Registration of wedding glasses

Glasses for the bride and groom - a special attribute of the wedding table. The newlyweds throughout the event are the focus of attention, so everything that surrounds the couple should be beautiful and memorable. Making wedding glasses has become a tradition. The glasses are decorated with ribbons, beads, lace, cold porcelain flowers or beads. Decorations are glued to glass goblets with super glue.
Let's try to make a wedding glasses with their own hands. For this glass from our photo, we will need white satin ribbons 0.5 cm wide, super glue and scissors.
wedding glasses

With a satin ribbon we will wrap a glass. Immediately you do not need to cut the tape, we will do this after part of the ornament is pasted on the glass. Neatly grease the tape with glue and begin to glue something like this.
Satin ribbon

Do the same on the back of the glass.
doing from the back side

And from two opposite sides we make two more such elements, in total we get four.
we make two more such elements

We wrap a glass leg with the same tape, do not forget to pre-lubricate the tape with glue.
We wrap a glass leg

Now set aside the glass, let it dry out a little.During this time we will make five such bows from the same satin ribbon.
make from the same satin ribbon

Four bows glue on the glass at the top of the pattern.
Four bows paste

And the fifth bow should be glued to the bottom of the leg.
glue on the bottom of the legs

That's so easy, you can arrange wedding glasses.
The second glass is made in the same way. You can slightly diversify and make a glass for the bride from the pink ribbon, and for the groom - from the blue.
In stores for handicrafts, various ready-made laces or sewing are sold. This is an excellent material for the decoration of wedding glasses. In addition to lace to decorate glasses, we will need pearls, gold or silver braid for sewing and good glue. We will try to make such a glass out of these materials.
arrange wedding glasses

Cut out a beautiful ornament from a piece of lace.
lace cut out a beautiful ornament

Cut out the pattern gently with glue and glue on the glass. Remember that super glue dries very quickly, so it is better to apply glue not on the entire surface of the lace at once. It is better to lubricate part of the pattern with glue, then stick it on the glass, then lubricate part of the lace again and repeat the procedure. And so on until you paste the entire pattern.
paste the pattern

Beads will make out the foot of the glass.Glue them in a circle on the lower part of the legs.

Then do the same with the upper part of the legs.
leg beads

When sticking decorations on glass goblets, you need to ensure that the glue does not appear on the surface. This may spoil the appearance of the device. It is best to use waterproof transparent glue, which, when dried, will not leave marks.
From a silver or gold braid for sewing you need to make two rings and stick them on the base of the glass.
wedding glasses

The second glass is the same as the first. Such glasses will not go unnoticed at the wedding table.

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