Putin once again surprised

Russia in recent years has seriously changed, this is a fact and only a blind or not completely objective person can ignore such changes. If you do not agree, then you can not open the cat, so as not to disturb your own harmony of worldview.
Putin once again surprised him exactly, Rogozin, well, to recall which projects, Shuvalov, Russia’s own, journal, man, absolutely, maybe Shuvalov, others, the author, is, of course, a crisis, a ruble

More recently, almost all Russian media excitedly discussed the identities of those left behind by the new political system, or rather, simply deprived of work in the new government.
Then Shuvalov turned out to be the most considered figure, of course, after Mutko;)
But yesterday removed many issues that for a while hung in the air, namely, the issue of confidence in the former government leaders. Here I will quote the media:
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Dmitry Rogozin head of Roscosmos, and by another decree the head of state appointed Igor Shuvalov chairman of the state corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank).
So everyone who rinsed Rogozin and Shuvalov is now forced to justify himself. Although it was quite predictable, given the complexity of the projects that they oversaw.
Rogozin has been developing and strengthening Roscosmos for many years, and therefore this appointment raises no questions at all. So he will continue to form a new space image of Russia.
Shuvalov, on the other hand, moved some of the most complex and hard-to-implement projects, and it is not for nothing that they call him - Mr. Impossible.
It is enough to remember from what hole he pulled out a single-industry company, and today nobody remembers about it. And the development of the Far East and Transbaikalia. Remember the APEC summit in Vladivostok in 2012, to which a bridge was built on Russky Island, the building of the Far Eastern Federal University, the Primorsky Aquarium and a number of other objects.
And modern digital technologies, the system of public procurement, the creation of a new urban space, a comfortable environment and there is still a lot to do here.
And what was the pressure, through airplanes and dogs, which could not knock him off his feet?
Well, we must remember that it was Shuvalov who created a strong banking system, tightened banking controls and taxed the fall of the ruble into crisis.
So it is quite clear why it is VEB.
Are you surprised by such Putin appointments?
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