Who do fat women come from? By “complete” I understand not only whales who are not able to squeeze their butt into an airplane seat, but also you — ordinary M-sized chickens with a height of 165 cm. From whom do you grow up? Where do you come from?
All that was covered was, Pleasure, so that, When,thin, why, that, got angry, thin, which, they noticed, stopped, pleasures, life, which, to build, sleep, feeling, happy

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You look at the children - only 100 fat girls per 100 thin girls. Married you, too thin came out.
When and why are you overgrown?
You often refer to pregnancy.
Pregnancy lasts 9 months, and the fat you wear on yourself for years. If your reference to the birth for whom and convincing, it is only for the same as you - the former thin.
I know why you got angry.
You got angry because you feel bad.
In public, you are a “happy wife and mother,” alone with a woman who is dissatisfied with her life.
In your life there are few stable, thoughtful pleasures.
Pleasure is great sex. You do not have this.
Pleasure is the time that you dedicate to yourself personally every day. Himself and only myself. Hour in the spa or in bed with a book. You do not have this.
Pleasure is power. You have no power either. Even over your appetite.
Your life is dull, like cold, gray semolina. When you were 15, you were not so imagined about your future. You do not live the way you dreamed.
Men do not put you on gods, and those who bet you are not interested. Nirvana did not follow the engagement ring. Maternity was not the same as in advertising diapers. You have no career either, and, if there is one, the price you paid for it is too high to feel happy.
You could not build your life in such a way that you could fall asleep with the feeling of a great day and wake up, anticipating the pleasures that the next one is preparing for you.
And therefore you are eating. Or even drink.
Food is a pleasure that is always at hand. As, however, and binge, and cigarettes.
Man can not do without pleasure. We are programmed to do ourselves well. And you do. With the help of food. Alcohol Nicotine.
You are overgrown with lard gradually. None of you fell asleep wearing the size XS, and did not wake up in the morning in M-Coy.
You did not notice how you stopped being thin. You did not notice how you stopped being happy.
Wake up. Acknowledge. Take action.

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