Powder "Bourgeois Healthy Balance": reviews of cosmetics

Each of us dreams of an ideal skin. But the negative impact of ecology, bad habits, malnutrition and lack of sleep prevents our epidermis from achieving the desired result. And it's good that the cosmetic market is full of funds for camouflaging small rashes, circles under the eyes, mimic wrinkles. And would you like to minimize the amount of dekorativki on your face and give the skin the ability to breathe, be beautiful and natural? If so, then Bourjois Healthy Balance is just right for you.

From Makeup to Cosmetics

The history of the brand began thanks to JosephAlber-Ponsen, who decided to start selling a stage makeup for the Parisian theaters. Thus, the world's first dried rouge appeared. But the prosperity and success of the brand brought Alexander Napoleon-Bourgeois, who introduced the creations created by Joseph for the makeup not only in a wide palette, but also invented the original names for them: "Jealousy", "Love", etc.

Sophistication and variety of products by 1979the brand was taken to the international level, and the inscription on the products "The Supplier of theaters" eventually changed to a more proud one: "Produced Especially for Lady Beauty".

Overview: what the manufacturer promises

The leveling powder from the Bourgeois does not overdry, gives a natural radiance and mats the surface of the skin for 10 hours.

powder of the bourgeois

The product eliminates greasy shine. The extract of the Japanese persimmon, included in its composition, softens and moistens the dry areas, and yuzu (Japanese lemon) has an absorbing property that is necessary for the allocation of sebaceous glands.

A convenient and compact package is placed even in a small clutch bag. With the help of the built-in mirror you can change make-up if necessary.

The only negative is the absence of a sponsor and notthere is a place for it, and this virtually overstates the concept of compact powders. Therefore, you have to carry a brush with you. By the way, the use of sponge, in the opinion of customers, creates a "peach-powder effect". Therefore it is desirable to use a brush.

Powder Healthy Balance is suitable for any type of skin, since the product:

  • Hypoallergenen.
  • It is not cidogenous.
  • Approved by dermatologists.

After application, the product at 96% level the face, 92% eliminated greasy gloss and dryness, 96% easy to use.

Powder "Bourgeois Healthy Balance": shades

As the manufacturer claims, this is the first in the worldpowder, able to adjust the balance of the skin and block fatty shine. Natural shine is achieved thanks to the Asian fruit included in the product. These same ingredients are responsible for the matting effect and do not allow the skin to overdry. Bourjois Healthy Balance fights against the dullness of the skin, and the innovative formula allows the product to adapt to any tone.

 powder bourjois healthy balance

Powder is presented in 4 shades:

  • Vanille (Vanille, 52);
  • Beige Clair (Light beige, 53);
  • Dark Beige (dark beige, 56);
  • Beige Fonce (Light bronze, 55).

Ideal for light skin - Vanille (52)

First of all, buyers appreciated what the "Bourgeois Healthy Balance" powder looks like. Reviews on the forums say that a bright red package is an absolute "plus" product, which immediately catches your eye.

Vanilla - the lightest shade and for pale skinnedgirls are considered ideal for the winter season. The texture of the powder is soft and even slightly silky. When typing on the fingers, a creamy feel is felt. On the sponge and brush the product is recruited with ease. The customer paid special attention to the fragrance - a delicious fruit.

In the complete set there is no sponge, but there is a convenient mirror. The product volume is 9 g.

bourjois healthy balance

So, a couple of words about how it manifests itself inwork powder "Bourgeois Healthy Balance". Reviews of women recommend buying the product to those who have not yet tested its effectiveness on their own because:

  • powder is applied in a thin layer and easily spreads over the surface of the skin;
  • perfectly fixes the makeup;
  • matiruet - the skin looks slightly satin;
  • the effect lasts approximately 4-5 hours.

Unfortunately, the powder does not hide the drawbacks, likethey assure the customer with a sensitive and skin-prone skin, the product further dries. Hence the conclusion that Healthy Balance will have to "taste" the owners of oily skin.

Another undoubted plus powder: visually removes, but does not clog pores and is perfectly removed during make-up.

Shade "Bourgeois Healthy Balance" for problem skin Beige Clair (53)

Judging by the reviews, the product is slightly yellow, soabsolutely not suitable for owners of light skin tone. On the persistence of the opinion of customers there was one thing - during the day makeup still have to be corrected. The ability to hide disadvantages manufacturers slightly exaggerated, and no foundation powder "Bourgeois Healthy Balance" can not replace. The product perfectly copes with the task of leveling the skin tone, but the problem (this shade) does not eliminate.

As it turned out, many women considered this drawback as dignity. In their opinion, to conceal the shortcomings created consoles and correctors, and a thick layer of powder on the face - a terrible sight!

 powder bourgeois healthy balance shades

Now a few words about what type of skincompatible powder "Bourgeois Healthy Balance". The reviews showed that she perfectly underlines all the peeling and dryness on her face. Therefore, only a skin-prone skin can make friends with her. The only time to use for dry skin owners is summer, when this type gets closer to normal.

Shade Dark Beige (56) for tanned skin

If the tone at number 55 is ideal only forowners of swarthy skin, then the powder from the "Bourgeois" in a dark beige shade is ideal for all tanned beauties. Fine grinding and light texture guarantee smooth application, and most importantly, the product literally merges with the skin tone.

After dusting on your face you feel a lightdryness, but after a minute the discomfort disappears, if you hold the fingers with your fingers, then you will feel pleasant velvety. According to the customers, the powder can be applied even during rest, since it does not clog the pores and does not lie down in a dense layer.

powder bourjois

Matiruet for 5-6 hours. With an active lifestyle at the end of the day almost disappears from the surface of the skin, but there is no greasy sheen. This proves once again that the powder copes with its main task of regulating the production of sebaceous glands.

Description of the shade 55 Beige Fonce

According to the owners of the dark skin tone,Powder "Bourgeois" in the shade "Light-bronze" for them is an absolute favorite. But, judging by the reviews, the light texture only smooths the surface of the face. If the skin has imperfections that require masking, then it is better to choose something else. Because the powder from the "Bourgeois" only slightly level and matiruet skin.


The degree of density is exactly the same as in other shades, which means that when applied to your face will be an easy, weightless, invisible, but transforming the skin of the veil.

Reviews of powder "Bourgeois"

Find comments (both positive and negative).negative) about the products of this brand will not be difficult - the brand is famous so much that its popularity is not even worth talking about. Each powder of "Bourgeois Healthy Balance" reviews and rating is quite good, as customers note the quality of the products. And this is all due to the fact that the production is not engaged in any distributors, but France.

The most purchased shade of Healthy Balance has becomeVanilla. But despite this, the whole series is popular, and this means that women liked the products of the French brand. Indeed, who will remain indifferent to the powder, which matiruet skin, does not have the effect of a mask, is hypoallergenic and does not clog pores?

leveling powder

Bronzing shade found wide application in professional make-up artists and stylists of expensive beauty salons. The fact is that it is almost impossible to use it daily, and there is no need.

According to the fans' allegations of powder "Bourgeois HealthyBalance ", for those who have spent the summer on the southern shores, Dark Beige will help to retain the desired appearance for a long time.There is no doubt that the shade of good quality, but the fair-skinned beauties in Russia is much larger, therefore the leading positions among customers are occupied by the tone under numbers 52 (Vanilla) and 53 (Light beige).

 powdered healthy balance

We sweep tracks, or the rules for choosing a good powder

Why do I need powder? As you know, the most unprotected area of ​​our body is the skin of the face. And if it is also fat, then in the expanded pores get dirt and bacteria, provoking inflammatory processes. In order to protect our epidermis, to preserve the youth and beauty of the face, it must be "dressed".

It matting powder creates a protective skinlayer, helping to control the work of the sebaceous glands and hide for a few hours (or even more) a greasy shine. Another plus - it levels the skin tone, which makes it easy to shade different shades, which means that make-up will be aesthetically pleasing and neat.

So, the choice of powder should start with selectioncorrect shade. Before buying, be sure to use the testers in cosmetic stores (they should be freely available). Apply powder on the chin or on the wrist and notice how it behaves under different lighting conditions. The only minus of the first method is unhygienic.

 powdered healthy balance

If you plan to use the powder together withtone foundation, be sure to read the product information from the manufacturer before purchasing. Often, marking helps a woman by the number to identify the right tool, which will save her time on trips to cosmetic stores.

The composition of the product is also important. It's one thing when the powder masks the flaws, but the presence of harmful ingredients is another reason to spoil the skin of the face. Therefore, if the powder clogs the pores during application, then the purchase should be discarded.

Summing up

One can not refute the assertion that a woman does notshould save on three things: cosmetics, underwear and shoes. Therefore, if your task - to look always stunning, it is the powder from the "Bourgeois" that will help achieve the desired result. Remember, only proper care of yourself and high-quality cosmetics make us, women, attractive even in 60 years.

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