Pistol TT - power, chained to steel

Weapons - the weakness of these men. In the cold steel of the pistol grip, there is a restrained power that is entirely subordinate to your will and desires. It is up to you to decide when and in which direction the shot should be fired. Among the various types of weapons there are legendary copies. These include the TT pistol. Today on sale you can find his pneumatic model. For lovers of firearms, it is valued for its ease of handling, reliability and lightness. The body of the gun is made from an alloy of metals.gun ttThe handle is made of high-strength plastic that can withstand incredible loads. But the barrel air pistol TT has a steel. It is made of smooth steel, which looks very impressive in the hand of the shooter. An even greater realism to this weapon is the cylinder screw. TT - gun equipped with a flag type fuse. The shop involves charging 17 bullets, the caliber of which is 4.5 mm.For accurate shooting there is a rear sight and front sight.

Sensations from the gun

Perfectly made and balanced pistol TT is very similar to the model of military weapons. Such a “toy” is perfect for performing exercises in shooting training. As you know, the acquisition and storage of short-barreled weapons in Russia is prohibited, moreover, only a few have the opportunity to systematically visit shooting galleries. Therefore, in such conditions, the TT pistol (pneumatics) is able to provide good shooting skills, which certainly will be useful to you in the future, if once instead of the pneumatic version you get real military weapons. It will be especially interesting for teenagers who are actively studying military affairs and are seeking to link their lives with the army.tt gun

Interesting Facts

Many fans of small arms, already having a good arsenal of various models, like to buy a TT pistol, made in the pneumatic version. Perhaps because in Russia this weapon has become legendary. Created in the 30s-40s of the last century, it proved its effectiveness and exceptional slaughter on the battlefields of the Second World War, as well as in dozens of local conflicts around the world.air gun tt


Comfortable, simple, reliable, it boasts full compliance with the original. Solid, powerful, he can easily be recognized and is quite ready to instill fear in any detractor. If we talk about the technical characteristics, it is worth noting that the gun has a serious speed of departure of the bullet. This value reaches 115 m / s. What does this give? Weapons with such data can very accurately hit the target at a distance of up to 20 meters. As we have said, the production of this gun uses alloys of metals, steel and high-strength plastic. This combination makes the gun very durable. It remains reliable even after repeated falls. In general, it is really a very good weapon, which will allow you to get the first shooting skills, and in the event of a threat to your life, it will strike terror into the attackers with one of its kind.

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