Poet the ripper

Autumn. This is not only an eye charm, but also a time when the murderers go hunting. Book about Chikatilo and was called "Maniac comes in the rain." A book has also been written about Vladimir Muhankin ...
Poet the Ripper Only, Chikatilo, everything, light, only, always, very, only, on earth, like you, More, suffer, happiness, beloved, eyes, beauty, joy, a little bit, Olenka, Ozorny

He was forced to spend all his childhood in the cemetery because of his mother, for whom he was an unwanted child and schools, where he was punished for minor or no place of sin. In the churchyard, he cheered and rested. And all his adult life was in the zone, sometimes leaving it returned to his second home, the cemetery crypt. I wanted to outdo Chikatilo, who also had a chance to be tired of this simpatishnom world. Mukhankin stated that "Chikatilo is a lamb compared to me." He could not be surpassed, there were only 8 murders. On operational videos he told me with incredible enthusiasm how he killed, so no murderer described his deeds. He was not only a ripper but also a poet. He killed women and girls with incredible cruelty, he also devoted most of his poems.
Only you always strive for peace,
Only you wait so patiently
Only you so love immensely,
Only you give birth.
You always bring joy in life
Most of all suffer in the world.
On earth, the only happiness is
It is you, loved ones - and children!
Olenka, beauty,
Naughty eyes
I really like you,
Give me a little caress.
Sweet sun,
Be merry with me
Clean as a glass,
Let me be a new song.
For me you are more beautiful than anyone
In the whole wide world.
Sonorous, joyous your laugh
Let me hear you.
My life, my spring,
Sprig of lilacs
Before you, my dear,
Kneel down.
Let me see the sky blue,
Give love a little bit
Give me a cloudless distance
Give me all you can.
Only you can give everything,
You know how hard it is for me.
And that can take everything
Bukhanovsky Sasha.

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