Poems in prose: analysis of the "Sparrow" Turgenev I.S.

Among the peaks of poetic mastery, of course, is the cycle of poems in the prose of I. S. Turgenev - miniatures affecting various aspects of human life. Proof of this can serve as a brief analysis of the "Sparrow".short analysis of sparrow turgenev

Turgenev in this small in volume poem resorts to describing scenes from the life of nature, but fills what is happening with a special philosophical meaning, which allows you to transfer everything that happens to the sphere of human relations.

The plot of the work

It is simple and straightforward. The hero was walking in the garden with his dog. Suddenly Trezor's attention drew a small, defenseless little sparrow - the yellow-haired chick fell out of the nest and lay helpless on the ground. Obeying an instinct, the dog began to approach the bird. And then something extraordinary happened: the old sparrow, wishing to protect his own child, fell in front of the dog's grinning mouth. Trezor, to the surprise of the author, stopped and then backed away.The behavior of the dog explains the description and the behavior - it is important for analysis - the sparrow. Turgenev emphasizes that the voice of the bird is hoarse, it trembled with horror, but still could not sit on a safe branch. An unknown force, causing surprise and delight, made the sparrow forget about its own life and “fall like a stone” in front of the dog's mouth.analysis of sparrow turgenev

Fairly simple is the denouement of the story of the sparrow. Turgenev - an analysis of the behavior of the bird has already led to this - notes that the hero recalled the embarrassed dog and went further.

Artistic tricks

The scene described evoked a lively response in the writer's soul. The means of expressiveness help the author to understand his excitement and his admiration for the behavior of the sparrow. First of all, it is a series of adjectives and verbs that accurately convey the state of all the heroes of the miniature. A desperate, disheveled, distorted sparrow trembles and freezes in front of a huge monster dog. But he cannot do otherwise: after all, the life of a child is dearer to him than his own.

The details that help to present the contrast between the dog and the birds and, consequently, the tragedy of what is happening are very important: a large dog with a toothy maw open, helpless, with yellow down on the head nestling and a small but “heroic” sparrow.

The intensity of feelings transmits and the inconsistency of the narration, the narrator's speech — the narration is in the first person — is characterized by an abundance of dots and intermittent phrases. Their analysis - “Sparrow” of Turgenev in this sense can be considered the perfection of all the writer's creations - helps to understand the state of a person watching what is happening. He is in awe of the little bird, which embodies the great power of maternal love, and shares his thoughts with the reader, who is able, according to his conviction, to understand everything that happened just as he understands - hence the direct appeal “do not laugh” and an indication of the intimacy of thoughts ("I thought").

The ideological meaning of the poem

What conclusion can be drawn from what has been read and why has the scene seen so excited the writer?

The treasurer in the work, which only obeys instinct, personifies not so much evil power as evil rock, fate. Such an allegory helps to understand the essence of what is happening. As the analysis shows, Turgenev's sparrow is a symbol of selfless love and readiness to sacrifice itself for the sake of the one who is truly dear.story sparrow turgenev analysisAnd not everyone is capable of this.The author’s task is to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that true love can become a truly all-conquering force.

What is the immortality of the work?

Finishing the analysis of Sparrow by I. Turgenev, it should be noted that, unlike other prose poems, this work is optimistic and evokes faith in the great power of love, not necessarily maternal. This is the reason that the poem “Sparrow” has been included in the school curriculum for more than a century - it is where little readers learn humanity and kindness, without which it’s impossible to continue life on earth.

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