Reviews of treatments for warts on the face

Papillomas on the skin are familiar to almost half of the world's population, and they do not always look harmless - in some cases, the removal of these growths becomes simply necessary for humans.

All about what constitutes a wart on the face, reviews about the methods and consequences of its removal, as well as other information relating to this topic, you will find further in the article.warts on the face how to get rid

What is a wart and how does it grow

In medicine, warts include growths on the skin, consisting of overgrown epithelium, which has taken the form of a nodule, papilla, or flat seal. They develop as a result of the penetration of the human papilloma virus into the human body.

This virus does not immediately declare its presence - it needs an incubation period that lasts several months. As soon as any unfavorable moment for the organism occurs, leading to a decrease in immunity, the virus makes itself felt by pink or reddish papules appearing on the body.

By the way, it is noticed that most often the appearance of warts on the face is observed in children or the elderly. Such selectivity is explained simply - in this category of the population, immunity, as a rule, is reduced. But the rest should not relax, because everyone can get this infection.facial warts treatment

Types of warts

Researchers have discovered many varieties of papillomaviruses. And some of them are, by the way, malignant neoplasms. Although from the threat of oncological degeneration of existing benign warts under the influence of external factors, no one is spared.

Experts distinguish three types of warts on the face. We will consider them in more detail.

1. Ordinary warts (they are also called vulgar).

These include almost 70% of all cases of this disease. These are slightly towering seals, having a rounded shape and a loose, papillary surface.

2. Flat warts (they are also called juvenile).

Most often it affects children as well as young people. The surface of these growths is smooth, they tend to grow and sometimes form whole colonies.

3. Acrohords (filiform warts).These are soft processes attached to a thin stalk and having a size of from 1 to 4 mm.

Most often they affect the neck, eyelids and lips of people in old age, as well as pregnant women and women in menopause. By the way, these warts come off easily, and then grow back.flat facial warts treatment reviews

How can you get the papilloma virus

Flat warts on the face, reviews of the treatment of which will be given below, arise, as already mentioned, when infected with a virus. And it is transmitted in the same way as any other virus - from the sick to the healthy. Contributes to the infection using some household items or cosmetics. Infection is possible during sexual intercourse.

It is noted that this process is most likely in the presence of microtraumas on the skin of a healthy person. They become the gateway to infection. After introduction, the virus most often slumbers and becomes active not only with a decrease in immunity, but also after prolonged stressful situations in which the infected person finds himself.

By the way, there is another type of warts - the so-called age keratomas - that appear only in people at an older age, and the described virus has nothing to do with it.

Flat warts on the face: treatment, reviews of its need

Flat warts on the face do not cause any pain or itching, so patients most often do not consider their appearance to be a symptom of the disease. They are more concerned with the cosmetic side of the problem.

But getting rid of warts on the face is necessary, because, as mentioned earlier, left unattended, they can cover large areas of the body and face. Even if we don’t say that their presence doesn’t decorate a person at all, warts can be injured, which can lead to serious consequences, or even degeneration into a malignant tumor.

By the way, if you find that one of your warts quickly grows in size and becomes painful, you should consult a doctor!flat face warts reviews

Flat warts on the face: reviews about self-breeding

There are many ways to remove warts. These are homemade (folk) methods, and surgical removal from a specialist. Of course, the majority of patients who are dissatisfied with their appearance immediately begin to get rid of the warts on their face and body on their own, believing that it saves money in this way.But homegrown methods, despite the presence of positive results and excellent reviews, have serious drawbacks:

  • the ability to get skin burns - after all, quite active means are used to remove the described growths, for example, celandine, and not to get on healthy skin around the wart, especially if you have a lot of them, it is quite problematic;
  • with carelessly carried out treatment, colloidal scars or scars may occur, which, by the way, are difficult to treat, and sometimes spoil the appearance more strongly than warts;
  • the effect of removal at home can be inconsistent, since all warts appear not only on the surface of the skin, but also have peculiar roots that grow from its deep layers and are able to renew the problem again and again.

Therefore, before embarking on the application of folk methods, consult first with a dermatologist.

Sparing methods of traditional medicine

If you are depressed by warts on your face, only a specialist can explain how to get rid of them correctly. And as a first aid, you can apply some pretty popular recipes that have good feedback on the results.

treatment of warts on the face

Vitamin E is used to reduce, or even completely get rid of flat warts. It is applied to the affected places several times a day, while taking it inwards along with vitamin A.

Apple juice has a good effect on the skin. Squeeze green apples, then immediately put the juice on the affected areas. Compresses of grated potatoes, which are left on the face for the night, also work. There are also good reviews about the use of externally wormwood, and the delicate skin around the eyes is cured with tea tree oil and other undiluted oils: eucalyptus, basil, sage, mint or bergamot.

Ointments - Dermatological Products

Treatment of flat warts on the face can be carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist with the help of various ointments. These include salicylic ointment, which can rightly be called the most popular remedy among doctors for this ailment. The use of oxolinic and terbophenic ointment also has good feedback on the results, since these agents have an antiviral effect.

However, you need to be patient, because the effect of the use of these funds does not appear immediately - drying out warts sometimes takes up to three weeks.

Before you apply the ointment, you should hold the affected area of ​​skin for a while in water, and then allow it to dry. If there are no special instructions from the doctor, then the ointment is usually applied and left overnight.treatment of flat warts on the face

What can help official medicine

In young people, flat warts on the face are not meant to treat (reviews about which are provided in this article), since in most cases they disappear on their own after the hormones level off in a teenager. Most often, you just have to be patient and wait, but in some cases removal of these growths is necessary. This is especially true in cases where warts form on areas that are easily damaged and therefore become injured.

Treatment of warts with the help of traditional medicine is carried out against the background of the use of immunomodulators that do not give the virus to reappear. And for their complete destruction using three methods:

- removal with nitrogen (cryodestruction);

- the use of a pulsed dye laser;

- use of retinoids.

Removal of warts on the face with liquid nitrogen is carried out by applying it to the neoplasm.As a result of the procedure, the warts first turn white and become dense, and within an hour a bubble forms at this place, which dries out over the next week, and a little later the crust falls off. The slight pink speck also disappears with time. According to reviews, this is the least traumatic procedure.

Laser exposure, as noted in the reviews, is a painless method. During it, gluing of the capillary walls occurs, and the wart, devoid of nourishment, dries out. In its place after the procedure remains a bruise, which passes in a couple of weeks completely.

The third method is used extremely rarely, since the use of retinoids can cause serious side effects.facial wart removal

Is it possible to prevent the appearance of warts

Agree, sad to think, looking at the warts on his face, how to get rid of this dubious jewelry. But it turns out that their appearance can be prevented. And the prevention of the spread of human papillomavirus is quite simple.

  • Follow the basic rules of hygiene.
  • Do not tear off any formations which have arisen on a skin.
  • Regularly visit a dermatologist.
  • Strengthen your immunity.

Yes, all this is easy to do, but carelessness and frivolous attitude to their own health, alas, can lead to the fact that the treatment for the facial wart will be absolutely necessary, as the reflection in the mirror will cease to please. Do not allow this and bless you!

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