Narrow pullout rack


The necessary materials that I used for this project:
  • Rear board for the back. I have a size of 61 cm in depth and 121 cm in height - in fact, these are the dimensions of the entire rack without thickness. The width of the entire rack is slightly less than the width of the gap.
  • Boards on the shelves - 6 pieces.
  • Two boards on top and bottom.
  • Two boards on the sides of the shelf.
  • Two wheels for the movement of the whole structure.
  • Round wooden slats.
  • Wood screws
  • Glue on wood.
  • The handle from the cabinet for the extension of the rack.

I don’t see the exact dimensions of all the boards, as it’s all yours. In which case they will not be difficult to calculate them. But for this, first measure the width of your gap between the refrigerator and the wall, the depth of this gap. Decide on the desired height of the future shelf.
All this can be done in about 15 minutes by drawing a sketch on paper with a pencil.
Narrow pullout rack

Production of shelving for the kitchen

The whole construction can be assembled on some screws, but in addition I have all taped glue on wood.
Spread out the shelves, figured the number of required.
Narrow pullout rack

Narrow pullout rack

Began assembling the box. Joints planted on the glue.
Narrow pullout rack

Left to dry, pressing what it was.
Narrow pullout rack

Got glued box rack.
Narrow pullout rack

Additionally fixed with screws. If you will use thin boards, before screwing in the screw, drill a hole so that the board does not crack.
Narrow pullout rack

As a result, I got to the shelves, placed and fastened with screws.
Narrow pullout rack

Narrow pullout rack

Since the rack is very narrow and when extending from it can fly bottles and jars need to make a kind of rim. In the beginning, I thought of tightening the line or rope, but in the end I stopped at round slats.

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