Neuritis of the auditory nerve: symptoms, treatment of folk remedies

The neuritis of the auditory nerve (cochlear neuritis) is an inflammatory pathology affecting the nerve from the area It is responsible for transmitting impulses to the brain. Pathology can develop due to various reasons, which usually determine the tactics of treatment.

Description of the disease

Neuritis of the auditory nerve is a disease of the nervous system caused by an inflammatory process and a violation of the quality of hearing. Most often the disease is diagnosed in patients older than 50 years, and in the male. They very rarely seek medical help, considering the deterioration of the quality of hearing to be normal. Pathology is mainly diagnosed in urban residents. The fact is that intense background noise negatively affects the main organ of hearing.

Depending on the duration of the disease, there are three of its forms. It is acute, subacute and chronic.The first option is characterized by rapid development. Since no visible changes are usually observed, many patients explain the dramatic decrease in hearing with a sulfur tube. Chronic neuritis of the auditory nerve develops imperceptibly and may give an aggravation about itself if the disease has not been diagnosed in a timely manner.neuritis of the auditory nerve

Anatomy of the auditory nerve

The auditory nerve is the conductive part of the hearing analyzer. It consists of several thousand nerve fibers, each of which accepts a certain frequency of sound. The fibers from the upper part of the cochlea transform low-frequency waves, from the base - high-frequency sounds.

The nerve signal is recognized in the temporal areas of the brain, then it is processed and correlated with human sensations. This is a very complex physiological process that provides the ability to hear sounds and determine their origin.

In this disease, the subcortical centers of hearing, hair cells and nerve endings usually suffer. Microcirculation is disturbed, hypoxia of cells of the nerve trunk gradually develops, which becomes inflamed and ceases to fully function.

Causes of hearing loss

The main feature of the auditory nerve is its hypersensitivity to external as well as internal effects of negative factors. As a result, the causes provoking the development of the inflammatory process may be of a different nature. Why does the neuritis of the auditory nerve develop?

  • Pathology of congenital nature.
  • Bacterial infections with localization in the area of ​​the nasopharynx, neck or brain (flu, mumps, meningitis).
  • Toxic effects (alcohol, poisoning with mercury or lead, drugs).
  • Professional activities (work in the area of ​​high noise and vibration).
  • Mechanical damage and head injuries.
  • Age features, accompanied by increased blood pressure, the development of atherosclerosis.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Tumor lesions.

 auditory nerve neuritis symptoms treatment

How the neuritis of the auditory nerve manifests itself: symptoms

The treatment of a disease depends on its form. Acute neuritis occurs suddenly and progresses rapidly. Pain discomfort and other symptoms of the disease are usually absent. Samples using a tuning fork make it possible to identify a violation of sound perception.

The following symptoms are characteristic of neuritis of the auditory nerve:

  1. Reducing the quality of hearing is the main sign of illness. If you do not take all the necessary treatment measures in a timely manner, the risk of complete deafness increases.
  2. Constant noise, hum in the ears.

If the patient with the appearance of these symptoms seeks the help of a doctor, in most cases the prognosis is favorable. Patients with severe disorders of the vestibular nature, who neglect their own health, develop irreversible changes in the main organ of hearing.

neuritis auditory nerve symptoms

Chronic neuritis of the auditory nerve has a different clinical picture. Symptoms in this case are practically not disturbed, and the disease itself proceeds with periods of exacerbations and subsequent remissions.

This form of the disease is characterized by the following features:

  1. Frequent dizziness, unsteady gait.
  2. Paroxysmal pain in the ears.
  3. Weakness, headache, nausea, pallor.
  4. "Flies" before my eyes.
  5. Fever, cough, runny nose.

Establishing diagnosis

If you suspect that the cochlear neuritis of the auditory nerve is recommended to seek help from an otolaryngologist.At the reception, the doctor initially examines the ear, then collects a full history and asks a series of clarifying questions (prior diseases, duration of symptoms, etc.). After confirming the diagnosis, the specialist usually conducts additional studies to rule out other pathologies.

  • Audiometry (hearing test).
  • Tympanometry.
  • René’s test (assessment of the air conduction of sound directly with bone conduction).
  • Test Weber (determination of the difference in the audibility of sounds).cochlear neuritis of the auditory nerve

To identify the true cause of the disease, as a rule, it is recommended to consult adjacent specialists and a number of additional tests (roentgenogram of the skull, biochemical analysis of blood, CT).

Drug treatment

Before proceeding with the treatment of the disease, it is important to identify all the causes that provoked the neuritis of the auditory nerve. Treatment of patients with acute pathology is carried out in the ENT department. Diuretics are prescribed to patients (“Hypothiazide”), drugs for improving cerebral circulation (“Kavinton”) and stimulating metabolism (“Cocarboxylase”). A special role is given to detoxification therapy.

Treatment of the chronic form begins with the elimination of the main etiological factor. Therapy of infectious neuritis includes the use of antivirals (Ingavirin, Arbidol), antibacterial (Amoxicillin) and anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofen, Ortofen) drugs. Also, vitamin complexes and antioxidants are prescribed to speed up cell metabolism.

A different approach to therapy requires toxic neuritis of the auditory nerve. Folk remedies in this matter are usually ineffective. Patients are usually prescribed antidotes. These are special substances responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body. Patients are shown symptomatic therapy, as well as rehabilitation and rehabilitation measures.

Treatment of traumatic neuritis is prescribed only after radiography of the skull and consultation of a neurologist. Patients are usually recommended diuretics and anticonvulsants, as well as analgesics. After stabilization of the general condition, they switch to general strengthening therapy with the use of vitamins and nootropic medicines.

neuritis auditory nerve treatment

Therapy of the disease caused by professional activity should be started only after changing the workplace. Otherwise, it will be ineffective.Patients prescribed biostimulants, vitamins, painkillers.

With the progression of the disease and a sharp deterioration in the quality of hearing, doctors, as a rule, make a decision on hearing aids.

Neuritis of the auditory nerve: treatment of folk remedies

Traditional healers offer their prescriptions for treating such an insidious disease. Below we consider only the most popular ones.

  • Garlic treatment.Before going to bed, chop the garlic finely and mix it with three drops of any oil. The resulting mixture should be neatly folded in cheesecloth, wrap and insert into the ear. After the appearance of a burning sensation, garlic can be obtained.
  • Help the golden mustache.It will take one large or several small sheets of this plant. They should be finely chopped and sent to cook for just a few minutes. Let it stand in a thermos. The resulting decoction is recommended to use three times a day, one teaspoon.

optic neuritis folk remedies

To resort to the help of alternative medicine should be only after consulting with your doctor. Otherwise, the disease will progress, which is fraught with complete hearing loss.


The prognosis for a given disease depends on its form and stage, as well as on the timeliness of the initiated therapy. In the case of infectious pathologies, injuries and acute poisoning, patients manage to cope with the problem. Complete deafness occurs in severe illness, in the absence of adequate therapy. For example, the popular treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve and the abandonment of traditional medicine can lead to such deplorable consequences.

If the patient is diagnosed with a chronic form of the disease, the prognosis is less favorable. Full restoration of hearing is allowed only with early treatment, when pathological processes have not yet had time to fully spread through the nerve. In case of senile changes in the ear, by correct therapy, the inflammation can be stopped, but not completely defeated.

How to prevent illness?

Prevention of this pathology is based on the exclusion of all factors that may trigger its development. First of all, doctors recommend timely treatment of all diseases of an infectious nature. It is equally important to avoid contact with toxic substances, when working with them to use protective equipment, and medicines should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor.Older people are advised to undergo preventive examinations annually, take the necessary tests and monitor blood pressure.popular treatment of acoustic neuritis


This article provides information on the topic “Neuritis of the auditory nerve: symptoms, treatment, prevention”. Despite the danger of this disease, the key to its successful therapy is the timely diagnosis and strict adherence to all the recommendations of the doctor. Adequate treatment guarantees almost 100% complete restoration of hearing. The longer the pathological process, the less chance of a quick recovery.

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