Night light for a newborn: what to choose

Arranging a bedroom for a new family member is a very difficult and responsible task. All the details should be thought out in order for the parents to be comfortable and for the baby to be safely in the room.

One of the attributes of any child is a night light for a newborn. The modern market can offer many options. Which of them to choose and what is the original purpose of the night light, you can learn from the article.

Who needs a night light first?

night light for newborns on the bed

It is important to understand that the baby feels comfortable both in the dark and in the light. His perception of the world does not yet include many things, including the fact that the darkness can be feared. However, a nightlight for a newborn is a necessary thing. For whom is it needed?

The main purpose of the device is to provide light to parents who have to stand up to the baby several times a night. There are a lot of reasons for this in the first few months: from changing a diaper to checking a child's well-being.A lamp with a soft diffused light was invented for this, since the bright light after dark is very unpleasant to the eyes and can wake the sleeping family members.

As for children, they are even undesirable night light. The fact is that the fear of darkness is formed after 3 years. And in order not to provoke him, it is better not to use the light throughout the night. The night light should be turned on only when necessary, so it is very important to choose the appropriate option depending on the room and the age of the baby.

What is important to know when choosing

Before you decide which nightlight to choose for a newborn, you should consider a few nuances:

  • the quality of the material from which the nightlight is made must comply with safety regulations and have a written guarantee;
  • mount must be of high quality and reliable;
  • the device should not be broken into small fragments in the event of a fall;
  • the outgoing light should be soft, preferably green, blue, yellow;
  • if there is a melody, it should be calm and not annoying the psyche of the baby;
  • the level of light (sound) must be adjusted manually.

Further, the choice will depend on the personal preferences of parents and children, as well as the combination of the lamp with the overall interior of the children's room.

Night light plug

night light for a newborn

A night light for a newborn does not have to be expensive. A good example of a budget fixture is a point gauge. It got its name because of the method of attachment: it is inserted into the outlet and illuminates a small space around it. This option is not suitable if the outlet is located low on the floor and far from the crib, since such a device will not be able to give enough light. On the market spotlights are presented in a variety of shapes and colors.

Night light clothes peg

Night light for newborns on the bed can be made with fastening in the form of clothespins. This allows you to mount it in any desired place. Most of these lamps are powered by batteries, which allows not depend on the distance of the outlet. If you need to use it all night, you should stock up on additional batteries or purchase special batteries with the possibility of recharging.


which night light to choose for a newborn

A lamp placed on a wall is often called a sconce. Night light for a newborn can be made in the form of the moon, sun, ball, favorite fairy-tale hero. It can be placed above the crib or near it.If the model has a dimmer, it can be used both as a night light and as an ordinary lamp. After becoming older, the child will be able to independently use the bra for their own purposes. At the same time, it will perfectly fit into the interior of any children's room, designed for both a newborn and a teenager.


The lamp is installed on any solid horizontal surface. Most often it is a table, dresser, dresser. Its appearance is often similar to a regular classic lamp. Although often there are options in the form of toys, figures. They can have one level of lighting, that is, to be only a night light. A may have a dimmer, that is, to perform the function of a desk lamp. The downside of this model is that a very small child can throw him off the table.

Night Light Projector

night light projector for newborns

The nightlight projector for newborns is very popular among parents. This is a lighting device that projects all sorts of pictures on the ceiling of a children's room. Most often choose the option with a starry sky. Gentle light and slowly moving pictures calm the baby.Very often, the projector is built into the mobile, although there are many desktop options, as well as models with a clothespin for attaching to the bed.

What is a “smart” night light?

One of the most expensive options are nightlights with a built-in motion and sound sensor. They are triggered by the movement of the baby or his crying, which allows the mother to immediately react. There is no need to turn on and off the night light independently. The device will turn itself off after a specified time or when the room becomes bright.

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