Mountains, Moira and Muse - the glorious daughters of Zeus

Hot temper, vindictiveness and authoritarianism are not the only distinguishing features of the supreme god Olympus. Perhaps one of the most striking characteristics of the Thunderer is his diverse love affairs. The result of the adventure was numerous offspring. Special dad's attention enjoyed the daughters of Zeus.

Zeus the Thunderer

Official wives of Zeus

In mythology, one can find mention of the three marriages of the supreme god of the Greek pantheon. The first "official" wife of the Thunderbolt was the young Oceanid Metis, who helped Zeus to establish himself as the main deity and free her brothers and sisters from the belly of bloodthirsty Kronos. Fearing retribution of descendants, Zeus did the same as his father did: he swallowed pregnant Metis, because she could give birth to a son who would bring him down in the future. But still, in due time, Athena, the goddess with a warlike character, was born from the head of her father.

The second wife of Zeus - the goddess of justice Themis, daughter of Uranus and Gaia.In Roman mythology, she was both the wife and sister of Jupiter.

Another spouse of Zeus - the supreme goddess Hera. From her, the Thunderer had a few offspring: the daughter of Ilifia and two sons - the cruel Ares and the skilled blacksmith Hephaestus. But this Zeus was not enough. He wanted to fill Olympus with blood relatives: sons and daughters.

Descendants of the God of Thought and the Goddess of Justice

Zeus and Themis’s daughters were mountains and moirs. The former were subsequently responsible for justice (Dicke), good law, order (Evnomiya), and peaceful life (Eiren).

Goddess Themis

The youngest daughters of a divine couple, Moira, were goddesses of fate. Cloto was responsible for the thread of life, Lachesis defined rock and Atropos determined when life would end.

The ladies of fate regularly performed their duties. But sometimes it was not clear what to expect from the goddesses in the next minute. Despite the prudence transmitted to them from their mother, they were very much like their father. Needless to say that the girls coordinated all their decisions with the tyrant dad?

Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne

As you know, the faithful companions of the most beautiful god Olympus Apollo were nine muses.They accompanied their idol everywhere, pleasing and protecting him. Who were these quivering personalities? Any of the muses is the goddess, the daughter of Zeus, and the patroness of the memory of Mnemosyne. All of them were responsible for different creative beginnings and sciences. The constellation of nine muses includes:

  • Calliope is the patroness of epic poetry. It was she who later became the mother of sweet Orpheus.
  • Clio is the muse of history. In addition to reminding the past, the goddess helps people find their way of life.
  • Melpomene "was in charge" of the theater. She is the mother of the sirens, the main opponents of Orpheus.
  • Talia - the patroness of the comedy genre. In addition, the goddess was responsible for composing light playful poetry.
  • Polyhymnia is the goddess of solemn hymns and odes.
  • Terpsichore - patroness of dance lovers. It was she who gave the grace and ease of rhythmic movements.
  • Urania is the muse of astronomy. This is the most serious and thoughtful goddess, giving a person the ability to contemplate and analyze.
  • For love poetry answered Erato. Under her protection, the relationship between a man and a woman became more tender and romantic.
  • Euterpe is the muse of lyric poems and melodies.Its constant attributes are the flute or lira.
Goddess Mnemosyne

Thanks to the nine muses, almost all spheres of life of the ancient Greeks were more spiritual and significant.

Daughters of zeus from other lovers

It is known that, apart from official wives, the Thunderer had many love affairs. To achieve the desired favor, a very inventive Zeus to each of his mistresses found an original approach. For example, to the beautiful Danae, imprisoned by her father in a dungeon, the supreme god penetrated in the form of a golden rain. Beautiful Europe Zeus kidnapped, turned into a beautiful white bull. Io, the priestess of Hera herself, God turned into a sacred cow. The history of Summer reveals the seduction of the Titanides with quail. It is not difficult to guess that the bird is a transformation of Zeus.

Goddess of Destiny - Moira

All beloved gods sooner or later gave birth to offspring. From many connections appeared and beautiful daughters of Zeus. Thus, the famous virgin Artemis, the goddess of hunting and fertility, was born from the union of Thunder and Leto. Sister Demeter gave her brother Persephone, the patroness of fertility and the kingdom of the dead, to her brother. Okeanida Evrinoma gave birth to three daughters from Zeus: Euphrosynu (the goddess of joy), Aglaia (later the wife of the blacksmith Hephaestus) and Talia (patron saint of abundance).Simple mortal Leda, the daughter of the king of Aetolia, Festia, presented to her seducer, who appeared before her in the form of a snow-white swan, beautiful daughter Helen. It is because of this beauty that the famous Trojan War began.

Brave descendants of the supreme god

In addition to his daughters, Zeus could boast of having male heirs. In legal marriages, he had only two sons - the bloodthirsty god of war Ares and the lame dock Hephaestus. In an effort to replenish the army of descendants, the owner of Olympus entered into alliances with many representatives of the fair sex. From the connection with Leda, besides Helen, twins were born - Dioscuri - Castor and Polidevk. Danae gave the "spouse" of the legendary Perseus, who killed the bloodthirsty Minotaur. From Europe were born three brothers - Minos, Radamant and Sarpedon, who later became the legendary kings. How many more sons Zeus had was unknown. Already very loving was the main god of Olympus.

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