Muscle contracted - what to do? First aid for muscle spasms

Feelings when muscle contraction, pleasant to call is unlikely to succeed. An unexpected acute pain, which most often occurs in the legs, can wake up in the middle of the night. Such a spasm can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, and if the algorithm is incorrect, the discomfort will be disturbed for several more days. How to avoid such a situation and prevent seizures, let's look in more detail.
Muscle contraction

What is cramp?

When we move, we purposefully bring the necessary muscle groups into action. And this is a completely natural physiological process. But the phenomenon when the muscle fibers involuntarily contract, it is customary to call it “spasm”.

Muscle spasms are so common a problem that doctors even classified them according to the nature of the contractions. So, fast muscle cramps are called clonic, but the long tone of these tissues is called "tonic spasm."

Ailment or symptom?

If the muscle contracted once, and there was no recurrence over a long period of time, there is practically no reason for excitement. But in situations where this happens several times a week, you should think about your own health. And even if, apart from the muscle spasms of a person, nothing else bothers, this does not mean that there are no hidden problems.

Muscle cramps in most cases are the first bell of many ailments. They may indicate a lack of vitamins in the body, and signal the development of diseases of the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, kidneys, etc. Therefore, when a symptom such as muscle spasm appears, you should listen more carefully to your body. And it is better to ask for qualified help and go through a full diagnosis.
Contracted the calf muscle

Causes of seizures

If you often reduce muscles at night, a visit to the doctor should not be postponed. After all, the causes of such an unpleasant and painful symptom can be mass. One of them is developing multiple sclerosis. And, as you know, this ailment is quite difficult to treat, and the sooner it is diagnosed, the more likely the patient is to recover.

Night cramps can appear on the background of flat-footedness, thyroid disease, blood supply disorders of the lower extremities, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, osteochondrosis and kidney pathologies. Diseases of the cardiovascular system, disorders of muscular metabolic processes, "women's troubles", as well as a lack of mineral substances, can also often cause involuntary muscle spasms.

First aid for convulsions

If you have contracted a muscle, the main thing is not to make sudden movements, as this can lead to injury of muscle fibers. The first thing to do is not to panic and restore blood circulation in the affected limb. For this, despite the discomfort and pain, you need to slowly get up and try to evenly distribute the weight of your body on both legs. In most cases, after such simple actions, the muscle relaxes and the pain goes away.

If the above method did not give the desired result, you should try to remove the tone with a massage. At the same time, you can pinch a leg a little, and then rub the damaged area with intensive but soft movements.With such simple manipulations, the blood supply in the limb will be restored, and the muscle tissue will relax.
Cramps treatment

But if the calf muscle contracted while you sleep, and you don't want to get up, you can try stretching while lying down. To do this, gently pull the sock and then bend it in the opposite direction. Such approaches should be made at least five to seven, so that the muscle began to respond to the "commands". However, it should be remembered that the exercise is performed slowly, so as not to damage the muscle fibers.

In case of a long spasm it is better to use a compress or a warm towel. In addition, you should lie down and put a pillow under your feet. This will improve the flow of blood and remove the tone.

What to do if cramps are caused by a lack of minerals?

If muscular spasm is a consequence of the development of ailments of internal organs, the treatment will be directed towards the fight against the underlying disease. The situation is quite different if convulsions were caused by a lack of minerals and vitamins. This can lead to such depletion of the body as an unhealthy diet, overwork and medication, and bad habits.Therefore, to prevent seizures, treatment should begin with a lifestyle change.

First, you must give up bad habits. After all, smoking and alcohol adversely affect the work of all body systems and prevent the assimilation of necessary substances. Secondly, you need to review your daily routine and devote more time to rest. If the work schedule or other circumstances do not allow this, arrange unloading “five minutes” every hour.
Muscle cramps

Thirdly, so that involuntary muscle spasms do not recur, it is necessary to make the right diet and follow it clearly. It should contain foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium, as these substances contribute to the proper functioning of muscle tissue.

Observing all the above simple recommendations, you can not only forget what “reduced calf muscle”, but also significantly enhance your own health.

Leg cramps during pregnancy. What to do?

In most cases, spasm of the calf muscles in pregnant women arises from the II semester. There are two main reasons for this. First: the weight of the future mother increases and creates an additional load on the muscles of the legs. The second: a woman’s need for additional trace elements and vitamins.
Muscle cramps

And if there is such a problem, the algorithm of first aid will be identical, but you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The specialist will examine the patient, prescribe a number of necessary tests and select the most effective vitamin complex. In addition, a woman will be recommended to review her diet, daily regimen and allocate more time to rest.

Cramps during swimming

Many people know that if you have contracted a muscle in water, you should immediately call for help. After all, it is almost impossible to quickly remove muscle spasm, without having solid ground under your feet. Therefore, those who know about their problem should be especially careful while swimming in the water bodies and the pool and not to neglect the safety rules. It is better not to swim to the depth and be constantly surrounded by other swimmers who can help if the cramps begin.

Treatment of involuntary muscle spasms in such cases should be carried out only after the person is delivered to the land. The patient should stand on both legs and distribute his weight evenly. You can, of course, try to stretch the muscle and in the water, for this you need to pull the sock as much as possible, and then bend it, again, as much as possible in the opposite direction.However, the exercise is not always possible to perform due to severe pain.

Treatment of cramps

Given the fact that involuntary muscle spasm is not a separate disease, but only a signal symptom of the development of an illness, it is useless to fight only with it. It is necessary to consult a doctor and find the cause of this unpleasant clinical symptom. After all, if it often reduces muscles, the reason may be hiding much deeper in the body, and only a professional can determine this focus. Only after the exact diagnostician is installed, the specialist will prescribe a treatment complex.

Sport as a treatment for cramps

Hypotension, lack of vitamins and minerals often lead to disruptions in the work of many body systems, including metabolic processes in muscle tissues. As a result - frequent seizures. To get rid of such health problems, it is not enough to restore the diet and diet, it is also necessary to strengthen the muscular structures. To do this, you should go in for sports, preferably under the supervision of a specialist, who will draw up a plan for gentle activities with a gradual increase in workload.
Muscle Cause

Thus, it is safe to say that sport is one of the components of the treatment and prevention of muscle spasms.

Prevention of seizures

Despite the fact that seizures are not a separate disease, and act only as a symptom, they can be prevented. To do this, you must carefully treat your body and follow a few simple recommendations. First, you should abandon the uncomfortable narrow shoes, which can be the cause of both dislocations and injuries, and additional stress on the legs. Secondly, if muscle cramps often occur, it is necessary to avoid overwork and heavy physical exertion. In addition, it is recommended to systematically do a firming complex of exercises for the legs. Thirdly, before going to bed, it is necessary to do relaxing baths and foot massages to relieve muscle fatigue.
Reduces muscle at night

A separate point for the prevention of seizures is the right diet, which contains the necessary amount of beneficial trace elements and vitamins, as well as adequate fluid intake.

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