toy, which is traditional for this region.

In the spring and summer, craftsmen and craftsmen from different regions hold festivals in the City of Masters. In winter, the fortress becomes the residence of Santa Claus. On the eve of the New Year, he receives letters from children at the address of Kudykina Gora (Lipetsk).kudykina mountain how to get from lipetsk

The kids have their own interest in this fortress. It is a pleasure for them to climb the stairs leading to the walls of the fortress, to look through the loopholes at the park. Also in the park along the road leading to the City of Masters, fruit trees were planted. As time passes, the garden will delight visitors with environmentally friendly fruits. This summer, the garden has pleased plums.

Lodging and meals

Many come to the Kudykina Gora Safari Park from afar and not for one day. This option is also provided by the administration. On the territory there are guest houses with accommodation for 4-5 people. The houses have bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. There is a separate guarded parking, a private beach on the river Kamenka. There is a reservation of places, especially if it concerns holidays that they want to spend on Kudykina Gora. There is another settlement option for those who like to live in a tent camp. This is an eco-camping on the banks of the river Kamenka. The tents are set up on wooden runways and equipped with air mattresses.

Do not forget about nutrition. Two cafes, the Owl and the Black Pearl, operate on the territory of the safari park. In the "Owl" fully fed in summer and winter.On the menu there are hot first and second courses, as well as snacks. In the "Black Pearl", made in the form of a pirate ship, serves dishes of Russian national cuisine, for those who want - barbecue in the open air on the deck under the sail.Lipetsk sights kudykina mountain


A variety of reviews about "Kudykina mountain" (Lipetsk) can be found on the Internet. There is no such that everyone and everything like. But most visitors are satisfied with this place of rest. Of course, most of all this cozy safari park like kids. They are simply delighted with their time in a fairy tale proposed by the park administration.

There are dissatisfied. Someone did not like the "puddle" - an artificial pond in the park. Of course, when compared with natural water bodies and seas, an artificial pond is not in any comparison. But if you consider that it is still quite deep, with running water, and there is no charge for swimming in it, you can simply ignore the discontent of certain people. They can choose another place for water treatments. The park is located in close proximity to the river Don and Kamenka.

In many reviews, vacationers who visited the safari park are happy to see the cleanliness of the territory, which is cleaned all the time by the staff of the safari park.The grass is mowed, there is no trash in the bins, there is a sufficient number of dry closets - they note these important details.kudykina mountain lipetsk reviews

Service expansion plans

Safari Park continues to be built and developed. The plans to expand services is planned to open the "Museum of Ancestors". Organizers promise a lot more interesting. Already this year, in the playground, besides the trampoline, inflatable slides in the form of castles were added.

Those who want to see this park, take part in events held by the administration, come, taking with you friends, relatives and acquaintances. And also, take with you a good mood, and you will surely enjoy this wonderful safari park "Kudykina Gora".

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Safari Park Kudykina Gora (Lipetsk): description, how to get there, reviews 49

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Safari Park Kudykina Gora (Lipetsk): description, how to get there, reviews 78

Safari Park Kudykina Gora (Lipetsk): description, how to get there, reviews 8

Safari Park Kudykina Gora (Lipetsk): description, how to get there, reviews 53