Pension issue: opinion of the president

For the first time, Vladimir Putin commented on the pension reform and the upcoming increase in the retirement age.
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According to the President of Russia, he does not like any of the proposed options for changing the pension system. “I don’t like any option connected with raising the age. I assure you that there are few such people in the government, if at all, who like it,” said Vladimir Putin, quoted by Interfax.
There is still a margin of safety in the pension system, but it will be enough for a short time, Putin believes: if you do nothing at all, then the consequences for the budget from which the pension system is financed can be grave.
The President also recalled that decisions to set the retirement age at 60 for men and 55 for women were made more than 60 years ago. According to him, the minutes of the meeting at that time, when this decision was made, said that as the demographic situation developed and life expectancy would increase, the retirement age would have to be raised, “but nothing has been done,” adds TASS.
In addition, the head of state recalled the government decree of 1995, which dealt with the need to raise the retirement age. In particular, it said that this would have to be done in the second decade of the 21st century.
Vladimir Putin believes that by ignoring problems in the pension system, the government will “blow” citizens. “The current power of the people will simply inflate if they say: everything is good in the pension system, we will tolerate for another five, seven, ten years. But this will not end, we will have to make some cardinal decisions anyway,” he concluded.
In addition, he noted that the issue of raising the retirement age is sensitive for most Russians. Putin promised to listen to all opinions on this issue, with the exception of those who “promote” on the issue. "You need to listen to those people who offer something intelligible, sound, are guided by the interests of the country and citizens," he added.
Experts rated the performance of the head of state ambiguously, the Vedomosti newspaper writes. They stressed that Putin’s opinion sounded unexpectedly early - the president’s assessments were expected in the fall, closer to the second reading.Putin’s intervention was considered a chance to resolve the pension crisis, but it’s not worth assessing the words sounded as a signal to mitigate the reform. At the same time, easing of the pension reform will still occur - this is the usual scenario, but they will be more technical, analysts are sure.
Recall, on July 19, State Duma deputies in the first reading adopted a bill on changing the pension system, which, among other things, suggests raising the retirement age to 65 for men and to 63 years for women. For the adoption of the bill voted 328 deputies representing the faction "United Russia". The only representative of the party who opposed was the ex-prosecutor of Crimea Natalya Poklonskaya. In addition, eight more deputies from the ruling party did not come to a vote for various reasons. The entire Duma opposition (104 deputies) spoke against raising the retirement age.
The president’s statement is evaluated by sociologist Andrei Churakov (Arkhangelsk): “I don’t really like it when the president appeals with the terms“ I like it and I don’t like it. ”A person invested with a virtually unlimited power in the country must operate in several other categories.Putin gave an emotional assessment of the reform, and I would like him to assess the increase in the retirement age more specifically and analytically. <...> Of course, pension reform is required, but for its implementation it is necessary to at least correctly formulate goals. This was not done. In this regard, it is very difficult to assess the point of view of the president. He actually proposed to think again on this topic. It is clear that Putin is trying to reduce the degree of heat, which caused the pension reform. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that elections are in September. <...> I am sure that the bill will be passed in any case, possibly only with minimal amendments. "
A member of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Komi, Yevgeny Vologin, believes that the authorities, and in particular the government, should be trusted more. At the same time, he calls the president’s position correct: “It’s clear that the standard of living of pensioners needs to be raised. Unfortunately, our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers do not live in poverty and have to do something about it. , we should trust the government and all the supreme power. They have data, and analytical centers calculate the possible advantages and disadvantages of innovations.<...> It will be a shame if the retirement period increases, and the situation of pensioners does not improve. Then there will be discontent in society. I do not think that it can turn into some kind of action when retirees take to the streets. <...> The power takes into account this circumstance.
I was expecting a similar statement by the president about raising the retirement age. He has not spoken for a long time on this topic. Obviously, he studied the proposals of various initiative groups. I believe the president. If something happens in reforming the retirement age, it will be as close as possible to the interests of ordinary people. I believe that Putin, in raising the retirement age, is acting rationally and humanly right. He locks responsibility and is not afraid of her. "
Head of the Department of Political Science, Sociology and Public Relations, Ufa State Oil Technical University, Professor Eduard Gareev noted that the time for launching the reform was unsuccessful, and the president’s accession in some way “extinguishes” this mistake: “Initially, Putin was well aware of the unpopularity of this measure <. ..> Most of the population of small cities live in povertyand pension reform in this regard can not bear positive.
In my opinion, the time for the announcement of the reform was chosen incorrectly. The statement of the president means his understanding that in this matter everything is not so simple and good. It is clear that the economic need for reform is overdue, but a more preparatory period is needed for this. <...>
I think the president took the right wait-and-see attitude, especially on the eve of the upcoming regional elections. He understands that opposition forces are able to take over the initiative in this matter, therefore he made a statement in order to reassure everyone and make it clear that everything is being discussed and corrected. "
Well, something like this.
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