Biography of Yuri Nikolayev

Yuri Nikolaev is a famous Soviet TV presenter who once became a real symbol of the entire television industry of the USSR. About his personality goes a lot of different legends, which to some extent only confirm the popularity of our today's hero.
In his biography, you can find dozens of interesting facts. But is it safe to say that we know absolutely everything about the person we regularly see on our television screens? Of course not. After all, white spots are found in the fate of every public person.

The early years, childhood and the family of Yuri Nikolayev

Yuri Alexandrovich Nikolaev was born in Moldova - in the city of Chisinau. His parents were far from the world of art and both belonged to the law enforcement system of the Soviet Union.
In particular, the father of our today's hero served as a colonel in the ranks of the Moldavian Ministry of Internal Affairs and was even awarded a great many different awards. No less interesting person was the mother of the future TV presenter - Valentina Ignatovna. For almost all her life a woman worked in the KGB system.
This circumstance becomes especially interesting given the fact that the grandfather of Yuri Nikolayev had once suffered greatly from the activities of the state security committee, was repressed and even moved to Canada. However, we will leave this question out of brackets today.
Yuri Nikolaev in his youth was a good actorYuri Nikolaev in his youth was a good actor
As for Jura himself, his career began quite early. Even in his childhood years, he fell into the school theater group, which in turn became his ticket to the world of television. Our today's hero played children's roles in Chisinau television, and therefore at an early age he became a real star in his school.
The first successes led Yuri Nikolayev to thoughts of a professional career on television. At that time, the future famous TV presenter dreamed of becoming an actor, and therefore, after graduating from school, he decided to move to Moscow.
In 1965, our today's hero moved to Russia, where he soon applied to the GITIS. The young Moldavian boy passed the entrance exams successfully, and therefore he soon became a student of the acting department of the State Institute of Theatrical Art.

Star Trek of Yuri Nikolayev: Filmography and Television

Our creative hero began his creative career as an actor in the Pushkin Theater. At this point, Yuri Nikolaev performed from 1970 to 1975. The actor also began to act in films around the same period. In 1971, he played a small role in the film “Zoya Rukhadze”, followed by a larger work in the film “The Long Transit”.
The cinema roles were brought by Yurii Nikolaev to the world of television From 1973 to 1975, he worked as a freelancer, but he soon received the post of announcer at the USSR Radio and Television.
Igor Nikolaev in the film “Yuri Nikolaev. I can not without TV "
For some time, in parallel with his work on television, Yuri Nikolayev still acted in films, but already in the same 1975, he received an offer that made him concentrate entirely on his television career. Such was the project "Morning Mail", which is led by our today's hero in the mid-seventies.
This program brought him tremendous success and made Nikolaev popular in all regions of the USSR. Over the years, his partners in the set were various representatives of Soviet television.Yuri Alexandrovich himself remained the living embodiment of the TV program spirit.
In total, the presenter worked continuously for sixteen years on the Morning Mail program. In parallel with this, he also conducted some other television programs. For a while, Yuri Nikolaev worked as a presenter of news programs at the USSR State Television and Radio Committee, and also led the legendary children's program “Good night, kids”.
However, his personal field of activity has always been music programs. At various times, our today's hero worked on the programs “Song of the Year”, “Blue Light”, and also conducted a song festival in Jurmala.
Yuri Nikolaev on gays and show business
As noted in some sources, in the middle of 1978, Yuri Nikolaev became the first TV presenter in the USSR, who appeared in the frame while intoxicated. This episode still remembers Nikolaev with humor. H
As for other successes, in this regard, it is worth noting the transfer of "Morning Star" and "Guess the melody", the creation of which our today's hero worked as a producer. Thanks to these projects, the popular Soviet TV host managed to remain a prominent figure in the world of Russian television even after the collapse of the USSR
In 1997, Yuri Nikolayev again began working on the renewed “Morning Post” program. Subsequently, he also conducted the “Dancing on Ice” and “Dancing with the Stars” programs on the “Russia” channel, as well as the “Property of the Republic” program (together with Dmitry Shepelev). In parallel with his work on television, Yuri Nikolaev sometimes acted in films. In particular, in the two thousand years he appeared in the TV series "Annushka" and "Yesterday live".
For his many successes in the world of Soviet and Russian television, Yuri Nikolayev was awarded two awards from the Union of Journalists of Russia, the Order of Friendship, and the title of People's Artist of Russia. Currently, Yuri Nikolaev is working on television on old and new projects. One of those is a fundamentally new program “Nowadays”.

Personal life of Yuri Nikolayev

TV host Yuri Nikolaev with his beloved Central Asian ShepherdTV host Yuri Nikolaev with his beloved Central Asian Shepherd
The first marriage of Yuri Nikolayev was rather transient, and therefore today practically nothing is known about him. Another thing is marital union with the second wife - Eleonora Alexandrovna. The lovers met at a party with the elder brother of the girl, who was an old friend of Yuri. After that, young people began dating. Today, Eleonora and Yuri have been together for many years. The couple has no children.
In ordinary life, Yuri Nikolaev loves sports and maintains friendly relations with. In the past, his close friend was.

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