Original gifts to your friends. Homemade soap

The best friends are to trust all secrets andsecrets. For this we love and appreciate them. In gratitude, I always want to do something pleasant, so that a great mood was not only on your birthday or Christmas, but also on the most ordinary everyday day. Interesting gifts with their own hands to do very easily, if there is a little patience and imagination.

Soap as a gift

Cosmetics made from naturalingredients, is considered the most useful for the skin. Soap, cooked at home by hand, with the addition of medicinal herbs and moisturizing agents, will be an ideal gift for the girl. Presents to your friends in the form of soap can be welded in three different ways: from a ready-made soap, on a soap base and from alkali.

gifts to my friends

A gift from baby soap

The easiest way to make a beautiful productsuitable for beginners. For soap making, you will need a piece of usual baby soap, a herbal decoction, an oil base, essential oil and coffee beans. Grind soap is put on a water bath, add an oil base, and then a ready-made herbal decoction. We stir until the mass becomes viscous and homogeneous. Now, according to your desire, we add to your gifts your friends in the form of soap any natural ingredients, for example, coffee beans, chocolate or honey. Now it remains to pour the mass into beautiful molds and put it on the refrigerator for a couple of days.

interesting presents with your own hands

Soapy Surprise

Gifts to your friends in the form of homesoap can be done in a different way. Suitable are the same ingredients, only the oil base, we replace the soap. Also, we prepare a water bath first. First of all, add a soap base, then a herbal decoction or milk. After thickening, remove the mass, add essential oils and natural dyes, without stopping stirring. Molds are processed with alcohol, we pour out the future soap in them and leave them for a couple of days to freeze.

Soap from alkali

The most difficult New Year or Christmasgifts with their own hands are prepared from fat and alkali. For this method you will have to stock up electronic scales, glass pan, thermometer, blender, vaseline, coconut and olive oil, soda. Since this version of making soap is the most dangerous, it is recommended to perform all operations in gloves, and utensils, with which alkali contacts, should be glass. According to the soap recipe, all ingredients should be accurately weighed. Prepared oils are melted in a water bath, thoroughly mixed. Then add an alkaline solution to the oils. We remove the mass from the water bath, without stopping stirring, until it thickens. Then we pour it on the molds and leave it to the full hardness.

Christmas presents with your own hands

Homemade soap, cooked by own hands, willA useful cosmetic means, as well as a real masterpiece of soap making art. Presents to their friends in the form of original soap will please with its charming appearance and magnificent useful qualities. And you can without any serious expenses at any time of the year make such a necessary and sweet gift to your beloved friend.

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