For years, he was forced to hide in the underground and wait for Stalin's death. His daughter was ten years old, but she did not even know that her father was alive. He had only one gift ..

All these furniture and household items for the dollhouse were made by Leonard Lina in the late 40s and early 50s of the last century. All this time, Leonard was hiding from prosecution by the Soviet military tribunal in a potato cellar on the farm of his father.

He made all these tiny items from memory, trying to reproduce the decor of his home in Rakvere.

Leonard (1914-1984) served as an officer in the Republic of Estonia. In 1944, fleeing from imprisonment, he hides in the parental home. He spent all his time lying on his back in a potato box, with an area of ​​just over two meters.

The ability to stretch the legs appeared only at night.

First, he knit and read books to somehow kill time. And then, missing home, he began carving out furniture for a dollhouse.

Among his tools were only a knife, a small drill, a few pieces of glass and a piece of emery paper.

Leonard cut out all the objects characteristic and necessary for Estonian life. From plates to small toothbrushes, the bristles for which he made from his own hair.

Leonard presented the whole atmosphere of the dollhouse to his daughter Merike, whom he first met in 1954, having left his refuge. Merike was already 10 years old.

Later, several generations of his family played with this little furniture with an amazing story.

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