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Pragmatism ... What a mysterious word, is not it? You do not know what a pragmatist is, who is meant by this word? In this article we will deal with this concept. As you might guess, pragmatists are a special category of people. We'll talk more about them later.

When did pragmatism appear?

The philosophy of pragmatism was born in the early 70s of the XIX century. The founder of pragmatism was Charles Sanders, a scientist and philosopher from America. He illustrated the basic ideas of pragmatism in two of his articles: “How to make our ideas clear” and “Anchoring of belief”.

This philosophical direction of thought firmly entrenched in the United States in the twentieth century. The term "pragmatism" is derived from the Greek "action".

what does the word pragmatic person mean

The concept of pragmatism

One of the definitions of pragmatism describes it as the ability to plan and implement selected life guides, abstracting from all that is unnecessary and distracting, not related to the goal. This is a talent to do everything according to plan.This property is very useful for people accustomed to achieve their goals.

According to another interpretation, pragmatism refers to the extraction of personal benefits from the current situation, the ability to set specific goals in life and to find real ways to implement them. As you can see, these two points of view on the concept of "pragmatism" are almost identical, and this allows us to draw conclusions that pragmatists are purposeful natures.

Pragmatism can be compared with enterprise, and it is a pity that both of these concepts often cause a stream of criticism from society. A society that by all means tries to crush initiative in people, the desire to act and achieve something, succeeds greatly in this, bringing up all new and new weak-willed people. However, in any society, from time to time, by happy coincidence or by the will of fate, pragmatists are born. So who are these?

pragmatists are

Who are the pragmatists?

It is clear that many do not perceive the concept of "pragmatists". This is because pragmatic people stand out noticeably against the background of the general mass, and bright personalities are often envied or simply do not understand them.

A pragmatist will never become a slave (unless it is needed for his own good), he himself will be the sovereign ruler of his destiny, strictly going towards his goal, and no one will decree to him! And the system of views and values ​​built by him will help him in this. The basic principle of pragmatists - do not tackle the next case, until the old is finished!

The pragmatist evaluates each thing practically, proceeding from their usefulness and significance. He is guided by common sense and reason, he believes only in what he saw, he denies non-material phenomena.

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How does a pragmatist think?

Pragmatists are often compared with analysts, which is fundamentally wrong, because they are completely different concepts. A pragmatist, unlike an analyst, does not thoroughly collect facts and check their authenticity. He uses in practice new experimental ideas. He does not like messing with papers - he is aimed at instant results. Having received a new difficult task, the pragmatist will not think which way to approach him, but will immediately start working, as he is sure that he will succeed. After all, only the one who does not succeed.

Pragmatists are people who are always active, that sometimes you wonder where they get so much energy? By temperament, they are choleric. Generate ideas with lightning speed and in large quantities.

What, too, wanted to become a pragmatist? Then read on and learn!

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How to become a pragmatic person?

Now that you know what the word “pragmatic person” means, it's time to give you some tips to help you become one.

1. To cultivate a pragmatist's thinking in yourself, think over the planned tasks and goals and do not be afraid to drop everything unnecessary and secondary, because it postpones your success.

2. Make it a habit to make plans for even the most distant time. Let it be absolutely fantastic dreams, but they will help you to understand what you really want from life and to build the course of further actions to achieve them - think strategically.

3. To learn to think strategically, make a list of your half-forgotten, unfulfilled, but still relevant desires. Choose one of them and make a plan for its implementation. Here you will have to answer a few questions:

  • How much money is needed to translate the desire?
  • Who can help in his incarnation?
  • What are the obstacles to its implementation?
  • What you need to know and be able to achieve what you want?

So you will break the global dream into small, very specific and realizable goals. At the same time, do not forget the “golden” rule of pragmatists, which says that all the invested efforts must pay off, and with dividends.

Do you need pragmatism in life?

Now you know who the pragmatists are, and it’s up to you to decide whether to join their ranks or not. In any case, the dedication and concentration of pragmatists deserve respect, and each person in certain situations of life will be useful to learn at least temporarily the nature of a pragmatist character.

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