Onion "centurion": description of the variety, characteristics of cultivation and reviews

Long bow was valued for its useful properties. It has found its use in cooking and traditional medicine. This healing vegetable has a mass of nutrients. It fills the body with essential vitamins and helps in the fight against inflammatory processes and infections. To provide your family with the supply of this vitamin product, it is better to grow it on your own plot. The onion "centurion" is in demand among consumers and popular with many gardeners. In the article we will describe in detail about this variety and the features of its cultivation.


A variety with an unusual name was bred by Dutch breeders. He has incorporated the best qualities of onion "Stuttgart Riesen" of German selection. It showed good results of germination and productivity. Very suitable grade for sale. When grown on a feather hybrid almost does not turn yellow and pleases with high and juicy greens.The bow "centurion" like to plant summer residents, as it is a very rational culture. At 1 m2grows about 4 kg of root crops.

Bow Centurion

The merits of the variety

Onions attract many gardeners to those that can grow in different regions of the country. It is grown in a harsh climate in greenhouses. It is appreciated for the early maturation of the bulbs.

Characteristic varieties of onions"centurion":

  • frost-resistant;
  • early-medium variety, ripening period from the moment of germination - 3 months;
  • not subject to strelkovuyu;
  • resistant to diseases;
  • differs in density and good preservation of fruits;
  • transportable;
  • famous for its quality seed;
  • suitable for cultivation on an industrial scale.

onion variety Centurion

Characteristics of the fruit

Some of the advantages for which the valuable variety is famous, it has due to the structure of the fruit. In the description and reviews of onions"centurion"One important detail is explained: for the crop to be well preserved, the onion neck must be dry. In this variety it is thin, and the process of its withering is faster. A dry neck prevents the growth of microorganisms and their penetration into the fetus.The variety can be stored for up to 7-8 months without losing its taste and maintaining a great healthy appearance.

According to the external description of the variety onion "centurion" is not much different from its counterparts. It has the classic golden color of the husk and white flesh, with a barely noticeable yellow-green shimmer.

Its peculiarity is that in terms of their size the heads are never too large. They also have an elongated configuration, which is very practical for hostesses. Because of this shape, the onion is convenient to cut, and the optimal size meets the needs of people, because after cooking, you do not have to leave waste. The average weight of one head is about 90 g.

The fruits of the hybrid are completely lacking sugary bitterness. They have a savory taste, diluted with a touch of light, and an appetizing aroma. Onions are suitable for eating raw, preserving and preparing dishes with different heat treatments.

Tubular leaves are famous for their intensive growth and beautiful bright green color. With good care, they reach up to 70 cm in height.

onion centurion variety description

Onion sets

Onion turnips are usually grown for two years. This harvest is obtained in the second year after planting.The yield that can be obtained from seeds in the first season of sowing is onion sets. In the description of the variety "centurion" they are small elongated onions with a diameter of about 2 cm. It is from them that high-quality large root crops are obtained. Sevok is adapted to different climatic conditions and has a high yield potential. But this is provided, if you follow all the rules of preparation for planting.

The choice of planting material is the key to the future harvest, so this issue must be approached responsibly. It is better to buy onions from reliable manufacturers or in specialized stores. At the same time they need to be examined: they should not be spoiled, damp or rotted.

Before planting, the planting material is processed. Onion sets should be held in saline or manganese solution. Then spread out on a cloth and dry well.

bow centurion reviews

Site selection and soil preparation

For planting onions "centurion" open, elevated and not shaded areas are better suited. When choosing a place, it is necessary to take into account the depth of groundwater, since this culture does not tolerate high humidity.Compliance with crop rotation is a must in the cultivation of this variety. So, it cannot be planted in its former place.

Sandy ground will be ideal for onions. If the soil is acidic, lime or ash is added to it for 1 year before planting. Having planted a culture in a sour soil, one can suffer significant damage in the amount of the crop.

Site preparation begins with clearing it of weeds. Such pre-cleaning will significantly affect the quality of the onions.

By digging to a depth of 30 cm, at the same time make the necessary fertilizers.

Bow Centurion Description Reviews


Onion sets are planted in late September or early October, two weeks before the onset of frost. During this period, the bulbs will receive a certain tempering and the required amount of moisture. Planting onions "centurion" in the winter makes it possible to get an early harvest of greenery. It will grow much more actively than the one that will be produced in the spring.

Onions in this class can not be planted deep. For him prepare the wells with a distance of 25 cm between the rows.

Immediately before planting, it is recommended to add superphosphate, rotted organic matter and wood ash.

Sevok placed in the hole at the same distance. The interval in the row from one bulb to the other is about 10 cm, and deepen by 6 cm.

The planted culture is covered with loose earth, after which it is slightly tamped.

In the spring onions "centurion" are planted only in a well-heated land. This should be done when the weather stabilizes and the daytime temperature will constantly keep at least + 10 ° C. It is necessary that the top layer of soil be warmed up to + 14 ° С. The hybrid is able to tolerate frosts down to -4 ° C. However, you need to wait for the weather, when this indicator will appear only at night.

Centurion bow landing before winter

Sowing seeds

Seeding is done at the end of April. Planting seed includes several sequential actions:

  • For better germination, seeds are presoaked for 24 hours in pure water with the addition of a growth stimulator. Wet them are placed in the fabric and wrapped on top of the film.
  • Prepare long furrows with a depth of 3 cm and a distance of about 18.
  • In the grooves make the same fertilizer as for onion sets.
  • Seeds evenly scatter along the grooves.
  • After sowing seeds, soil needs to be tamped more than when planting bulbs.You can use a roller or special tools for rolling.

Features of growing

For a crop such as onions, it is very important to loosen the soil and in time to destroy the weeds. Such techniques will facilitate the entry of oxygen into the soil and the preservation of the necessary elements that weeds can take from the plants.

In abundant watering culture needs during the growing season. If the onion does not get enough moisture, it can lead to yellowing of the green mass.

In the period when the roots begin to develop, moisture is reduced. Plants are watered as needed.

20 days before harvesting, watering is completely canceled. Excessively saturated fruits will not be stored for a long time and may start to rot.

As soon as the first shoots appear and grow a little, they must be fertilized with nitrogen. At the second stage of development, onions need to be supplied with potassium.

When growing onions for greens feeding in a different order. Initially, the culture is fertilized with nitroammophotic and ash. This procedure is carried out twice, with an interval of 7 days. Further, after each regular cutting of the feather, complex fertilizers are applied with the obligatory presence of nitrogen.

Fortunately, the resistance of the onion variety "centurion" frees the gardener from unnecessary trouble.

However, the onion fly and the mole are a threat to this culture. Pests lay eggs under green feathers and dried onion scales. In order not to wait for such visitors to spoil the seedlings, it is necessary to treat the plants with insecticides in time. If carrots are planted next to the onion beds - this will prevent the invasion of harmful insects.

onion sets Centurion variety description

Harvesting onions

A sign that the time has come to harvest the onions is its dried neck. During this period, she is no longer able to hold the feathers, and they lie down on the ground.

The aboveground part of the plant at the time of harvest should be already dry. If the onions are harvested ahead of time, then it will rot during storage. Late harvesting can also present an unwanted surprise, which is manifested in the premature germination of the bulbs.

When the roots are already harvested, they must be dried. It is better to do it in full sun, spreading the bulbs in a single layer. In rainy weather, you can use the canopy.

Before you send onions for storage, it is cut and put in wooden boxes. They are lowered into the basement, as in living areas, roots will rot or sprout.The ideal temperature for storing onions is no higher than + 5 ° C.


About onions"centurion"reviews are great. Many like its taste and the shape of the fruit. People say that root vegetables are well kept. The gardeners who grow onions for sale are pleased with its yield and early ripening. They are impressed by the beautiful juicy greens that are not damaged by diseases.


After reviewing the characteristics of the onion "centurion", it would not hurt for a gardener to acquire this high-quality hybrid. For those who have not had time to choose for themselves a certain variety of this crop, the acquisition of seed material described onions will be the best choice.

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