Milk pasteurization. How to pasteurize milk at home?

Humanity has always tried to be able to properly extend the period of use of products, while not reducing its useful properties. In the middle of the 19th century, the great scientist, founder of immunology, Louis Pasteur, discovered the technology of pasteurization, which made it possible to disinfect food and significantly increase their shelf life.

In the modern world, most of the liquid products undergo this process. The word "pasteurized" most often we see in the store on the package with milk. And it becomes interesting, is it possible to pasteurize milk at home? Of course, yes. So let's try to sort out this process in detail.

milk pasteurization

Pasteurization is what?

First you need to say about the process of pasteurization. This technology involves heating the milk to 60 degrees for half an hour or 80 degrees, but here the heating time is reduced to 10-20 minutes.This means that the pasteurization temperature of milk is 60-80 degrees, depending on the duration. During this period, part of the microorganisms die, and the other part reduces the activity, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the dairy product. As a result, we get pasteurized milk. Milk pasteurization is not a difficult process.

pasteurization of milk at home

Home pasteurization

Now about how pasteurization of milk is carried out at home. As an example, we will tell about the long-term pasteurization at a temperature of 60 degrees. The most optimal will be to heat not the milk itself, but a pot of water, and place the package with milk there. In this mode of pasteurization, the milk will be pasteurized just as if we boiled it, but the quality of the dairy product undergoes minimal changes.

Do not forget the most important thing: the pasteurization of milk is a one-time process. From the second time the milk will not get better, but only lose some of its beneficial properties. We also advise you, if you have your own cow, to cool after receiving fresh milk. After all, it is known that at its temperature such milk starts to turn sour in two or three hours.Pasteurization and cooling of milk to the desired temperature will help to preserve its freshness longer. Cool milk to 10 degrees to extend its life.

milk pasteurization temperature

Milk pasteurization in a slow cooker

With the advent of the multicooker era, a new version of milk pasteurization has come to the kitchen. Now it is not necessary to stand at the stove all the time and look at the clock, fearing that the milk will run away at any minute, and at the same time constantly removing the foam from it. Now, just pressing a couple of buttons. In order to pasteurize the milk in any multicooker, it is necessary to pour it into the pan and set it at a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees. If the milk is homemade, then at a temperature of 80 degrees you can put a timer for 20 minutes. If it is purchased, it will be better to extend the pasteurization period for even more reliability by twenty minutes.

In multi-cooks new generation appeared mode "Pasteurization". There it is enough to simply pour the milk into the pan, press one button and just wait for the notification of the completion of this process. It is also advisable to sterilize jars or bottles, where you will then pour the milk.

pasteurization of milk in a slow cooker

Pasteurization mode. Is there any difference?

As already mentioned above, the time of the procedure depends on the selected temperature. And depending on these two factors, the following types of pasteurization are distinguished: ultra-high-temperature, high-temperature short-term and long-term. Prolonged pasteurization is a process that lasts thirty minutes at a temperature of 60 degrees. This species is considered the most time-consuming, but also the most reliable in terms of the destruction of harmful microorganisms.

Short-term high-temperature pasteurization is carried out only in industrial conditions, since this mode requires special equipment, in which the milk is heated for a few seconds, then immediately cooled. The disadvantage of this pasteurization is that if you make a mistake for just a couple of seconds, you can either not completely pasteurize it, as a result of which all microorganisms will survive, or to overdo it, thereby destroying all its beneficial properties. Therefore, it cannot be said that pasteurized purchased milk will be of the same quality in any enterprise.

pasteurization and cooling milk

Instant heat

There is also a fairly simple pasteurization method called instant heating.This process was developed for mothers who have HIV, and because of what they can not safely feed their children. The method consists in the fact that you first need to make a water bath. Water bath is quick and easy. Take two pots of different sizes. In a saucepan that is larger in size, pour water and put it on the stove, after which we put the smaller saucepan in a larger one. After that, we pour the milk into a small saucepan, and as soon as the water boils, we immediately remove the milk, ready for use, and the past short pasteurization process

To drink or not to drink?

Many opponents of this process say that all beneficial bacteria are destroyed, and there is no point in drinking milk after pasteurization, because this method was created only to prolong the shelf life of milk. But they confuse it with the sterilization process, where the milk is heated to 100 degrees, and in this mode all the bacteria are destroyed, leaving just a white shell. During pasteurization, the maximum temperature is only 87 degrees, which means that milk retains most of its beneficial properties. Therefore, now, wondering whether to pasteurize milk, you will be able to decide on the answer.

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