Monogamy is a direct path to unleavened sex in a couple or even to its alleviation. As soon as the couple declares a monopoly on each other's genitals, sex begins to decay.
The question arises: why voluntarily spoil your sex? What kind of stupidity?
Monogamy is only, disgust, suddenly, of which, small, member, it is better to cling, fear, the very thing. Uncertainty, insecurity, poor, you cannot, therefore, turn out to be a hole, another, fear, never

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It seems to me that while all the talk about compulsory-compulsory loyalty is an ordinary fear. Many people call this fear of disgust, considering that disgust sounds better.
Where was your disgust before the relationship in which you agreed to fuck only with each other? By the age of 30, we changed at least 20 sexual partners, wherever they popped them at all, who only popped them at you, and suddenly they spread disgust. Are you serious? Himself is not funny?
It is clear that the matter is not disgust and not in some moral principles, which you do not have and never did. Case - in fear: suddenly another hole or member will be better than mine. Therefore: do not you dare! I will not, and you can not.
This is pathetic. This is from self-doubt. Self-doubt is the most non-sexual that one can imagine in a person. This is worse than cellulite on the ass and even worse than a small member. Although not: worse than a small member there is nothing.But now - not about that, but about you and your monogamy, for which you cling so much.
And why are you actually cling to it? Why did you give up this monogamy? Tell that.
I listen to you very carefully.

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