Every woman and girl dreams in any weather and always look stunning and excellent. But not every young lady knows that a beautiful look, style is everyday work, which sometimes takes a lot of effort. And this is not in vain! After all, who wants to communicate with a slut or a gray mouse? Obviously, only her relatives.
Smart girl - should look well-groomed at any time of the day, and always be with a smile. For this you need to know a few small female tricks. For example, in order to look elegant and tasteful during a thematic party or other cultural event, it is not necessary to borrow a necklace from a friend each time, or an old mother's necklace. All you need for this decoration is the desire to make it and a little time.
To make a lace and beautiful necklace you will need tools and materials such as: at least 26 glass beads with a diameter of 0.5 centimeters (the number of beads depends on the size of your neck), small Czech beads - 1 pack, threads with a beaded needle, two links, scissors , carabiner lock, round bead fixtures, as well as glue.
To make a necklace

First of all, we take one small bead from a bundle of beads and with the help of threads with a needle we tie a knot around this bead.
one little bead

We attach one link to this bead - on the one hand, and on the other - a large bead (to make sure that your actions are correct, compare the results with the photos below).
attach one link

Now proceed to the basic pattern of your openwork necklace. You can choose the color scheme yourself, based mainly on your outfits in the closet. I chose black because it is exactly this color that is considered neutral and can be suitable for any stylish outfit, both for a dress and a work blouse.
We type 4 beads on a needle.
black color beads

We make a diamond from these beads, as shown in the figure. First we make one circle completely to the original bead, and then skip the needle with thread to the third bead.
necklace pattern

Then we again take a large glass bead and dress it with a needle, attach it to our already made diamond.
large glass bead

In this spirit, we continue to weave the basis for the necklace.
When you put on the last glass bead, do not forget to fasten it with a thread, as well as a keeper, bead.Once again you put one link on the bead, and also on the link you put on the lock-carbine.
weave a base for necklaces

Now it's a little thing. You need to make a fringe to the already almost finished necklace. You count five beads, and the lower tooth of a diamond puts twenty beads on and thread through two beads into the next diamond of a diamond.
weave a base for necklaces

This procedure continues to do until the end of the necklace will not be five beads, as in the beginning.
weave a base for necklaces

Our last procedure will be another fringe series. Only this series we begin with the lower tooth of the diamond, which follows next that diamond, on which there is already a fringe.
weave a base for necklaces

If you do not have so much fringe, then you can add a third row, just string more beads.


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