Biography of Nikita Belykh

Nikita Yurevich Belykh - ex-governor of the Kirov region, co-host of the radio program "Diary of the governor", the former chairman of the party "Union of Right Forces". He was retired in July 2016 due to a corruption scandal. The successor is Igor Vasiliev.
In the photo: ex-governor Nikita BelykhIn the photo: ex-governor Nikita Belykh

Nikita Belykh's childhood

Nikita was born into the family of the chief metallurgist of the Motor-Building Design Bureau "at the Sverdlov plant and a university lecturer. Dad - candidate of technical sciences, and my mother - candidate of chemical sciences. Nikita has an older brother, Alexander (now the prosecutor of the Perm Territory).
Children's photo of Nikita BelykhChildren's photo of Nikita Belykh
Belykh graduated from school with a physical and mathematical bias with a gold medal. After he entered the economics and law faculties of Perm State University. It should be noted that the future politician entered both faculties at the same time. But I had to leave my studies at law later, since Belykh simply could not cope with such a burden. The economic faculty of a young man graduated with a red diploma.Then Nikita went to graduate school and went to Oxford for an internship, where he improved his skills as an economist.
Nikita Belykh started a journalist on television. And in 1993, he established an investment company called Fin-East. Five years later, Belykh became vice-president of the Financial and Production Group of the Perm Region.
Business secrets of Nikita Belykh

Union of Right Forces

In 2001, Nikita became chairman of the Perm organization of the Union of Right Forces party. And in the same year he was elected deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly. He is on the economic policy and tax committee.
And in March 2004, as soon as the Governor of the Perm Region Yury Trutnev became Minister of Natural Resources, Nikita Belykh was appointed Vice-Governor of the Perm Region.
In mid-2005, Belykh was elected chairman of the SPS party. And then he resigned, resigned as vice-governor. After a year and a half, he passed to the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Region on the list of the Union of Right Forces.
From 2005 to 2008, Nikita Belykh headed the Union of Right Forces.From 2005 to 2008, Nikita Belykh headed the Union of Right Forces.
In September 2008, Nikita Belykh announced that he was leaving the post of ATP chairman and leaving the party. Then Boris Nemtsov said: “I respect the choice of Nikita Belykh.His decision means that he does not plan to participate in a false project. ATP will now become a puppet, which will be managed by Kremlin puppeteers. And I will not stay in this game. ” Belykh wrote in his LiveJournal that he did not want to see himself in the project of the Kremlin and believed that the state should not rule the parties.
Nikita Belykh: "The state should not manage the parties"Nikita Belykh: "The state should not manage the parties"

Governor of the Kirov region

In December 2008, the candidacy of Nikita Belykh was submitted by President Dmitry Medvedev to the Kirov Assembly for consideration as governor. In the same month, Nikita resigned deputy powers in the Perm Territory. A few days later the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov Region vested White with the powers of the governor. The inauguration was held in January 2009.
Nikita Belykh awards the leadership of the Kirov toy factory "Spring"Nikita Belykh awards the leadership of the Kirov toy factory "Spring"
A year later, the head of the region reported on his work, but three years later, within the framework of the criminal case, which investigated the fact that the regional government sold a 25.5% stake in the Urzhum Distillery in 2010 to Sistema Globus holding at a reduced price, in the office Nikita Belykh and the house were searched.The policy was interrogated as a witness.
By the way, according to the rating of the portal Nikita Belykh was perhaps the most popular politbloger of Russia.

Nikita Belykh and charges of plagiarism

In May 2011, the Historical Memory Foundation accused Nikita Belykh of plagiarism. In scientific articles of the politician, for the preparation of his thesis "Features of the formation and functioning of the camp economy of 1938-1953," information was borrowed from the historian-local historian Kirov V. Veremiev, and there were no references to the author. The foundation asked for the necessary measures. However, no borrowings were found in the candidate himself.
“Dissernet”: table of plagiarism in Nikita Belykh's candidate“Dissernet”: table of plagiarism in Nikita Belykh's candidate
At the same time, Nikita Belykh said that the plagiarism fund accepted information based on the same sources. And then he presented the statement of the author Veremiev, in which the absence of plagiarism was confirmed, that is, he did not make White claims. Moreover, according to Nikita, the references to the author were in monographs.
Moreover, these theses director of the fund Alexander Dyukov called "helpless." He stated, if there are no claims from the author Veremiev,this does not negate the presence of plagiarism in the works and, especially, the “inability to carry out independent research and scientific dishonesty”. In addition, it was added that the links should be in articles and in monographs. Dyukov emphasized that whole pieces of text coincided in the writings of Veremiev and Belykh.
Nikita White about crime
As a result, the examination showed that charges of plagiarism are unproven. At the same time, the letter of accusation is rather biased and there are factual errors in it.
It is worth noting that Nikita Belykh defended his candidate.

Nikita White conflict with the Communist Party

The negative assessment of the work of the governor of the Kirov region received from the local Communist Party regional committee. In 2012, the Communists staged a number of protest actions against Nikita Belykh in the region. Activists gathered and signatures for the resignation of the governor. The head of the region made claims on several issues: the assumption of an armed conflict in the village of Demyanovo, the implementation of health care reform, which resulted in a reduction in the number of hospitals, as well as the deterioration of the work of agriculture.
The confrontation of the Kirov communists and Nikita BelykhThe confrontation of the Kirov communists and Nikita Belykh
Communist Sergei Mamaev reported on the crisis situation in the region at a meeting of the State Duma. Nikita Belykh was blamed for the socio-economic problems of the Kirov region. In response to such an accusation, the politician filed a lawsuit in court to protect his honor, dignity and business reputation. Nikita demanded to recover compensation for moral damage from Mamaev - one million rubles. But the court decided to recover from Sergey Mamaev only 90 thousand rubles in compensation.
Nikita has honorary awards. In 2010, he was presented with a memorial sign "For merits" from the Federal Service for the Control of Drug Trafficking. And in 2012, the politician received the medal "For merits in the conduct of the All-Russian population census in 2010".
Nikita Belykh enjoys sportsNikita Belykh enjoys sports

Nikita Belykh's personal life

Nikita Belykh is married. His wife's name is Ella Yuryevna. She is engaged in business in Perm. Three sons were born in marriage. The elder Yuri is studying in the UK, two younger Alexander and Stepan live with their mother in Perm.
Nikita Belykh with his sonsNikita Belykh with his sons

Nikita Belykh and corruption scandal

In September 2014, Nikita Belykh was re-elected for a second term.
Nikita Belykh: interview
On the evening of June 24, 2016, Nikita Belykh was detained in a Moscow restaurant for receiving a bribe in the amount of 400 thousand euros from representatives of the Novovyatsky ski combine controlled by him. At the court session, which took place the next day, the governor did not admit his guilt and claimed that the money was intended for the needs of Kirov. The court decided to arrest Nikita Belykh for 2 months as a preventive measure.
In the summer of 2016, Governor Nikita Belykh was arrested for receiving a bribe.In the summer of 2016, Governor Nikita Belykh was arrested for receiving a bribe.
July 28, 2016, Vladimir Putin made a number of personnel changes. Nikita Belykh was expectedly dismissed from his post as governor. The head of the Rosreestr Igor Vasilyev was appointed head of the Kirov region.

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