Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life

The owner of the award "Gold companion" Quantan,probably, is well acquainted with movie lovers. He became famous for his role as Jason Stackhouse in the American mystical TV series "True Blood". However, the actor did not stop there. Increasingly, Ryan Quantin takes on difficult, sometimes provocative roles. Than only warms interest of film critics and spectators to the creativity.

Ryan Quantan

Childhood and youth

The actor was born on November 28, 1976 in Sydney(Australia) in the family of Eddie and Chris Quanthen. His father served in the Australian state agency for maritime security. My mother worked in a charitable trade organization Lifeline. The couple Quantane has two more sons. Senior Lloyd works as a therapist, younger Mitchell, like his famous brother, chose the creative path, he is a musician.

Under the influence of his father, who in his younger yearswas a surfing champion, Ryan Quantin grew up a very athletic child. He excelled in such sports as golf, tennis, biathlon and surfing. His infatuation almost cost Ryan his life. At the age of 12 he was attacked by sharks. But this incident did not discourage Ryan's desire to surf, which he enjoys to this day.


In the cinematograph Kvanten cited the case. Unlike his younger brother, he did not dream about acting, but was going to connect life with sports. Paradoxically, everything was confusing. My mother was taking me to the audition for the actor's agency Mitchell. Chris was also in the car, since after listening to everyone had to go to the pool. He went to the agency to support his brother while waiting. When the turn came it turned out that Chris is closer to the door than his brother and the agency employee just confused, dragging into the audition room the wrong Quantan. So, at the age of 15, Ryan Quantan got into the acting environment, and a year later he appeared in the series "Primitive Practice". After leaving school, Ryan entered Sydney University, where he studied the basics of doing business, continuing his acting career in parallel. While still a student, he appeared in his first significant role, playing Winnie Patterson in the popular soap opera "Home and away". In this television project Quanthen was involved from 1997 to 2002. And then moved to California, where he was going to continue his acting career.

Ryan Quantin: Movies

Ryan Quantin: Movies

Hollywood filmmakers did not immediately turnattention to an ambitious Australian actor. For several months Ryan beat the thresholds of various castings while he received an episodic work in the television film Operative. In 2004, he was finally offered a key role in the series "Eternal Summer". Then followed a small episode in the TV project "Law and Order: Special Corps". And in 2008 he played Jason Stackhouse in the mystical series "True Blood". This role brought him the popularity and recognition of critics. The main roles in the films followed:

  • "Dead silence" (Jamie Eschen).
  • "Griff the Invisible" (Griff).
  • "Red Hill" (Shane Cooper).
  • "Do not disappear" (Jackson White).
  • "Help to become a father" (Jonah).
  • "The knights of the kingdom are steep" (Joe).
  • "Flight 7500" (Brad Martin).
  • "The right kind of wrong" (Leo).
  • The Vikings (Konall).
  • «The Abduction of Freddie Heineken "(Ian Bollard).
  • «Who gets the dog? "(Clay Lonegan).

At the moment, the actor finished work in the thriller of Rob Cohen"Hurricane Heist", the premiere, which will be held in2018 year. In addition to acting in the cinema, Ryan Quantan is actively engaged in the development of production. Because he is sure that young talents need to be helped. After all, in his experience, Ryan knows how to not just break through to beginners. In addition to creativity, Quanten has time to engage in various sports. As a professional instructor, he leads yoga classes in his own sports club.

Ryan Quantan: The Private Life

Ryan Quantan: The Private Life

For several years Quantan has been living with his girlfriendAshley Cicino. The couple have a lovely house in Los Angeles near the beach "Venice". Lovers come together at all social events. Journalists even noticed them in a children's clothing store and began to speculate. However, the actor prefers to remain silent about his personal life. Despite his long relationship with Ashley Cicino, the sexual orientation of Quantin continues to be questioned. After the frank bedtime scene in one of the seasons of the series "True Blood", it became one of the most discussed topics in Hollywood. The fact is that according to the scenario the character Quentin makes love with the vampire Eric Northman. The scene was very convincing. And although the actor himself says that he treats humor to various speculations of the public, now he has not only fans, but also fans.

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Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life Ryan Quantin: acting career and personal life